NYU 2019 Commencement Highlights

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“Music and cheering. William r. Berkley. I have the honor nof welcoming all of you you honorees graduates parents family friends and alumni to these commencement exercises.

N. Clapping. Alfonso morgan terrero class of 2019 to graduate from nyu is a remarkable achievement. We should all be incredibly proud of ourselves and so it seems only fitting nthat i stand here in the bronx.

Where my life began now knowing that the key to self knowledge rests inside of me as it does inside of all of you my hope is that all of us will carry that power of self worth with us as we move on to all nof our wonderful next endeavors congratulations class of 2019 n cheering music and cheering announcer ladies and gentlemen those who are about to receive honorary degrees will now be presented andrew d. Hamilton abdel kader haidara your courage and diligence were essential in the struggle to save mali s precious manuscripts clapping and cheering carla diane hayden nyou have ensured that libraries remain in your words..

A cornerstone of democracy. Clapping and cheering douglas r. Lowy. We proudly add your name to that exclusive roster jonas.

Salk and albert sabin for yours is the equally historic ndistinction of having developed the first approved vaccines that specifically target cancer. Clapping and cheering terrence mcnally. You have created masterful and enduring art and in the process have celebrated and uplifted humankind. Clapping and cheering.

Elizabeth alexander. Leading literary voice academic visionary and philanthropic pacesetter clapping and cheering elizabeth alexander will respond on nbehalf of the honorary degree recipients clapping and cheering elizabeth alexander..

The power of language is to assert presence is to speak truth to power is to make space is to see each other as human beings. I put this challenge to you how do we understand the stakes of nprecise language. What is the power of your words nonce you are in the room. What can you do with your words to move us closer to beloved community.

Clapping and cheering good luck to all of you congratulations and love thank you clapping and cheering. Andrew d. Hamilton good afternoon everyone colleagues parents friends and especially the amazing graduating class of 2019 congratulations cheering now in my opinion nthere were three main ingredients that went into nyu s remarkable trajectory nand i bring them up because they can be just as important for your own personal ntrajectory as they have been for nyu s. So what are these three ntrajectory making ingredients.

They are first a willingness to take risks second ambition vaulting ambition and third creativity unbounded creativity. But this is commencement the focus today is on you our graduates..

We will be cheering on heartily nas. We watch your own remarkable trajectory and we know that that trajectory will take you to ever ever greater heights. We are so proud of you class of 2019 congratulations to you all well done thank you clapping clapping and cheering katherine fleming we now proceed to the formal of conferral of degrees will all the candidates please now rise. Cheering.

Andrew d. Hamilton by virtue of the authority vested in me by the trustees. I now admit you to the degrees and certificates for which you have been recommended. It is now official.

Cheering n with emphasis you are nyu graduates congratulations clapping cheering music and fireworks. Cheering bells and music speakers at once amazing speaker we re so proud of him speaker..

It s so great uh ni love everybody that i met speakers as a group happy. Graduation music speaker. I m so happy speaker yay. We graduated speakers together best four years of our lives.

We ll miss you nyu music speaker. I hope to continue making you proud. ” ..


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