Introduction to Cash Management Process

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An institute of one of its kind that enables people processes and technology. The learning objectives of this capsule are learn the meaning of cash and what we mean by cash management process. Understand the inflow and outflow sources of cash. Understand float two types of float known as collection and disbursement float and its importance in cash management process learn about various integrations to cash management and the way transactional data flows in a company and lastly learn about the benefits that an effective cash management system brings to any organization.

What is cash simply put cash is money that you can access businesses get cash by selling their products and services. However businesses also have a variety of additional sources. They can tap into when they need cash called cash equivalence. These are safe short term liquid securities.

That can be converted to cash. Relatively. Quickly. Cash equivalents are short term investments that can be readily converted into a known amount of cash.

A business considers cashy coolants to be the same as cash in the bank. Some examples of cash equivalents are investments that mature in less than three months money market funds certificates of deposit or cds bonds with short maturity dates and commercial paper cash is a company s most important liquid asset and controlling and managing cash is one of the most important areas that a company needs to focus on it is very important that it is properly controlled managed and available for the company to meet its obligations effective cash management ensures. The timely provision of cash resources necessary to support the company s operations controls are built for cash management to optimize enterprise. Wide liquidity and ensure that cash is accounted.

Safeguarded and reported. Correctly. Every. Successful company has a pool of cash that sustains the day to day activities of business.

It grows with receipts from sales and contributions and shrinks with expenditures for inventory marketing. Labor and other expenses. The uncertainty of cash inflows and outflows creates the challenge of ensuring that sufficient funds are available at all times to support the operating cycle borrowing becomes necessary. When cashflow falls short of covering disbursements when incoming funds.

Exceed. The outflow cash is used to repay borrowings or purchase short term investments. Until. The cash is needed to cover.


Future expenses. Financial officers. Need timely information to properly control and use their funds throughout the cash flow cycle. The basic cash management.

Process. Provides that timely information. The cash flow. Timeline.

Includes the total time. Interval beginning. With the first phase of the operating cycle. When resources are purchased until the last step when receipts are collected.

It consists of four basic steps material purchases acquisition of raw materials or merchandise for resale includes negotiation of the method of payment credit terms and trade and payment discounts payment for resources all resources required to support sales including labor marketing and overhead expenses incurred financing costs until cash is collected for sales made sale of inventory or services. Merck merchandise and other sales are most frequently accomplished by extending credit to customers. The timing of accounts. Receivable collection is a major focus in cash management collection of receipts.

Only when the customer has provided good funds for the merchandise or service. Does the cash flow cycle conclude for that transaction float float is the most critical component in cash management. Float is the time interval between the start and completion of each step in the cash management cycle. The management of float is the management of cash each cash management system is designed to improve the flow of cash by accelerating the collection of funds and extending the disbursement float.

There are two categories of float collection float and disbursement float each with several components collection float is the time spent to collect receivables collection float is the sum total of time taken by invoice float mail float processing float and availability float invoicing float is the time period between the delivery of goods or services to the customer and the customers receipt of the bill generally by mail. It is the time it takes a company to record its delivery of service or goods. And then to produce and mail. A bill mail float is the time taken by postal or courier service to deliver the customers payment processing.

Float is the period between the receipt of the payment and its deposit into the company s bank. Account and includes the time it takes to record the payment in the accounting system. Availability float is the time. It takes the deposited check to clear the customers account.

And for good funds to be available to the company for or disbursement disbursement float is the time it takes a company s payment to be created mailed received deposited and presented to the drawee bank for settlement thus collection float and disbursement float refer to the same processes and time intervals depending on point of view. One as a customer and another as a supplier for the company. Receiving a payment collection float represents the time it takes an invoice to be prepared to reach the customer to receive payment and for the payment to clear the bank for the company making the payment that same interval is disbursement float disbursement float. Consists of the following four components invoicing and payment processing float includes both the time it takes the supplier to prepare and send the invoice as well as the time the accounts payable department requires to process the invoice and create the payment mail float is the time taken by postal or courier service to deliver the payment to the vendor processing.


Float is the time it takes the vendor to record the payment and deposit. It into the bank. Availability float is the time it takes the bank to clear the cheque and deduct the funds from the pays bank balance cash management focuses on shortening collection float and extending disbursement float without impacting the positive customer and vendor relationships. The skillful management of float contributes real bottom line impact and benefit to the company management receives payment information from accounts payables and you can then clear and reconcile payments you can also create miscellaneous non invoice transactions.

Such as bank charges. Debits or credits similarly cash management gets receipt information from accounts. Receivables using cash management. You can clear and reconcile receipts and create miscellaneous transactions such as interest debits or credits similarly cash management gets investment and deal information from treasury using cash management.

You can clear and reconcile investments you can get cash transactions from other sources. Like payroll or intercompany system. Transactions are cleared and reconciled against a bank statement. One of the most recurring theme in global transaction banking is the increasing integration of cash management and trade finance products this is possible only if the organization has a well defined centralized treasury management system this brings tangible benefits to both corporates and financial institutions to learn more about how treasury and cash management integration can benefit organizations please see our video on treasury management process effectively using cash management with trade finance products brings tangible benefits to both corporates and financial institutions.

It ensures liquidity and optimal use of cash resources by having enough cash on hand at the right time in order to fund core business operations and improve working capital position visibility into expected cash needs and forecasted cash receipts ability to analyze enterprise wide cash requirements and currency exposures daily cash position and projected cash forecasts to minimize idle cash real time cash positioning for preventing bank balance over drafts and effectively. Managing liquidity bank statement reconciliation protecting unauthorized use maintain accurate cash balances identify and resolve bank errors cash management also helps you to implement explicit segregation of duties helping minimize frauds and misappropriations thank you for watching or downloading our training material. If you need copies of this material for corporate training or commercial use. Please contact info.

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