Inflation Tax Explained

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“I d like to do is explain. The term inflation tax. After all this website website is called inflation tax threat calm. And i do realize that the word inflation.

The word tax. Don t seem to go or belong together. At all because inflation is understood by most to be the natural rise in prices with time just things cost more and more over time and a tax is a mechanism. Where basically the government takes money from us and to use use that money for various programs and spending purposes.

Things like the sales tax personal income tax property tax things like that so why would i put those two terms together and the reason is is because that s what inflation is inflation is not natural inflation is an intentional tax. Just another one of the many forms of tax and the natural question. Then is well what is being taxed. You don t recall seeing it on the bottom of receipts.

Showing you paid x amount of dollars for the inflation tax or it s not you know you know on your personal income tax. Return forms showing how much income tap or inflation tax. You ve been paying. So.

You know how how is it attacks. And how is it collected from us well our money money itself. Has been designed to be taxed and so the reason things cost..


More with time is because money becomes worth less with time and the reason money becomes worth less with time is because of the excessive production of money itself and that has the effect of removing value from your existing money transferring it to the government and the sources of government spending. Now don t worry about trying to fully absorb all of that right now let me back up. Though with evidence what i m saying here about inflation being attacks and to do so i m going to read from an exchange between a us congressman and the chairman of the federal reserve which the federal reserve is the us central bank and it was in the summer of 2008 and us congressman. Dr.

Ron paul was asking the federal reserve chairman. Ben bernanke basically this this line of questioning something like this i maintain that inflation is attacks and you talking about the federal reserve are probably the biggest tax er in the country so every time people go and they complain about these higher prices. They should say to themselves i m paying a tax. So i maintain that inflation is an unfair tax a regressive tax.

It hurts the poor it hurts retired people more and so i d like you to comment on this is this completely off base or is there really something to this every time. We see the cost of living going up that we are indirectly paying a tax and the reply from the chairman. Was congressman. I couldn t agree with you more that inflation is a tax inflation is a tax and it might take a while to wrap your mind around that concept.

But just let me give one more definitive piece of evidence here. And it actually goes back to may of 1977. An article in fortune magazine and the title of that article was called how inflation swindles. The equity investor and here s the quote.

The arithmetic makes. It plain. That inflation is a far more devastating tax than anything that has been enacted by our legislature..


Who wrote that article warren buffett wrote that article inflation is a tax and the reason. That this website is called inflation tax threat is because there are a number of factors. That are lining up that clearly point to inflation being a risk to us a very significant risk to us all in the future. And you know the great depression.

During that time. It was there was something called deflation that was going on and there was bank failures. That were happening and and after 1965. There s a period of time where in in through the 70s where there was really high inflation and and and now we re in a unique time where we re we ve are seeing things like bank failures.

And and massive money being thrown at the financial system. And that the economy to stimulate. It and all these different kinds of things so every time period is unique. But there are so many factors right now that are clearly pointing to inflation.

Tap. The inflation tax threatening to rise significantly and and basically when inflation tax. When that tax rises significantly. What means is the value of your money is yanked from you at a faster and faster pace.

And there s really specific things that you need to that you need to do thankfully. They re they re pretty easy to do in the end when you understand what it is and why you need to do that if you haven t already done. So..


I d recommend go to the home page enter your email. Address and gain access to the file. And the video commentary on that file. Because this this will connect well with what i ve said right here and of course beyond that feel free to explore this website and i would also want to direct you towards the the report section of the website talking about the report that i ve written it is a paid report.

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We ll talk a little bit more about our strategic priorities in the ongoing commonwealth bank group. And where we ll be focusing on for growth matt. I m going to be fair to say. It s been a pretty torrid start for uc cbk.

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The trust of our customers and the broader community and ensuring that we re the best bank that we possibly can be going forward. ” ..

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