High Yield Investing With Preferred Stock Funds

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“You looking to earn higher yields of your money that you can get from bank bank cd s or treasury bills. If so you may want to take a look an alternative called preferred stock funds. Which pay annual yields between five and seven percent hi. Everyone welcome to money answers tv.

I m jordan goodman america s money answers man. We re here to help you build your knowledge and skills. So you can be more successful in your financial life preferred stocks are equities..


But bear some similarities to bonds like bonds they paid a set amount on a set date. But like stocks the payouts are considered dividends not interest. Preferred stocks almost always pay a higher yield than the same companies bonds or common stock in return for that higher yield. If the company does well.

The preferred stock will not rise as much as the common shares will. But if a company runs into a cash crunch bondholders. Get paid first preferred shareholders..


Get paid next. Common shareholders are last in line to get any dividends. If the company gets into trouble unlike bonds preferred stocks have no maturity date. So they could last forever.

If a company chooses to they can call your preferred stocks and convert it into common shares that usually happens when the price of the underlying stock rises sharply so you re a big winner. If your preferred shares are converted into common preferred stocks tend to be issued by financially strong companies such as banks insurance companies and utilities they are typically issued at 25 a share and tend not to move up or down very much from that level you can certainly buy individual preferreds. If you like..


But an easier way to play preferreds is to buy a mutual fund or exchange traded fund. That specializes in them that way a professional manager buys. The preferreds and you get the diversification of a portfolio bought once some examples of preferred funds you might take a look at all traded of new york stock exchange are the flower tea and crime. Preferred income fund symbol pfd.

Now yielding. 6. The john hancock preferred income from three with symbol hbs now yields..


7. The nuveen preferred securities income fund symbol jps also yields 7 exchange traded fund ishare is preferred an income securities fund with symbol p ff trades on the nasdaq and pays a 6 yield so. If you want to earn a much higher yield than bank deposits and treasury securities. These days it might very well be worthwhile to take a look at preferred stock mutual funds and exchange traded funds.

” ..

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