How Important Is Collecting For Dummies

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” s up everybody welcome back to another episode of for dummies and tonight. I am. Am. Joined with the other three dummies.

I have mr skull face. I have just peel. With the evidence i have robert d tov hi. What a gentleman and tonight.

We re gonna be talking about how important collecting is to us in light of all the things that are going on that we can t talk about our youtube will take down my video. We ve what do we call it last time the blood ice the blood ice. So the blood ice is running rampant and in light of blood ice. The question arises is how important is this stuff currently i m working from home and my collection room is also where my computer is so it s where i work and more and more as life just gets kind of overbearing.

I m like all this is stupid really like you re not like wow. I get to enjoy this a little bit more no cuz. It s just starting to be like dude. What the fuck am.

I doing that s what it is it s what am i doing with all this dumb shit. But i think that is a fair question because of that are you spending more time in there than usual. Yeah. I m here for eight hours a day minimum so spending more time in there has made you less appreciative so as i m sitting in here.

More. I realized well what am i doing just look at it who gives a shit. I think the ultimate question is do you do you care not really you could transform something yeah. Let me tell you what the greatest thing in this whole room is is the couch because sometimes when i ll tell my family like oh.

I got to work like an extra thirty minutes and i ll just say well. I think that you do though to be fair like you are always teetering on that edge. Yeah. I ve always got one foot out.

It s unfortunate. I think..

It s actually a shame a bit that you re spending so much time in that room a room that you don t normally spend time in probably. It s tears. It s like i m in here. So here s the thing guys do you want to care.

It d be nice to share it with somebody so it s like a city and i just don t care. And there s nothing to do about like oh i could ve telling her i could have allocated this money better like that s but to what listen. There s a lot of things that s going on one. I m not getting anything new there s no new figures coming out so there s nothing reinvigorating.

It s a passion for it. So that s so thick too as it becomes more like everyday as more and more bad news just hit some like man i m gonna lose my job next they already got rid of the first round of people at my job. I m in the second round. So now and now just looking at this going like alright well maybe.

I m just mentally preparing myself to just have to sell it all so then you re like man. I got a cell. All the fans toy stuff and then i guess i ll just try to trade the others for rice stuff. I don t sell it you can probably trade the detail for big when s the last time you transform something when i moved in here okay so a year ago.

What if you pick up the easiest thing to transform and just do it and then check out the alt mode. And you might be missing out on the experience. And i blame fans toys for a lot of us because i really fear it s stressful for me approaching a transformation at this point. And that s part of the reason.

Why i love legends so much because no matter what figure. It is unless it s iron factory. I m not gonna have really an issue and that s more of tolerance. But it really brings you back it s part of the experience.

It s not just the character imposing it on the shelf. If it was you just have a few flames toy stuff just do it once. But that s not what but it s not what he enjoys from the collection. Though that s never been the element for him that s mattered so it s about the saddle either take me for instance.

I hate that robert like i hate transforming a figure. I hate it oh well well well hold on i i actually offered the other day that what did i owe you i said why don t we just transform him and he was like what do you know like two left alive when we re done..

I don t think you actually have your own objective subjective view on transformations because you have to do it. So much maybe. And you have to it s like you need your own quarantine. I want to see the puppy.

I want to see there be like a bud ice related to transforming toys. And then you re not allowed to for a month or three months and then see what how you feel about i will say i m having in a way the opposite reaction from you jisc. There s all this stress. There s problems.

There s economic or as i said recently in sit down saturday. It s not he said. I know i get i get it i get it a blame. I can t i can t be stopped with all this going on the stress of kids at home.

All the time the stress of everybody inside the house. The stress of me still having to work the stress of laura having to go back to work the stress finance. The stress health and safety wise. All of those things going on i found myself more in the basement than ever moving little things around taking things in looking at them like i ve been a more appreciative.

I feel like on my collection in the last two weeks. Then i have been in the last two years because it s given me like a little bit of a sanctuary. It feels like the area feels like a sanctuary. Yeah feel safe and secure in like every.

It s a little it s like a little garden of eden move down the stairs. Everything makes sense even even the problems the problems make sense they re normal problems like in all fairness day by day week by week. The basement the basement is getting closer and closer and closer and closer to be complete so like despite despite the rest of the world like spiraling out of control you have controlled exactly and you can make i can read i can make making little decisions and changes that have big impact on the flow of the rooms right and you put your hands on it too you know what i mean i ll tell you that isn t sitting here. The number one thing is that nothing new is coming.

There s nothing reinvigorating. It robert we haven t heard how you feel about all of this how do you feel about spending. All of this money on all of these things when you are living literally in the epicenter of all of this and still buying 200 pieces rage into the dying of the light. I don t know what that means.

But i know there s no light in your display area. No he s he is a robert d..

With goat with goat tendencies. I feel more of a pull towards towards it because like i said rage and dying of the light like you. But ice. This is me this is what i enjoy and i m not giving it up you know what i mean like i won t give it up the yours is almost rebellious or like what do they call it like i m not gonna let myself go.

This is this is what s one of the most special things in my life. Because it s purely frivolous and i won t let that go this isn t mad max you know i won t accept that i like that you know i have hope you have to have hope. Bobby is almost mice people of hope that s what it is to me. But it is interesting to me that like between the three of us were all at different ends spectrum.

Ironically. Robert d. Is steadfast in the middle. Like i will continue my normal way of life because this element of my normal way of life is important for normalcy jisc is like i m gonna let it all go because there s more important things and i could have a case of water and i m on the other hand like like i just bought two things off of a online store because i was like i need it more than ever now like i m going to be fair.

I mean. That s part of it right like i just i ll show the picture here. I just installed a cantina bar in my basement. It s not fully finished yet.

But it s in the process. And there s a part of that that s like yes like laura saying like i have more control like i am in control of this space. I control how this works and if i want a bar that doesn t make any sense between these two spaces well then i m gonna have one think about it like you don t know you might be living your bucket list right now so live your bucket list. I ll tell you like i have been feeling feverish.

And that sub speaks and in that in that regard of like i need to get it done i need to get everything done now because tomorrow s not promised and it never was it was an illusion that s you ve all learned i don t know what it is like i just need to do something is really what it s coming down to so i feel like i can t control anything so it s like alright. Well what can i control you know my whole world is crumbling. Well i ll just tear this down. And it ll be my choice so discs is about control as well.

It s just going illicit direction. Have you created anything no so that s the other thing. That s been weighing on me lately too like i guess i could go back to drawing manually. But you asked my ipad so now i m just like with master ip yeah this is like a month or two ago.

It was on accident. Laura let me ask you this question how do you feel about the way that we are reacting in regards to our stuff..

I think it s all normal. I mean i think just as always halfway out just like he said he s always got one foot. He s always looking for a reason to jump out but in all fairness. He may be the one of the three of you who could actually end up unemployed.

You are not going to end up unemployed. Just maybe a little crazy no because the floors need to be clean as many times. I guess and robert could end up unemployed for a year. And it wouldn t matter so i think that like everyone s perspective is appropriate and honest in which.

Which which i would feel like is more valid. If he didn t always feel like he wanted to get rid of it all it s almost just magnifying his feeling exactly. It s like an amplifier or magnifier. I almost feel like you enjoyed teetering on the edge.

I don t enjoy it. But i get bored easily and with everything that s going on it s making me re evaluate everything i ve got going on it s a perfect storm right. Now. I think you might be looking at things a little too black and white.

It s not fans toys or bus. So hurry mp4 mpeg electors you either get fans toys or you don t get anything what if you try to legends figure. This soft sale just maybe try one because it s less of a commitment financially real estate. Wise and time you might find that you you like something about this maybe.

It s just be a little more eclectic that might be the problem. I agree robert just just let it go dude just stop trying to pull on it and just buy what she wants yeah like if you don t like it get a legend peer pressure. But what i do think is important is that all of us are having a reaction to this in some way or another. And it is affecting the way that we do business koku eggs super saiyan goku easter bunny.

I want to see a legend that s not a transformer or of the marvel variety or have tom cruise. If that s will smith. ” ..


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