PAS – From the idea to serial production

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“4 million control panel systems over 12 million harnesses and that every year with. 45000 45000 square meters of manufacturing space and 2500 employees at seven locations worldwide that s we are the pas group a medium sized company with a global footprint. Our roots go back to the early 90s when we started producing harnesses. We soon began specializing in the production and development of complete control panel systems for the home appliance industry.

Today. We are one of the leading suppliers of harnesses and control panel systems for white goods..

How did we get this far through consistent customer focus extreme flexibility and a systems mindset from the idea to serial production. We work together with our customers to continuously improve and innovate long term partnerships and quality are very important to us we pursue a zero failure strategy at pas. We continuously execute this strategy in our manufacturing process through early quality planning in the development phase and integrated quality controls in production as an international partner of the home appliance industry. We see ourselves as a full service supplier.

We started off by producing harnesses fully automated while considering specific customer requirements another part of our portfolio decorated plastic components we fulfil every individual design requirement we achieve the greatest variety at variance with the most modern technology and machinery. Complemented using state of the art printing and decoration processes and of course..

Our know how to that is why we constantly invest in educating and training our staff after all we offer precisely what makes us stand out in the market flexible system solutions in line with customer requirements. We develop and design panel and control panel systems for white goods. We handle the design all production and logistics for on time ship the line directly to our customers assembly lines because our most important driver is and will always be customer satisfaction. We collaborate with our customers to research and develop new system solutions matching their exact requirements.

In the concept phase. Our r d department..

Contribute solutions and ideas that improve our customers products our employees use mold flow analysis and advanced 3d printing techniques to optimize the design of components right in the creation phase sample parts are produced quickly and checked in this initial design phase. This gives us a head start in the development phase. With the confidence to guarantee the quality and commercial viability of the product from the idea to development and design. All the way to serial production you can count on us.

We have gained experience along with our customers grown continuously and established new production plants worldwide. We thank you for the cooperation and look forward to shaping the future together with our customers..

” ..

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