How Judgment Recovery Works – Find Bank Accounts and Hidden Assets

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“I m. Josh chandler with justice solutions group and i want to talk to you you a little bit today about one of the types of investigations. We do which an asset search more importantly. What we re able to do is actually search for people s assets such as their bank accounts their brokerage accounts safety deposit boxes 401ks things like that the reason why people need to do that search or for a couple different reasons and those are most commonly one a civil judgment of some kind or two they have some sort of child support or alimony that needs to be enforced.

So the first step in recovering your assets in a civil judgment is actually doing the asset search. And that s where justice solutions group comes in what we re able to do is find bank accounts brokerage accounts safety deposit boxes 401ks cars boats planes property pretty much anything that the person has it s of value technically in the eyes of the court. You can you can place a writ against it and get your money back. What most people do is they want to do a bank.

Account or brokerage account search first because that s that s liquid assets that the person s going to be able to fulfill that judgment with and how that works is this so you re going to get a bank account or brokerage account search from us. We we do that for you. And what we do is we give you the institution name where where the bank is we give you the address and we give you how much is actually in there so that you know that you can go and force that judgment..


And what happens is then you take that to the court. You actually get what s called a writ of execution. The court will give you that once you re able to provide what account and where you want to go after court will give you a writ of execution for your judgment. Then you fill out a piece of paper with the sheriff department and the sheriff s department.

Then provides a service by which they go to that bank and they actually place a levy against the bank. What happens then is typically at least in orange county la county pretty much any county in california is that the money s in held for 30 days. Once the once the levies issued as long as there s no you know big arguments for why you can t they can t pay that generally the money is then given to you at the end of the 30 days. Once.

The sheriff holds that in escrow. It s literally that simple a lot of clients call us because they ve never been through this process and be honest with you how many people have ever been through a judgment process. Where they have to go get their money back..


Five ten twenty thirty thousand dollars hundreds of thousands of dollars millions of dollars in some cases. They haven t been down that road and a lot of attorneys haven t been down that road either so we try our best to help our clients move down that road. We ve got a lot of resource on our resources on our website. That will actually help you learn about the judgment recovery process so in in virtually in every county.

They re about the same so as soon as you get a package from us that includes you know banks brokerages assets. We re gonna be able to turn all that around you you then just take that to the court and go get your money. It s pretty much that simple one of the other questions. I get is does your company do actually do the asset collection or judgment recovery for your clients in most cases.

We will not there s a few cases if you re a larger corporation. Where you actually need an entire program put around it we re able to consult on that and help you if it s min. The millions of dollars and you actually need to have a team that goes out and does this or works with your attorney to do this we will work with that more than often though we re getting smaller judgments in under the hundred thousand dollar like stealing mark so often what we ll say is hey we ll help you work with this judgment..


I m gonna give you the tools and techniques. We ve got a lot of resources on our website. There s some great videos on our website will point you in the right direction of how to do this and how to actually get your money back. But at this time.

We don t do judgment collection and asset recovery with every customer. Though with every client that comes through the door. The one thing that we want people to know is though we will help you we ll talk with you we re going to work through this with you we re not just going to sell you a bank account or a brokerage account search. And tell you to have a great day.

We re gonna get on the phone with you if you need a little advice. If you need to you know understand how this process actually works. And you want to talk with one of us give us a call more than happy to chat with you about it hey thanks for watching now..


If you have more than one asset that you need to more one person you need to research more than one entity. If you have a complicated situation. Please don t hesitate give us a call we want to talk through your situation. With you find out the best option for you when it comes to your judgement recovery or assets.

Again give us a call fill out a form online. We ll get in touch with you and we re happy to help you out any way we possibly can thanks so much talk to you soon. ” ..


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