Morninghead – How It Works

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“Right so this is a morning head cap. It s just a visit a standard standard shower cap with a really kind of thick durable plastic. But on the inside you can see it s got a this cloth material that s super absorbent. It s way different from any sort of other kind of fabric.

You re used to so. When you add that water to it it gets absorbed by the entire cap right so. Then there s no dripping whatsoever. So you might be thinking hey.


It s a pretty cool idea. Why not just use a wash cloth. Oh should do the same thing. Two main differences.

One this is a super durable plastic on the outside so your hands always stay dry. No matter. How what the cap gets and secondly a wash cloth. Doesn t even begin to compare to this super absorbent microfiber material on the inside so allow me to demonstrate you know add the same amount of liquid.


This is two thirds of a cup. Which is what we recommend for the morning head cap. So i m just gonna slowly add this water here. See if i can replicate the exact same my liquid on both sides.

Okay and as you can see that the wash cloth is starting to leak already. Yeah. It s leaking pretty good already so i m just gonna lift these up. So you can see that you know as these so you know as you can see they don t even compare this you re gonna get water all over the place with this this is no better than sticking your head under the sink.


And again. This is just the morning head cap turning inside out on a plate. So i shower at night and when i wake up i have crazy bed head. And i don t feel like that necessitates a whole nother shower.

So it s a time with some money and most importantly. A waste of sleep. So i ve been wearing this helmet cam. Today for you know filming this video.


So it s left my hair pretty pretty aggressive. I look like an opal oompa here so let s see we re gonna go morning head cap right. And just see how this thing works alright so morning attack here we go the head goes around for a few seconds. Here s what so that s the morning good cat check it out hold the water the most important thing now is turn it inside.

” ..

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