Latest Coronavirus News: Should the UK Close Schools and Universities? The Last Leg

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“Once again the big story this week. Is the corona virus and once again. The the british public are responding to a serious situation. The only way you know how comedy because andy said isn t ok that since covert.

19. Harms the old and sick the most we should rename it ian. Duncan smith virus. The uk.

Saw at second corona virus related death today and the highest jump in infections. Which means things are actually starting to get serious. But as we said last week. The more serious things get the more we kind of feel the need to joke about sarah.

Said. Isn t ok. The media are scare mongering over the corona virus. No it isn t but i i mean we ve had a few tweets like that this week.

Personally i don t think the mainstream media are scare mongering. I think they re being pretty good about stating the fact look. It s a serious disease. It can be dealt with but we need to be careful.

And i know it s serious because the politicians that see it in the lead up to breaks. It we ve had quite enough of experts and now listening to the experts..

How are you guys feeling about it i don t think that i don t think. It is scammer. I like the things you read about what you got to do is it s just common sense. It s wash your hands yep for 20 seconds.

Like i the slight disappointment is i ve spent the first 36 years of my life. Those three second hand washers were actually a complete waste of my time. Also apparently wiping your hands on the back of the jeans isn t worth it for dryer. But i think about this advice about love washing your hands.

Means. That order hand sanitizers are basically sold out of all the supermarket. Yeah and it s because the alcohol in them can you kill coronavirus and that got me thinking. It s up well why am.

I using if i m using alcohol on the outside. You need to start looking after the inside. So i ll just be getting shit faced away. Something.

People you will never get a better chance than this to put a hangover. Sicker monday all you got to do is yeah make yourself a site. People this is bank holiday weekend. So i ve said is it okay that people would rather believe karen or doug from marketing on facebook.

Than read proper advice from the world health organization and health experts see i think look watching it you know social media. This week..

I think this has been a big problem an expert on newsnight actually said that in the past few. Weeks 34000. Social media. Users worldwide have engaged with trusted sources.

Like the world health organization. 52 million are doing the same with unreliable. Health sources. That are designed to spread misinformation that s where all the is happening in the past week.

I ve heard that antibacterial gels don t help children can t catch the. Virus the chinese government are behind at the us. Are behind it and greta thumb burgers behind them what circles. Do you move it backs of taxis mainly who are you going to believe like the nhs or wwe telling it like it is calm there are people out there who know more than us and they re the ones.

We should probably be listening to the doors of mine said is that okay. Italy is closing all skype. I touched my face and the etherion touch my own face now yeah and then i ve got friends and they don t touch their own face. Yeah you want to touch your face.

Yeah. So if you need to do it. I just touch. Other people s faces yeah.

That s fine. That s fine the doors of men said is it okay..

Italy is closing all schools and universities to stop the spread of coronavirus should the uk do the same should we tell you what i mean. It s not great this coronavirus stuff. But what a time to be at school now think how excited you got when i was a snow day you could get four months off of this so think about it your parents now can t say to you go outside those teenage boys that consider mums mom don t come in himself isolate. There s no reason.

There are rules that have gone round. You know in workplaces in london at workplace. As well we ve been told to stand a metre apart from each other we have which means you should guys should be sitting on the floor apart from each other as well not gonna fix from this the airline fly b. Has already collapsed.

The england versus italy six nation games have been postponed the new james bond film has been delayed until november yeah. It s gonna be good though isn t it he strangles someone and then washes his hands for twenties action. Apparently tesla are even using old computer chips in some of their cars drivers became suspicious when they turn on the engine and a paper clip popped up saying it looks like you re trying to start your jacob riis mug on the other hand said he sings god save the queen while washing his hands. Which is a surprise because i cmt saying it during sex.

We all need a solid last 20 seconds. You need to sing something in the last 20 seconds. When you wash your hands so solid crew surely it s got to be less so my hands are like a quarter of the size of yours rocks. I don t need to fall 20 seconds.

So i ve got like what five. And there ain t no songs it like did i ever die. I was trying to wash into a mop and i just got to mmm do you know what you are exactly right you have a superpower that i ve not realised. Yeah.

You are less susceptible to coronavirus than anybody else. Because you ve got less hand area..

Exactly i can t even reach my own face are you feeling about coronavirus. I m into it i know it s serious. But i like cancelling stuff and they ve got legitimate reason now like you said no one doubts it and also i realized that my lazy lonely life has a name and it s kind of self isolation. I m not this is my last leaving the house till may now is this goodbye from me are you worried john are you worried about it yeah.

I m worried about it. But i do think one should panic right the difference between worried mild anxiety. Yeah. I m complete panic and the latter is a desirable should be avoided at all times.

There s talk of possibly shutting down parliament. If it needs be do you think that s do you think that s a good thing to do no it s a very undesirable thing to do yeah. The populist line is oh well for all the good that they do it s better if they don t see it that i don t buy yeah. Parliament.

Does matter. It should me questions should be asked debates should take place. But i suppose. The answer is right any decisions can t be based on evidence right what one can t have and i m sure nobody s thinking of this is a government minister saying wow it s rather inconvenient parliament.

Sitting all these people asking all good questions and raising difficulties using putting some of the microscope. And we don t want that and therefore will close parliament down no. I m sure no serious person would contemplate. ” .


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