KARANT NADA HAYATIMIN BURGER ” ANAK BURGER” (Evde Muhte em Lezzetli anak Burger Tarifi)

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“Everyone many years ago. There. Is. A channel called bbq pit boys many of of you may know i watched a burger that they made i did a couple times.

I. Even. Shared it on instagram it s. Been a while i forgot recently another channel made a similar burger there.

Are so many posts from you about it frankly you reminded me and i desired it now we are on quarantine days guys so some of my ingredients . I just removed them from deep freeze. Now we will try to make with the ingredients that i have let s keep it short and start today. We will cook 2 burgers.

So i don t need a lot of coal. I have coals from the previous use i think to recycle them first let s throw the ash out of them. I added about half a bucket of new coal. I add the coal left over from the last time as usual.

I will use 2 paraffin fires. I put the coals on it now we can work inside this will be ready for 15 20 minutes. Normally. It.

s called it is called beer can burger the name comes from the beer can that they use to shape. The burger. So i collected the ingredients that i have i take them from deep freeze from my stocks. I hope we will make a burger with these with our own style.

I have 560 grams of ground meat like this in this way. I prepared ground meat for burgers before i vacuumed it and i was keeping it it was in deep freeze. And i have two burger bun that i just took from deep freeze now they are thawed i have some chestnut mushrooms. I have 2 onions.

I have a few chili peppers. This is beef bacon which was previously described on the channel. They called it macon friends. I don t want to argue about this i have the macon that i made i will use some aged kars kashar cheese.

Some fresh kashar cheese and some pickled gherkins and mayonnaise ketchup or and etc. Let s start with the mushrooms. We will cut the mushrooms thinly like this. It doesn t have to be too thin.


Friends our mushrooms are ready i chop. My onions. My onions are also done i want some bitterness so i will no clean the pips. I m chopping the peppers.

We chopped the ingredients. I will prepare some aged kashar cheese and done no need much i will make 2 burgers today. I will cut concasse these yes. I want to cook.

These onions and mushrooms a bit in advance first let s cook these a bit on the grill. Then we will prepare the burgers. It s been about 10 15. Minutes.

My coals are ready now i put a little olive oil first i add the mushrooms. My mushrooms are not very much anyway. I don t want to waste much time so let me put these aside. Let s put the onions on this side i.

Have a garlic peppered spice that i use all the time for mushrooms i season. It with this i will not caramelize the onions too much. but i wanna caramelize them a bit so they will not be completely black. I ll caramelize them a little bit until the colors change mushrooms are ready now i don t wanna melt them this is enough for me we take the mushrooms yes guys the color of my onions started to change to the color that i want now at this point.

I add a piece of butter on it onion. Absorbs the oil friends so my onions will absorb the oil they will become more creamy. I put a piece of butter on the mushrooms. It melts on the mushrooms with the heat of mushrooms.

Now i take my onions this. Is enough for me finally i. Will cook the peppers two minutes just a bit friends. I just want in order not to feel the raw taste.

The pepper is so hot this is enough. I also get these before i prepare my burger let me set the barbecue. I ll pack the fire to one side. I plan to put my burgers on this side until i prepare my burgers.

Let the barbecue wait for me. Let s take 2 3. Slices. From this this will be enough for us.

I divide it into two by the middle..

I had about 250 grams of burger patties. This is usual ground meat for the burger. There is nothing in it right now. It is ground just once i mix lamb and beef.

I shoot a video about it so i will not go into details friends who want to watch it can watch it from the link that is on the top right corner this recipe. Called beer can burger because they press. It with a beer can like this. I don t have that right now so i m going to use a glass with your glass .

We re going to shape it like a bowl friends in fact when i did this previously. I called it in this way look we shape it like a bowl it. Would be better . If your minced meat is cold if it s warm it will fall apart so it would be better if you keep the minced meat in the fridge till.

The last minute you can stuff these however you want this part is totally up to your taste as i said today. I will do it with the ingredients that i like and i have in the home to support it from the bottom . I put a piece of kashar cheese on each side like this fresh kashar cheese likewise. I will put half pieces to the bottom look guys we made support inside after that i put a bit onion to inside the amount of it is still up to your taste.

I m putting some mushrooms. I ll put some chili peppers on top it s. Hot pepper to the top of this i i m going to put our aged kars kashar cheese friends. These will give such a nice flavor on top what are we going to do with these bacon with bacons .

We ll wrap it around like this they called bacon that made with beef as this smoked beef friends we can call it smoked ribs actually so you can find it in the markets. With that name this is how i wrap it around the edges. Even now they look really nice this way. We can go to the barbecue now now i put my burger patties here away from the fire.

As you can see here. The burgers are here this is how i close the lid. I want it to be cooked at an average of 140 150 c or. Something so i.

Slightly reduce ventilation look like. This. . I.

Believe. It looks right. Now. Our barbecue at 150 c.

Let s check it out this way as of now..

It s been about 15 minutes. Okay we re doing fine. There is no problem we continue. It s been half an hour.

Now look. It s still around 140 150. C. I see it is not done.

Yet. I had these burger buns. Let me put the burger buns here. I took them out of the deep freeze.

Let them bake a little as of now. It s been 45 minutes. Let s take a look at the buns look. They re soft.

Super. The cooking degree of the meatball is 71 c. It should be cooked more than normal steaks. Look now we have reached 72 73.

C. Let me check this out this has now reached 72 73. C. I guess you can see from there now we are done with these i ll take those breads now i put butter in them and come back.

I cut it i spread butter in them. I will fry a little bit. Then we take the burger immediately. Yes.

My friends i roasted my buns now i get these too we can now start collecting the burger. The work to do is very simple now we already spread butter inside of our burger buns and fried them i will use hot sauce and mayonnaise. If you want you can use just mayonnaise. I buy this from ikea guys last time.

You asked this i buy it from the market part of ikea. This hot sauce. If this is not the case. The usual ketchup will do the same we put a bit to the bottom let s spread it i ll put pickles in it other than that friends it needs nothing else now we put our meats to the buns that s it i think.

It is very nice at first your eyes should love it and this the eyes will love this friends that s a sure thing it looks very nice colors and everything looks perfect i actually..

Made one to my father but last minute. I called him he is fasting sorry. He will not be able to taste it right now as you can see it is a high burger. So it s a hard to eat burger shall we cut the middle look guys the azan is recited by the time i kinda cooled the burgers.

But no problem it does not matter excuse me i taste it bismillah. It is gorgeous let me have another bite like this friends i had. To wash my hands a burger that you will eat kinda dirty. But believe in my sincerity.

So great it s really amazing you can taste everything in it the bitterness the kashar cheese that smoked taste minced meat everything is really beautiful pickle supports the taste very well the sauce is also less and perfect. There is no overly exaggerated sauce. Friends truly it s perfect a burger that i definitely recommend if you don t have the chance to cook. It in a barbecue you can cook it in oven.

Too if you have a thermometer. The target temperature is 71 c. If you don t have check it with your hand. If the meat is not collapsing into if it s tough enough it means.

It s done think about 45 50 minutes on average at 150 c. I would be very happy. If the friends who have the opportunity will make it like you i would want my dad to taste this but. he is fasting today.

So there is nothing to do as you know in our country and in the world. There s the coronavirus problem guys we pray to god to save us from this trouble as soon as possible we never go out except in very urgent situations. So today. I made it with the ingredients at home my bread was out of deep freeze it might.

Have been a better burger bun but . because i don t want to go out ni. Did it this way so it s nice there is no problem so in this period. If you have such recipes that you want me to make write it as comments if.

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