Netspend Review 2019 Is It Worth It?

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“What s up everybody boy falls back in with another informative video. Now. This is is going to be my full review video or knit spin and using a mist prepaid. Mastercard also using an application.

Which is a download ios or android right from google and apple. It s really this the same particular setup as the paypal master master car prepaid card accounts actually next bin is a partner under paypal so they re technically using this the same api as they re using us. The same layouts. The same setup.

Oh you can even tell this based on the websites. Even when you log onto the denebian website with paypal website. They have two same identical layout. It s just this fan is using metal bank versus paypal.

Don t be truthfully honest that s the only real difference now the key features you will want to think about and you might like is that the fact that oh with net spin. You can actually sign up easily with this band. I m using a referral program. Going in store and buying the card or if you re using rewards applications like inbox dollars.

I played swag books even text now or rewards. They even advertise net spin. So you can sign up and earn a money just by signing up to net spam prepaid and getting you a prepaid card so you get your your cash faster whether it s on your through your employment or um. State or when it was situation now.

That you um you can deposit. If you if you re not doing. The rich deposit..


You can deposit your check right from your smart. Phone. Meaning. You just take a snapshot of your check and the money goes through on your cord.

Oh. Now i must warn you all there is like a approximately 3 4. Dollar fee every time you do this so if you don t run get you know text or feed oh for sending your check over digitally then that s something you might consider also of course you ve got to get fees. If you you know cash your check in a store.

And whatever you know so keep that in mind when you use a net spin. And you re trying to you know get your you check cash faster. There is a fee um and i think that s like the real difference. I mon amour net spent all access and what i ve noticed is if you go over dress.

If you over dress with this bit all access. There s a fifteen dollar charge every time you over drill. So you can over dress a dollar over drop one dollar. Let s say you bought a soda.

You forgot you only have like a few cents in there do you always dress one time you always drop one time. There s a fifteen dollar feet. So every time you overdraft. That s an additional 15 kind of like how i think associated bank here in my area.

I think they used to do that i don t know if they still do that i don t have an account with them anymore so i m not sure if they charge you per fee or are they charge you for overdrive wait that s what else associates used to do with me. And now next bin is doing the same thing you over drought. You get a fifteen dollar charge on to your account and your accountants in a negative..


Because of that now i haven t had that happen to me with paypal day they charge me an additional 15 feet. It s best if you overdraft. That s what you paid so if i over drop to it hours then i gotta put two dollars back on my account. But you can like same money.

Oh. Faster. With flash with your flash id. So anyone with netspend account can send another person money through that flash id on id.

Number. So if you know someone with net spin. Say hey i need five dollars. Say can you shoot me 20 zero.

30. There make sure you give them the correct. Flash id. Number.

So you can get that money faster. Now. That s what i do like about nest bear like i said. It s pretty much the same setup as the paypal mastercard oh.

Don t difference is that you get like with the chicks you can scan your chicks and send it to your account right away or that 15 fee draft so you got to keep that in mind. It s the same rules the atms you get these for you know withdrawing money at the atms and you know you still get the same amount of fees for depositing money when you re going to your local grocery store or walmart cash cash place so other than that it s the same particular setup. You get that four ninety five monthly feed or for access using that spin..


Oh have i really come across any issues. The only the only time i came across any issues with this next ban prepaid card is i think i purchased something and it was a lot it is costing a lot and he blocked my account because they thought. It was some type of fraudulent going on and it s because of the the one the lord s payment payout. So i don t know so.

But i i did not have any issues with customer service. I actually talked to real people they might they might have been foreign at the time. But sometimes you do get real people in the country that you could talk to customer service to be truthfully. Honest um.

That s the only real major issue. I had and i do get my you to chicks direct deposit with my netspend account. So you can if you re on youtube. And you got google adsense and stuff like that you can sign you can link your google adsense account to get direct deposit to your nest man or even.

Paypal. Even even they will sell paypal you get it you get an account number. And you also get your router number. So you do get a router in account number so if you do you know want to get direct deposit.

And it s the same set up with paypal you get your check two days or faster. They get most so keep that in mind. But overall experience. I bet with net spin for i m gonna say about the same amount of time if it with paypal prepaid on six about five six years.

It s like i said not only had that there one major gripe and you know we got that clear in the same day. They unblocked. My account and then techno..


24 hours. It took like maybe minutes. And my account was unblocked and stuff like that. But the whole setup is basically the same as paypal like i said.

They are underneath paypal. So your your bestie. Getting the same layout be getting the same ideas stuff it like i said stuff for those two differences buzzer their neck oh i like you i like nest bed um. It s it s just another prepaid card another way to you know split your money up.

So you won t have all your money in one account. Oh. But yeah i usually mainly for spinning stuff. So yeah.

If you have any questions on any concerns what your thoughts about nest band. What are your thoughts about these prepaid master cords and have you had any like real issues with customer service reps and things in that store though you can also follow them on facebook twitter you name it so leave your thoughts in the comment section below. If you want to try out next bin. I do recommend it um you can get a referral link and make money that way too.

So. Let me know your thoughts about next bin and metal bank alright. It s what two folks. ” .


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