How My Credit Score Went From 690 to 794

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“Youtube. This is teresa welcome back to my channel so in this video. I m m gonna share with you how my credit score went from 690 to 794 points. The first thing because i want to go right to it the first thing.

I want to tell you is back in october 26. 2017. I just basically want to know the status of my credit report. I hadn t looked at my credit report in a couple of years and so i wanted to know you know what was on it what was being reported.

So the first thing that you have to do is you have to obtain a copy of your credit report. Now you can get a free credit report once a year and the bottom line is you need to know what is on your credit report. So you you need so you ll know what needs to be added. What needs to be removed.

Etc. Now i got my credit report online. Through the credit. Reporting agencies.

Now you can also go through credit karma. Give you credit check total you can also write to the credit. Reporting agencies and i ll actually list those in the description section below. Now the second thing.


I did was i realized that my score at that time when i got my report was around 690 now for me that wasn t bad. But i wanted to know what i needed to do to increase my score. So yes you can use a 690 score to get a credit card a mortgage or even to rent an apartment. But i wanted that score to be above 700.

So after of coding that report. I realized that i had a couple of errors that needed to be addressed the first thing. I noticed was my name was spelled wrong. They had all type of spellings from my name they had my last name wrong my name is hyphenated.

So they had in truck reversed. It was a it was a bunch of mess also i noticed that they had my address is wrong they had addresses on my credit report. Where i have never lived so those needed to be addressed. Now at the time.

There were no major lake pains. The only account that was showing up on my credit report was my student loan and i had that mom since 1995 now there was one late pace showing up on that account and we ll discuss that later the next thing. I did was i needed to correct those things or my credit report and when i did the address and my name my account actually shot above 700. Now once that was done i waited a couple of months that was back in i believe october 2017 so march of 2018 i applied for a chase freedom card with i believe it was a 1500.

Credit limit. And i got a ping for that i used that card for about six months keeping the balance under 200 so back in. I believe a september of 2018. They actually gave me a credit limit increase and then they turned around and i chased it me another offer for chase sapphire car with a much higher limit and i was also approved for that as well i always keep my balance is under 300 a month.


I do pay the minimum. I do have the you know the ability to pay it off in full. But i m trying to build a credit. I m sorry a payment profile or payment history.

Now. There s a couple of other things that actually work factors in increase in my credit score. The actual age of my credit file was over 15 years also the balance of my student loan was decreasing and the balance on my credit cards were also degree of decreasing and i do not spend more than 10 percent of my total available credit now on the screen. I m actually going to show you what my current scores are as of april 2019 let s talk about that laid on the student loan.

That was the that was only showing up on my experience credit report and it was showing late back in 2014 of course. I know i wasn t late so. What i did was i disputed that online and within 30 days. That late pay was actually removed and my score actually went from 700 to 74.

And i believe i have a screenshot for that also now i noticed that my score was not the same across all three agencies. One was showing 794. What was said was shown at least 784 785. Something like that the other one was that goes transunion.

Was showing 744 and the reason for that is not all credit creditors report to all credit reporting agencies. So in you know for example one of my credit cards may not be reporting to transunion that will affect your score now here s where i m at right now i m no longer focused on just the score. But the items i need to add to my credit report to actually balance it out so that s a car low mortgage. And that you have a credit card now or credit cards you want at least two to three credit cards now i m looking to finance a car before june.


Now people talk a lot about disputing online and they some people you know say don t do it i understand why that might not be a good idea depending on your current credit circumstance. Now if you have a similar situation. Like me then yes you can dispute or lie. If their situation is a little bit more complex.

I would recommend sending a dispute letter to both the crook collection agency as well as the credit bureaus. Now this will probably need to be done. Several times and you actually need to keep a paper trail because they tell you to send those are dispute letters via certified mail now you want to do that that paper trail in the event that you need to sue. If the laws are not followed.

Now you don t need to hire a company to increase your credit score. You simply have to learn the credit game. I personally do not consider myself to be any type of credit bureau guru. I actually researched information and i applied what i learned and now i have an entire free credit building series.

I call above 700. So in that credit series. I want to give you an idea just some of the stuff. I discuss the first thing is i teach you how to you know get information how to get your credit profile.

How to get your credit report. I also teach you if you have no credit. I ll show you how you can build your credit and if you have less than perfect credit. I ll show you how you can increase your credit score.


I also will teach you how to use a method to increase your credit score within a week. Very simple method it s very simple i also show you how to get negative items removed from your credit report legally none of the stuff that i m teaching is illegal. It does not make sense to do stuff you know illegal. Because eventually that stuff will be added back to your your credit report.

You need to learn the credit game. And there. This is a game trust and believe that this is a game. I also share with you two resources that will help you get your credit on track.

If you don t have time to actually do the legwork yourself. And i do not receive any type of affiliate compensation from these two recommendations they re just these are just two individuals who have taught me what i know and now i m going to share that information with you. But if you don t have the time to do it i m going to share those two resources with you so you can get the process started now i place the link to the credit series below again. There s absolutely nothing to to purchase.

I just want to share this information with others to help you to increase your credit score. I believe that knowledge is power and good credit will open so many doors for you folks. ” ..


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