Panduit Physical Infrastructure Management

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“Panduit unified physical infrastructure or upi is a comprehensive and holistic approach to deploying core core business systems. Enabling organizations to minimize. Risk lower. Cost.

And heightened. Business. Agility. By critical communication.


Control. Power. And security systems. Upi.

Based. Solutions. Help. Organizations.


Business. And technology. Challenges. Head on data centers.

Have a nerve center of successful business operations they have become far more than information processing sites evolving to accommodate a broad array of rapidly changing demands from telecommunications and storage to real time data and services delivery. Any interruptions in the performance of the network can prove costly in terms of downtime productivity or lost revenues. Intelligent management maintenance and monitoring of the physical infrastructure have taken on new levels of importance to ensure business continuity panduit span view iq hardware enables infrastructure management across physical and logical layers of the network seamlessly delivering patchfield information directly into the physical infrastructure. Manager or p.

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Software platform for enhanced network reliability and security the increasing density of network. Infrastructures. Is driving the need for asset. Tracking.

Solutions. And can present serious challenges to effective management of data center connectivity. Pan view iqs unique hardware design utilizes zero are you intelligent modules that install on the back of patch panels eliminating the need for additional rack space and permitting based installations interface units on the front of the panels automate visual trace capabilities and provisioning activities the physical infrastructure manager or p im software platform provides continuous real time patch build monitoring and visibility of physical layer connectivity in cross connect or interconnect installations. Enabling the creation of both automated workflows and complete end to end patchfield.

Documentation patch field activities..

Such as unauthorized changes may be the result of an accidental. Cable disconnection or a potential security breach into the network in either scenario. The system can instantly identify the event and then notify network administrators with the source location for quick fault isolation and troubleshooting minimizing network. Downtime while improving security for greater network availability.

As changes are made updates are automatically documented in the databases and displayed on screen automated asset tracking and verification of the as built physical infrastructure removes manual audit procedures to help improve productivity and comply with regulatory guidelines the panduit physical infrastructure management system brings visibility and control to the data center for enhanced security and minimize downtime reducing overall network operating costs pandu its unified physical infrastructure based solutions give enterprises. The capability to connect manage and automate for a smarter. ” ..


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