Nasdaq Bank Index Price BANKX Nasdaq Banking Index Commentary

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“I m going to show here folks oh. By the way. Let s start out out welcome to smf. Street.

Welcome 8. 12 a 2010 at 907 am pacific standard. And i already showed the other banking index and now i m going to show the nasdaq bank index va en k x that s on the nasdaq and that s the banking sector. It s a bear weekly chart now we ll talk about why we ll talk about how you can make money by having bear funds that i have relationships with the banking index.

However here what i want to show you is that we have a weekly cell signal that s what the blue bars mean we had a rally in the beginning of the year when we have this weekly buy signal here..

But now to come down. So basically what i will show you is it is a bear. It s closed. The 10 week it s called the smf street so let s get this straight smf street weekly bear qualifying trend qualifier trend the characteristics the mathematical equations weakness and strength or strength or weakness whichever way you want to look at it is is that this is not good because now.

I m below. What the declining this this aqua blue line is a 10 week. And it s dropping in price. And not only that when i blow this part of the chart up for you you re going to see right here.

Very clearly that that 10 week is crossing over this a pink line..

Which is the 50 week moving average and the hundred week moving average is descending in price and the 20 week is finally tilting down that s an extreme bear setting up and basically the thing that our beloved smf street traders will do once again like always is master master. The tree and understanding a lot of things that can go on if i break the support line down here and i m going to show you it s right there. This is that major support of where last year s trend in 09. Had got some steam now granted that there s a pocket in a belly.

There at 1563 on this index. But here s the deal when you look at where the breakout was right up above here let me blow that up for you so let s take a look at where this breakout started this upper trend line right here. Because you got up above your that s where the move started this is that big top in that break up. But notice that the selling has been much greater than the buying and that the weekly smf weekly bars down bars are much greater than your by bars up here and outside of that trend.

So one of the things that we offer at smsfree to our investor traders are worldwide international network us network..

Is one thing and one thing. Only is how to master where the print will go and obviously the prints going down and obviously there are various different types of trades that you can learn how to do at smf street that puts you in the move for the downside and once again. It s been a pleasure to present this to our sms. Pro trading street staff and our international staff.

So that once again on the home page. The stock market lending calm. You can go there and follow everything we do watch and see how precise we are why do you think sms street opened its doors to main street and i m sure that a lot of you are probably tired of wall street. Which is quite understandable so nonetheless.

We have many many many many programs..

Many risk management programs. Many many programs here at stock market pending. Calm. You re just a free five day trial.

A way of finding out who we are you re also just a telephone call away so if there s something that you like about what we re showing you and that you re going to be affected or have negative consequences then i would get ” ..

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