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” s take a look at inventory management. As you ll learn next uncontrolled inventory can can lead to huge costs for manufacturing operations. Consequently managers need good measures of inventory prevent inventory costs from becoming too large three basic measures of inventory are average aggregate inventory weeks of supply an inventory turnover companies often measure average aggregate inventory. Which is the average overall inventory during a particular period of time too few weeks of inventory on hand and a company risks a stock out running out of inventory another common inventory measure inventory turnover is the number of times per year that a company sells or turns over its average inventory in general the higher number of inventory turns the better in practice a high inventory turnover means that a company can continue its daily operations with just a small amount of inventory on hand maintaining an inventory incurs four kinds of costs or during set up holding in stock out set up cost is the cost of changing or adjusting machines.

So that it can produce a different kind of inventory. Holding cost also known as carrying or storage. Cost is the cost of keeping inventory. Until it s used or sold inventory management has two basic goals.


The first is to avoid running out of stock. And thus angering and dissatisfying customers. This goal seeks to increase inventory to a safe level that won t risk stock. Outs.

The second is to efficiently. Reduce inventory levels and cost as much as possible. Without impairing daily operations. This goal seeks a minimum level of inventory.


Economic order quantity or yo queue is a system of formulas. That helps determine how much and how often inventory should be ordered yoku takes into account. The overall demand d for a product. While trying to minimize.

Ordering costs o. And holding costs h. With just in time inventory systems component. Parts arrived from suppliers.


Just as they re needed at each stage of production by having parts arrive just in time. The manufacturer has little inventory in hand. And thus avoids the costs associated with holding inventory materials. Requirement.

Planning or mrp is a production in inventory system that from the beginning to the end precisely determines the production schedule production batch sizes and inventories needed to complete final products. What inventory management system should you use economic order. Quantity. Or lq formulas are intended for use with independent demand systems in which the level of one kind of inventory does not depend on another by contrast just in time and mrp.


Our dependent demand systems in which the level of inventory. Depends on the number of finished work units to be produced. ” ..


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