Long-Term Notes Payable

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“Long term note. Payable is also na. Very common way for companies to finance operations. Operations.

Nand growth. A long term notes payable is na contract between a lender. A for example and a borrower nlet s say a company the lender lends ncash to the company we call this the nprincipal amount the company agrees to repay nthe principal plus interest at some point in the future as ndetailed in the loan contract. There are a lot of ndifferent types of loans.

But i want to introduce you nto the three most common types for long term business loans..

They are an installment nnote a balloon payment note and a mortgage. Many of you might be nfamiliar with the concept of an installment loan. If you ve ever taken nout a loan that requires regular nmonthly payments chances are it was nan installment loan a common characteristic is nthat the monthly payment amount is fixed additionally a nportion of the payment goes to pay for the accrued ninterest and the remainder to reduce the principal amount this continues month. Nafter month until the loan has been paid off a balloon loan isn t very ncommon for individuals.

But it is for businesses nespecially large businesses with access to a lot of cash a common characteristic is that nno monthly payment is required payments for both accrued ninterest and principal are due at the end nof. The loan term. An example might be a company nthat is starting a new product line and they may want to nrepay a loan several years after the product line has nbeen established and quite profitable. A mortgage is a type nof installment loan that is secured nby real property meaning land or building.

I want to mention this one nbecause business loans are secured differently than nloans for individuals large organizations often nprovide no specific security for long term..

Notes. Small organizations nmight be required to list all of the nbusiness assets and possibly the owner s assets ntoo in order to secure a loan. Let s wrap up this ntopic with an example on july. 1 joy division signed.

Na 24 month promissory note to borrow 11000. Plus n6 annual interest they will make a nmonthly loan payment of 500 beginning august 1st. So what is the journal nentry to record the long term. Notes payable as you can see it is a ndebit to cash and a credit to long term notes npayable for 11000.

In order to easily make nthe journal entry to record the monthly loan npayment companies prepare an namortization schedule..

I ve shortened this one nto fit onto the screen. But it would show each month nuntil the loan balance is zero you might recall nthat interest is calculated by taking principal ntimes. The interest rate times time in this example. That s nhow.

The interest column amounts are calculated. The principal reduction is the ndifference between the payment. Amount and the amount nof interest expense. We can use the namortization table to find the data needed to nrecord the journal entry for the monthly loan payment.

We need the payment amount nthe amount of interest expense and the amount the notes npayable is reduced using the information nfrom the table we debit interest expense for n 55..

Debit long term notes payable for 445. This is how we nreduce the liability and we credit cash for 500. We could just as easily recorded na journal entry on november 1. You can see the highlighted ndata on the amortization table so now we debit interest expense nfor 48.

Debit long term notes ” ..

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