Plate Glass Insurance – Things To Know About Plate Glass Insurance

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“Everyone there s steve abbasi from elite business insurance and i wanted to discuss with with you what plate glass insurance is how elite business insurance can make sure that re covered for all the right angles. And offer you plate glass insurance. If that s something that you need the elite business insurance is a full service independent agency. So we have access to hundreds of markets in the state of florida where we re established thousands of markets throughout the united states where we write insurance throughout the whole country and we provide you with the absolute best coverage for the absolute best price.

We shop you around through all of our markets to always make sure that we re giving you the best price out there so plate glass insurance is usually a requirement from the landlord. So. If you re leasing a building to perform work depending on what kind of business. That you have it s let s just say it s a karate studio.

You have a karate studio. The landlord is going to want to protect the plate glass of the building in the case that you happen to break it so let s just use that example of a karate studio. If one of your students kicks through the window god forbid and they don t cut that foot but they break the glass you want to make sure you have a plate glass coverage included in your commercial property policy..


So if you own the building. You could have coverage for the play class. If you re renting the building you could have coverage for the plate glass. But it s always going to be a commercial property portion.

And there s many companies out there who offer the commercial property coverage and they ll give you options to cover the plate glass to cover signs to cover any additional features of the building. Any betterments and improvements in case. You did construction to the interior. So it s just a form of the commercial property policy and drew elite business insurance.

Because we have access to all the markets. We could always make sure that we re giving you that plate glass coverage and we re always doing. It..


The most competitive price out there so usually to meet the landlord requirements. That s when i usually see it the most in a lease. The landlord would say you need to carry general liability insurance of about a million dollars per occurrence. You need to cover the actual cash value of the contents inside the building.

And you need to cover a plate glass. Now the way plate glass is usually rated is off of square. Footage. So say you have 200 square feet of glass in front of your store.

That s how it s going to be rated. It can be rated that way or it could just be rated off of the. Value if you think the glass is valued at 5000..


Somehow you come up with an actual cash value the actual glass or if the landlord s requiring specific limits. Then we can make sure you re covered for those limits so not only do we write commercial property. But we do general liability. We do commercial auto.

We write workers comp insurance. We write bonds we do personalized as well so we could do the homeowners we could do your auto. We could do your motorcycle your boat you name it we write it so we offer 24 7. Customer service.

So we are always here for our customers you give us a call. We ll always get back to you in a timely manner regarding any of your insurance needs let elite business insurance be your one stop insurance shop. We can handle it all and we can make sure we re always good to you and we re always giving you the best coverage..


The absolute best price so give us a chance give us a call. We will not let you down. 1 885. Oh.

8. 8. 1. 9.

Elite business. ” ..

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