M.A JOB UPDATE is it worth it ?

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“Back to my channel. I think gone for a very very long time. I know know i have a lot going on to be completely honest with you guys right my job is changing drastically. But yeah i want to go ahead and start off with the questions and answer that for you guys.

And then let you guys know what s going on what happened with my job. It s nothing bad. But let s get started. I have here love your videos where did you get your superwoman scrub top.

I got that at walmart girl go ahead and find you some scrubs ops at walmart. They got the cutest scrubs and they re not expensive at all all right next. But i won t ask us is it hard to be a medical assistant or pretty chill. And honestly.

You re gonna have some chill days. Like let s see when ours is pretty much friday. Because we have half a day and friday. But honestly besides that you re on your feet 24.

7. You anytime you re at the whole time you re at the clinic. You re gonna be on your feet. Because it s a high pace job you have to be multitasking.


All the time you have to be doing so much so you honestly don t have time to sit at your desk. Unless you re documenting charting okay. I have a question are you bilingual do you recommend do they recommend bilingual non bilingual um. Prefer bilingual over non bilingual.

Anybody will honestly take you if you know with just english. They will take you as long as you know what you re doing yours you know you got the brain to do the job. They were honestly hire you but a lot of places hire bilinguals because if you have if you think about it you get a high population of different kind of people coming in if you want to be able to speak. Polish chinese italian everything like honest spanish a highly high demand languages.

While said great video can you go over how to take a manual bp. I could definitely do that in another video. I just have somebody um you know sit there and then i ll show you guys how to take it very easy not complicated. I got you next.

One says next one says hey did you ever take phlebotomy classes. Yes. I did it was included in the ma program. We have like a month or two doing that first we started with mannequins and we started banging each other it was pretty fun.

But if you re taking in i make programming sure that that s included cuz that s definitely a plus. Because you re gonna be drawing a lot of blood at work that s the hospital clinic. Which do you prefer honestly just real quick you have way more benefits at the hospital than working for a clinic or a private solo practitioner. I don t have any insurance.


Any benefits in my old job right now where i m at i have 401k retirement. I have insurance. I have everything sewed up next one says starting my externship tomorrow at ob gyn. So nervous and excited good luck.

It ll be fine next. One says would you say you make a livable wage being animate. I m rethinking my career choice. Honestly yes you could definitely make a livable wage being anime girl just put in hard work show them that you definitely like in enjoy.

What you re doing sorry. The dogs barking if you can hear him put in all that hard work like i said and the promotion s the chances for you to grow are there the money is there once you have experience you could get a job anywhere to sell your knowledge let them know you know what you re doing you got this. But definitely definitely you can make a livable wage. I ll be next questions does when you first got hired was it different than the way.

Your teacher. Taught you was it hard was it harder um. Okay. So with him okay so basically that s me did i did.

It was the job. The same thing as when i was in school that i was told. It was going to be no obviously not because um depending. The clinic that you go to work for the poynting.


The setting the workflow that they got there that s what s gonna be the real deal. Not what your teacher. Tells you i the books haven t. A lot of knowledge.

But honestly once you get out there in the field is when you re gonna learn i know i ve been gone for a long time and i want like i want to let you guys know why it s honestly because i my job you know great things are happening for me. I actually just received a promotion and my job was to promotions back to back. I became first safety captain when i was there for about two and a half almost three months that s basically you know being in charge of all the safety stuff protocols. Attending safety meetings with safety committee and stuff like that and we now washing on your mas every three months doing aaron omics doing um what else t so you got to watch somebody wash.

The instruments with the right protocol and then right after that shortly. They actually offered me the job to become supervisor for the emmys which is called amazingly basically your clinical supervisor basically you re supervising the clinical part of the clinic you re giving directives to the amaze you re making. Sure your clinic is flowing as much as smoothly as possible you re making sure. There s no problems making sure that all patients are being seen on time and making sure that everything is going good.

Making. Sure that we re getting instruments back on time ordering supplies for the clinic will not be out of stuff. Taking care of the medication. Making sure that is expired every second and last week of the month.

You got to make sure that everything in the rooms are up to date nothing is about to expire or expired you chart audits on your emmys for the furs for the they re a quarter and the first quarter um you have to give them the provider surveys by your nac making sure that they re doing good you also have to observe the emmys to make sure that they re following every step in protocol with each patient following aidid s and so on like so basically i got this big promotion. I have so much to do how that administrative stuff to do i have so much work on top of me and of course with the big responsibility there comes. A raise and i m very grateful for my race that i got right now. I didn t think i was gonna be at where i m getting paid right now that s my reason i have not been uploading because i honestly have so much work to do i don t have time to you know film stuff.


But i am gonna try to get some videos out for you guys like i said the blood pressure. One is gonna be coming out. So you guys can see that i really have a lot of my plate right now trying to attend all these meetings. I have with the laboratories as well come with the office.

So we had to do so many drills and coats and stuff like that but i m definitely very happy with what s going on in my life. I wanted to update you guys this video was definitely definitely very very bleak to come up. But i had to come up. I just sit down and do it because with my schedule that i have i never have time to just sit down and film like i did before yeah like there s always room to grow being a medical assistant.

There s always that chance to go higher and higher. There s ladders you know that you can go up as being i mean you could even become a office manager your clinical manager you could do so much you just got to put that hard work and let them see that you work hard you love your job you gotta love your job. If you re doing it right you cannot come to where i can not want to be there not want to take care of patients you know patients know when somebody enjoys their job or not and not just patients anybody customer service. You know when people are doing their job because they like it and when they re there to get paid you gotta be there because you love your job.

And that s what i do i love my patients. I love my job um. But anyways you guys if you are no my name is stephanie don t forget to comment down below like subscribe and i will see you guys in my next video. ” .


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