Operational Audit (Video 6)

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“Back to operations management in this session. We re going to talk about how process process strategy can be evaluated through something known as the operational audit as we ve in the past about process architecture and so forth. If we re starting from scratch. It s very easy to say.

This is where we want the organization to head and these are the kinds of process competencies. We need to develop and also this is the way we re going to build their processes..

But what if we already have an existing organization. What we need to do is we want to take a look at where we want our business to go that s our desired business strategy and along with that we have what kind of capabilities. We want to have as well as what kind of strategy and the operations and the marketing finance areas and so forth so remember we re looking ahead. This is what we d like to have and what we d like to have also is an operational structure.

Our processes and our infrastructure that matches our particular business strategy. But if we already have an existing organization..

We already have things in place we have existing capabilities. We have existing processes and infrastructure and they may or may not be able to produce our desired business strategy. If we already have a an assembly line set up then suddenly trying to make a very customizable product is not exactly feasible on the other side. If we have a job shop.

Structure suddenly trying to be a low cost high volume provider might be very very difficult. So..

What we need to do is take a look at our existing strategies as well as our desired strategies and see where the gaps are basically we re looking at what is feasible given what we currently have versus. What we want to have what our capabilities are now what we d like them to be and in terms of processes and infrastructure. What do we have now where should they be that s what an operational audit gives us it tells us where our problems are and what we need to change. We either have to change our desired business strategies or we will have to change our capabilities in order to meet that so this brings us to the area of strategic fit by strategic fit.

We re saying that we want to make sure that there s consistency between our strategic position in the industry. Where the market and the competencies of our process..

Architectures and our current policies. So that s what we need to do and in our next session. We re going to take a little bit further at the strategic fit by taking a look at how different strategies come about we re going to look at them from different. ” .


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