Lipper U.S. Fund Awards Recipient: Fidelity Investments Select Funds

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“You once again for joining us for another installment of the meet. The manager interview interview series today. I m joined by chris bartel and chris is a senior vice in global head of equity research at fidelity investments. Fidelity s enjoyed quite a bit of success over the years at our lipper fund awards.

And this year. Is no different they won eight awards across six different disciplines and their select portfolio series specifically the select consumer finance energy. Retailing and pharmaceutical funds to comb awards. As well as the advisor biotechnology and industrials funds.

Chris thank you so much for joining us today. Thanks for having bob and i d like to uh. If you would chris talk. A little bit about some of the drivers behind your continued success in well representation at the fund awards.

Sure well when you think about what drives our sector funds. It s really a couple things first of all the managers who run these funds are experts in their space. They re really focused on whether it s health care. With cyclical consumer and that s all they do focus on that narrow area and get to know their companies.

The management teams and the stocks really really well you know the key thing to emphasize they re not doing it alone. Each of these teams is deep has deep support behind them so..

Tobias wilo. Has probably 30 analysts around the globe helping feeding ideas for the industrials and materials funds at the same time you know you re really making use of a global research platform. So we have offices in hong kong. London and tokyo.

Providing the global perspective is critical. If you re looking at a sector like energy for example. Where there s so many macro events around the world that can move these stocks and then the last thing. I would say then this really is unique to fidelity is we have teams across all the different asset classes.

When you think about the capital structure of a company. What really moves could move the stocks having the largest high yield research operation of any of our competitors. Sitting just one floor away from the equity team if you think about the money market or fixed income teams that we have they provide a different perspective on each of these companies and then lastly. We have a dedicated real estate team.

Which can give great perspective so bringing these all together with the fundamental equity. Analysts. Where they re a little over 100 and around the globe gives us the resources to do this consistently the last point. I d make is just one performance so looking at the last three years seven out of the 10 major sector funds at beating their etf counterparts.

And about seventy two percent of the funds across the entire sector phone line up have outperformed their benchmark on a three year. Trailing basis well that s impressive tell me..

If you would chris a little bit more about the individual pm s themselves talk about their strategies and the managers themselves. Sure. So. With the select energy portfolio.

That s run by john dowd. John has been in the industry. For more than 20 years. Now.

And he s been running that fun since 2006 next i go to tobias we load. Tobias has 14 years of experience in the industry. He s been on that fund also since 2006. And i mentioned the deep team across the globe of industrial and materials.

Analysts that support him on the healthcare side. We received two awards received call has 17 years of experience and has been running our biotech fund since 2005. We also have a sharan alike. Who recently took over the select pharmaceuticals fund peter dixon.

Who is running select retailing has about seven years of experience covering consumer stocks he s been on that fund for three years in his our global consumer sector. Head and then lastly shilpa amira has recently taken over the select consumer finance fund and has about four years of experience..

Sounds like you value experience. Why d you tell us a little bit more about what you look for in building out such an investment team. Sure you know we really look for a balance. So across each of the sector s we have a mix of analysts like the fund managers who i ve just mentioned.

Who have deep experience in their industries. Have been covering companies for years no management teams really well. But then we also have a group of analysts that have a fresh perspective. So they rotate through several different industries and they take the experiences of the prior industry.

When they come into their new one and so having that balanced team really gives us both the deep industry experience. But also a fresh perspective. Which we think is the best approach and now. I know you ve touched upon this a little bit already.

But tell us a little bit more about the investment approach. That is employed by your sector. Pm s sure. So i mentioned just over 130 analysts around the globe and the core fundamental approach is bottoms up fundamental research.

So what that means is we want all of our analysts and the portfolio managers who manage these sector funds to be on the ground meeting with companies getting to know the management teams understanding the earnings drivers putting together their models. So that they come up with a at their own estimates of what the earning streams are of companies are like we believe over the longer term earnings does do drive stocks and so if we can get the earnings right the stocks will follow so you know they then we ll use the inputs from the other asset classes..

That s how they come to their conclusions. If you would now thinking through all of that tell us what type of investors should consider investing in sector. Funds. Sure.

I think that you know sector funds are great building block and it s really something that i think it lends itself to self directed investing. We don t view any individual sector fund is a one stop shop. Generally you might use a group of them together. But what they really do is they give you instead of buying certain individual stocks within the sector exposure to an industry and then you re relying on our fund managers who are meeting with the management teams and industry consultants.

Competitors suppliers customers to really pick the best ideas and get them in the portfolio so you get exposure to the best names. Yeah. Well those are some great insights course across the sector series. I appreciate your time today and thank you for joining us.

Thank. You and thank you for joining us as well before investing consider the funds investment objectives risks charges and expenses please visit triple w. Fidelity com. Or advisor fidelity com for a prospectus or is available a summary perspectives.

” ..

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