Parody & the Kaepernick Controversy: What About Parody in Trademark Law?

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“To talk about trademark law today. I would like to talk about the use of of parity in trademark law now as you know there s this controversy playing out now in the media and amongst people about the appropriateness of taking a knee during the national anthem and nike just signed as a spokesperson the instigator of this taken heed during the national anthem movement as a spokesperson now in response to this an army veteran has created parody t shirts parodying the just do it logo but first i want to give a little bit of background information about parody. Now this is a subject that s been litigated a lot the most noteworthy example of this that i can come up with is a pretty famous case from the 80s. A pair of women in new mexico wanted to make plus sized jeans for women and they called them lar.

I can t even i can t even say that without giggling. They called them lar obviously playing off of jordache and jordache jeans were very popular at the time. I don t even know if those are still a thing these days. But at the time it was a very popular and kind of you know fancy pants pun intended brand so they created a brand for hefty women called lar now of course jordache sued.

Because they said you know we think that that parody is disrespectful and offensive to overweight people and we don t want our brand associated with that now surprisingly this totally surprises. Me the court agreed with the alleged infringer parodist s. . And said listen.

It is not reasonable to expect that a consumer because remember the issues like consumer confusion right. It s not reasonable to expect a consumer to think that a brand is going to have two different brands for the same product jeans. So this parody is okay so what about the instant case well let s have a look at the parody. I think it s a parody so we have here i m gonna pull this down a little bit just stand and just do it so obviously the parodist that s what we re gonna call the clothing manufacturer.

The parodist has taken the nike logo. The just do it and made a parody of it called just stand and they have fashioned into a sort of swoosh logo. The kind of oh a flag maybe it looks a little bit like an american flag. Obviously it doesn t look totally like an american flag.

Because there just isn t enough room to put 50 little stars on that field there..

But it s obviously a parody of the just do it logo that nike has been using for probably nearly 20 years now so what do i think about this let me go back. Here and switch over now without getting into the politics of it all because here we assiduously avoid any discussion of politics. My friends and family know how i really feel without getting into the politics of it let s look at the definition of parody. Now parody has been defined by federal courts as a simple form of entertainment conveyed by juxtaposing.

The irreverent representation of the trademark with the idealized image created by the marks owner a parody must convey two simultaneous and contradictory messages that it is the original but also that it is not the original and is instead a parody. So here i think this definitely falls into the classification of a parody. We are just opposing or the manufacturer of the parody is just opposing in a reverent reference to the just do it trademark complete with the flag swoosh underneath in order to lampoon notion that sitting during the national anthem is somehow more patriotic and sacrificial than going to war to defend one s country. And it just opposes also the irony of a millionaire football player claiming as sacrifice his decision to kneel during the anthem with the perception.

That his actions are no sacrifice at all especially since nike is now paying him millions of dollars a year to endorse their products and cash in on the controversy that that he created in the first place so i think this qualifies as parody will nike sue. The manufacturer of the the parody material to stop them from doing it well nike is probably stupid enough to do that despite the fact. That there s probably going to be a huge backlash. There s already a backlash.

But despite the fact that there s going to be an even bigger backlash and they will not get anything from it from a litigation standpoint. Because they re likely going to lose given the courts. Liberal interpretations and liberal allowance of parody in trademark law. I m angelo lang lots and i go live every weekday to discuss trademark law you can find me online at trademark doctor net.

And if you like this video. Please. Share it if you have trademark law questions find me at facebook at facebookcom. Forward slash trademark doctor and you can just like stay in flashbacks.

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