Lehman Brothers collapse. Sep. 15, 2008. Stock Market Reactions

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“Know what right now breaking news here stocks all around the world are tanking because because of the crisis on wall street pauline choose in for jennifer. This morning. In t imagine how jittery the nerves must be in wall street for that open well. I can tell you already that the dow is expected to open down 300 points this morning.

Robin so that gives you an indication of how jittery. The markets are this is such a blow to investors whether you re a big. Trader or whether you have a 401k and we re waiting for the market to open in about two and a half hours..


So we ll see how this plays out around the world both asian and european shares are sharply lower asia s biggest stock exchanges in japan and hong kong are. Closed but every market open is in the red india down. 54 taiwan down. 41 same story in europe german shares are.

Off 3 london down 27. Percent and us stocks could open lower by 300 points. As i mentioned earlier and this is all because we re waking up to two fewer investment banks on wall street..


Lehman brothers. Has filed for bankruptcy and bank of america is taking over merrill lynch in a fifty billion dollar deal so during all of this the fed is trying to calm investors for the first time in nearly a hundred years it s loosening lending rules making it easier for banks to borrow money from the fed. The fed also holds a meeting tomorrow and they re expected to leave interest rates. Unchanged at 2.

But now economists think we could see a rate cut in the coming weeks. Because of everything that s happened and a quick note on the huge bailouts for mortgage companies. Fannie mae and freddie mac..


The government now says departing ceos will not get the golden parachute in their contracts. They could have received in total up to 25 million dollars in robbing when we did this story last week. There was immense outrage from our viewers on taxpayer dollars. Going to the company ceos as they leave so now it looks like this will not happen alright.

Thank you so much pauline. Appreciate it and we re going to be watching to the d. Il futures..


To see how the markets are expected to react to this word that on two of the biggest firms on wall street. ” ..

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