How to Increase Your Net-Worth

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“My friends. This is daniel ali. And today. I want to talk with you about about how you can increase your net worth.

So listen up net worth was a that was created a long time ago. When a person named al capone. Yes. The gangster al capone.

Was convicted of tax fraud in 1932 before he was convicted. It was hard to measure all of his assets and so it took many years until he was able to calculate exactly what he was worth now. It wasn t until 1989. Until the net worth formula was made official and today.

Everyone is asking the question. What is your net work the net worth concept is a total value of your possessions of your skills of your experiences and your knowledge. But it s a lot more than just money because usually when you say net worth people. Think money.

This person is worth 10 billion dollars or this person is worth 30 billion. But you see net worth has a complicated way of being calculated and today i want to talk with you exactly about how you can increase your net worth. So please listen to these next points. The first way to increase your net worth is to calculate it like i said.

It s a little challenging to calculate exactly what your net worth might be but when it comes to financial numbers really it s on paper you have to look at your debt you have to look at your assets. And you have to figure out exactly what you re worth by just looking at the numbers by searching unfortunately..

Most people have a negative net worth and even though this might sound scary. It isn t because it can always be improved. Now what i mean negative net worth. What i m basically saying is that most people have debt they have student loans they have car payments they have credit card debts and they don t have that many assets besides cash.

So what i m basically saying is to put it down on paper. Do the math and figure out exactly what you re worth financially the second step of increasing your net worth is to discard your liabilities is to get rid of anything that s draining you financially so you might be asking how exactly do i do this the best way to do this is to print out your bank. Statements and look at every single expense. You ve been going through in the past six months.

Once you do this ask yourself are there any expenses that i can eradicate are there any expenses that i can take out any payments that i ve been making that i don t absolutely need so. When you look at your bank statements. Ask yourself does this help me to make more money or does this take away money from my bank. Account.

Another question. You should be asking yourself is are these expenses going to help me to build my bank account within the next three months. If they aren t they need to cut out those liabilities in order to pay off your debts and get rid of your liabilities you need to look around you in your house and in your business and ask yourself is there anything that i can liquidate anything that i can sell that can turn into cash that will later on pay off my debt or help me make better investments. So i can grow my network.

I remember talking to this one particular man a while ago and he had two cars now he only needed one. But he knew that the other car if he sold it would be worth 5000. Now he had about two thousand dollars in debt. Which he was able to pay off once he sold his car and he took that extra 3000.

And invested it in himself and in his business. Now he s a very rich man..

The third way to increase your net worth is to earn more now this might sound simple. But a lot of people tolerate the wages that they accept every single day. So what i m basically saying is that you need to accept the fact that you need more money. If you re going to the mall.

And you re looking around you re seeing things that are too expensive you need to say to yourself you know what hold on price is a limit. I gotta overcome. I can t let this price tell me that i can t do it i need to overcome this price by making more money and eventually buying the thing that i absolutely want so how do you do this well. There s only two ways first if you are employee you either need to find an another job or some extra gigs maybe freelancing.

If you can or find a higher paying job that can help you support yourself and your family. So that you can do exactly what you want to do in your life. Now. If you have a business.

There s a lot more that you need to do you need to make sales you need to follow up you need to increase your prices you need to advertise you need to do everything you can in your power. To grow your business in such a way where your income rises. Substantially. Now.

I know some people might be saying well daniel isn t it true that if you make more money you end up spending more money that may not necessarily be. True if someone s earning. 50000 a. Year but they find a way to earn 100000.

A year it s up to them to be more disciplined to back their money to save more money so that they can later reinvest into themselves into their business and expand their net worth the fourth way to expand your net worth is to educate yourself you say you need to work on your mind. Because remember when the mind is ready the money will come when you focus on who you are and what you re becoming you ll be able to grow so much more in the financial area..

You ll be able to see the world in a different way and expand your financial consciousness. So that you can receive more funds in the end. Ask yourself what can i do to become more financially conscious. How can i spend my money in a wiser way how can i pay my debts in a strategic manner.

How can i use my money to multiply and grow because i know that s exactly what i want to do guys remember if you change your mentality. You will change your reality. If you start thinking differently about yourself the people around you and the world in which you live your bank. Account will change.

Too you see your bank account reflects your attitude because money reacts to your attitudes. And if you changed the way you think about money your bank account will also change now the best way to educate yourself is to monitor yourself is to make a self analysis of who you are by understanding how you think how you feel. And what you do in your daily life. Start.

A journal today and write down everything you experience in your life. What you bought. Where you went how you felt and start to realize every nest going on in your life by becoming more conscious on paper you can continue educating yourself by reading books by attending courses and by watching videos like this one the key to all of this is that once your mind expands past its former dimensions. It will be able to understand things that has never been able to see before start educating yourself.

Today so that you can have an advantage in life and increase your network. The fifth and last step for growing your network is your potential now this is the most important one of them all because you see it doesn t matter where you start. What matters is where you re going in the future make sure you consider your potential by looking into the future are you a person of promise are you a person who possesses skills knowledge experience and insight that no one else around you has because if you do you can use that to your advantage and eventually springboard off your potential. So that you can grow your network.

Ask yourself do i have a legitimate future. Am..

I gonna make it in this world do i have what it takes the grit. The willpower. The persistence to keep on moving forward also consider other things like the support you might have in your life. Maybe you have a strong family.

Maybe you go to a good church. Maybe you have a good job. Maybe you go to a good school whatever. It is consider everything you have in your life.

And use it to your advantage. So you can keep on growing guys remember. There s so many opportunities out there and even when i started. I remember i didn t have that much money in.

Fact i was nearly 100000 in debt that s right i had a negative net worth. But i knew i had potential. I knew i had support i knew i had what it took and here i am showing you that you can do it there you go my friends. I ve given you five ways to increase your net worth take these tips very seriously and make sure to like comment and share this video and also subscribe and hit that notification button.

So you can get more inspiring videos just like this one see you next ” ..

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