How Quickly Can You Make Money in The Sims 4? Let s Find Out!

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“Youtube. When you put your play out there for others nto. See you sometimes get get some odd comments about how quickly you make money truth is i don t seek to play optimally nbecause. I m pretty old school with the sims.

I enjoy following a routine and going with ndifferent skills as a backbone of my play getting rich should take time because otherwise ni find my sim in a big house with nothing new worth doing. I d intended to explore what skill is the nbest money maker in the game by pitting them against one another and when i mentioned ni knew flower arranging is up there. Several people reminded me to try out the digital nsketch pad. This thing came came with the style influencer ncareer in a free patch.

It s found in misc electronics in sort by nfunction. I knew the sketch pad completed paintings nquickly and discovered that when it came out it s really obvious on speed 3. But i forgot about it as other content came nand didn t really go back to test. It i compared the sketch pad against regular npainting and found it s about 40 faster than normal.

But see there s something else about it the end result goes in your inventory. Which nmeans that if you pause before your sim ever touches. The thing you can queue up about 7 npaintings and have them all complete in about 3 hours. I immediately wanted to see how far i could ntake this i set up a sim that has the dance machine nperfectionist and loner traits to give me some big advantages.

I gave her a tiny house with everything in none room. So that she wouldn t need to walk for 10 minutes to reach the toilet. It s a disgusting environment for sure and ni d hope it s well ventilated. But she d probably be immune to the smells god help us if we have company anyway.

The first thing. I set out to do was nnot actually paint at all i got her focused and worked on woodworking. I d remind you that with just about anything nthat puts the final product in your inventory. You can queue up multiple items and have them nall go.

There. Just can t do it. Once. The sim has started getting to level 4 handiness w.

As really fast only after i d done this did. I realize i should nget out the lot traits to give my sim every advantage. I could i picked celebrity home to stop idiot geoffrey nlandgraab from knocking at my door. When i ve never met him home studio for obvious reasons.

Nand study spot..

If that last one seems odd realize. It s telling na whopper of a lie when it says it modestly improves skill gains it s 25 for all skills. The fact i can just slap this on with no points nor. Anything required is just groans as for why i took the dance machine trait disco nap is absurdly powerful it gives more energy recovery than even sleeping n 05 per minute vs 031 and on a comfortable bed it s boosted by about 30 were it not for playalot telling.

Me i wouldn t neven know about it as i thought. It was just a renamed activity. It s not even mentioned in the description nof. The trait.

I did a string of large classic paintings nto. See how long they take and also work on the first tier of the painter extraordinaire naspiration perfectionist slows it down a bit but she s nmaking good paintings straight away they take about 50 minutes each compared to nup to 90 for an easel painting. I upgraded the sketch pad. Which is definitely nnew to me i mean i m upgrading and electronic at level n4.

Which is weird and then there s also the idea of of me opening a tablet and somehow nreplacing its cpu with a screwdriver. This is a really unbalanced reward as it takes nanother 30 or 40 off the time it takes to make a painting now i need to do some emotional paintings nand. The sketch pad is for some reason not set up to do that this is why i have a regular easel. Other moods get in the way.

But i use research npick up lines to get flirty. Only need three. But they take a few hours selling them gets me to the third rank of nthe aspiration. And it s only monday.

Now just to quickly stop by the museum view n3 paintings to check it off now. I just need to make 10 excellent paintings something of note is for loners being a troll nis. Wildly appropriate troll. The forums gives them some fun and enough nsocial to get through the day and never actually need to talk to anyone i.

Guess this. Explains the. Lovely comments nheld for moderation on every channel laughs to help me get to 10. Excellent paintings.

I nhang. All the paintings i ve made which gets the room up to 2 decorated the upgrade to the sketch pad makes this trivial every single painting. I make is excellent nbecause. Why not all difficulty has left the building with nthe click of a couple buttons this knocks out the third milestone of the npainting aspiration.

Now i want this build to take advantage of neverything..

So i hang all the paintings on that wall you noticed out back yeah. It s there just for this one reason i sell them and get my first celebrity rank. I can t do this from the inventory for some nreason anyway. This gives me a perk.

I m actually looking for rank 2 celebrity nfor. A reason and i ll get to that while i m making those 10 paintings i buy nmy first reward trait creative visionary. The last rank needs you to make 5 masterpieces nand. They don t come quickly until you re level 10 painting.

But this helps a lot and i finish that pretty nquick bath soaks excellent meals eating harvestables nbrowsing art on the computer it s all keeping my sim very inspired really frequently once i ve hit that fifth masterpiece. I am nset. I have 30 large classic paintings to hang non the wall out back so switch aspirations around to fabulously. Wealthy and mansion baron.

Nto get some free satisfaction selling these nets me around 23000. Simoleons yeah for about a day s work yet. I m not even max level yet so we are nnot quite there overnight. Vlad pays me a visit because not neverything could go well for my sim.

This is the only challenge the game throws nat me. During this week. And it s trivial because i just sleep it off whether i want to or not laughs now for another exploit of mechanics. Ok.

So selling all those made me a 2 star celebrity nand with that comes. A fame quirk oh. No well since my sim. Only eats excellent quality nmeals.

I stand at the fridge and stuff her face with grilled cheese until she gets the nrefined palate quirk. I know each time. I eat there s a chance and nit. Only takes a few tries.

There s no penalty to this quirk for me in nthat. I can just choose not to eat bad food and somehow excellent grilled cheese counts even from the fridge now. I m sure the rich appreciate a nice melty nsandwich. Now and again.

But the thing is it comes with a 3 happy for 6 hour moodlet that nwill make it easy to stay very inspired every time i grab leftovers cold from the nfridge oh..

Yes refined palate laughs . If you thought the initial sell of 30 paintings. Nwas good you haven t seen much yet. I buy the marketable reward.

Which boosts sell nvalues by double on average. Yeah it can go to triple once my sim hits level 9. She can now do high nquality surrealism paintings and won t get much further benefit. But does need some more nrewards.

I get out the incense. So that when she drops nto. Happy. I can trigger inspired at will i set it in the middle of the floor in an neffort to prevent fire hazard to her or something else though.

I m not sure. It s quite far enough nfor that anyway at long last. I ve finished the aspiration over the course of 24 hours. My sim makes nabout.

30. Surrealism paintings all of excellent or higher quality and all boosted by marketable. I m sitting on only 32k and by the time. I m ndone selling them all on my wall to gain.

Fame the stack is worth a whopping 89000. Simoleons. So when one can make 89k in a day on only nthe 5th. Day of play things have probably gone awry somewhere this feels a lot like the experience.

I had nwith realm of magic. Where i managed to master caster in only 1 hour of play this took only 1 hour 10 minutes and in total nmy sim bagged 279000. Simoleons by day 8. So yes random rude people.

I know how you nplay thankfully. You can choose how you play the nsims and i tend to prefer a slower pace. The goal of this was to investigate money nmaking so i ll say directly even if flower arranging benefits from marketable. It can t ndo this while it can really reliably make a base value nof 6k flower arrangement.

It s not going to be able to compete with the sketch pad..

It is however extremely consistent and that s nwhy. I chose it for my let s play now that the sims. 4. Has all the packs players nfrequently ask for university seasons.

And all that i seriously hope that the developers will nlook at money in the game nah. You don t need to cut down on what we nmake necessarily. But the simple fact is and i ve complained about this in other places nthere are not enough high value items to buy that are worth caring about in this game. Gameplay objects that give sims unique benefits nor add some fun.

But cost a lot in order to give us a reason to care. If they can t think of any let me build up na rental empire and collect weekly cash from the goths or from owning. The local museum. Yes.

It s just a way to make more money. But npassive income is always nice and it certainly takes time to get to where you own everything nin the game. I d suggest a real estate system as a side nattraction in some pack or a free update. Because it doesn t take a lot of coding.

If you do nit in a simple way. But letting us decorate and get perks and such for our business. Could nbe fun and worthy of a pack. I just want some things to cost tens of thousands nand hundreds of thousands so that at times.

When i choose to play this way i can make nuse of this money otherwise. I m done with the game in a couple nsim weeks a mansion can only get so large and in fact nplaying in a mansion is stupidly inefficient with that amount of money made all you have nleft to work on are relationships and we all know how deep the relationships are anyway. This was a fun experiment. I m pretty sure that because of this sketch npad that painting does win the highest money maker award at least in the beginning being a spellcaster and duping money trees nis probably the most profitable activity possible it s just not highest money making skill nbecause.

It s not attainable by only leveling a skill. We are very very close to 50k and that s pretty nexciting so share this if you liked it i ll resume my let s play soon. But want to nbrush up on mood management skilling and all that because i want to share little strategies nwhile. I do it ” .


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