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“There this is justine rivero. The credit advisor here at credit karma and here s s our question for today. How do you remove those hard inquiries. We get this all the time and i m happy to answer it so the truth is you can t if you re responsible for that hard inquiry then it s going to remain on your credit report for the next 2 years.

However your best shot at removing that hard inquiry nis if you didn t authorize it in the first place. It s kind of like when i order a salad nand get a philly cheesesteak instead now i can send it back. However if i authorized to get that pile of meat and cheese and warm bread. Then i m going to have to pay for it eat it and live with the consequences of digesting.

It over the next two years. So. Let s take a look at how hard inquiries affect your credit score..


Whether you re going on a first date or n. Applying for a loan or credit card desperation is never attractive lenders don t like to see too many hard ninquiries in a short period of time because it could indicate that you are desperate for additional credit each hard inquiry can lower your credit score by a few points. However if you applied for a lot of new credit in a short period of time. It can damage your credit score significantly so let s say you ordered that cheesesteak credit check.

But you found some other things on your credit report nthat definitely are not your fault. Here s how you can take those off. Step one pull your credit. Report which you can nget for free at annualcreditreportcom.

Second. Step would be to review all of the information on nthat credit. Report and make sure..


It s accurate like that credit card from hooters certainly isn t yours and a car loan when you don t even own a car shenanigans and step three would be to dispute all of these nerrors and mistakes you can contact all of the 3 credit bureaus that s ntransunion equifax and experian to ask to remove these errors from your credit report finally step. Four follow up and make sure. These nitems are really wiped from your credit. Report your credit is your responsibility to maintain.

So even if you can t remove that hard inquiry from nyour credit report. Why did getting a credit card from the cheesesteak nshop. Seem like such a good idea well. It ll only affect your credit score by a few points.

And fall off your credit report. After two years. So maintain a clean credit report free of any erroneous..


Information and just like your stomach. After a cheesesteak nyour credit score will recover from those hard inquiries. Ugh. I shouldn t have eaten so.

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