Quoting, Paraphrasing, & Summarizing

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“You need to incorporate other people s ideas into your own writing. There are three three ways to do that quoting paraphrasing and summarizing first. I m going to talk what each one is when you re quoting something you re taking what the author says word for word and putting it in your paper. When you re paraphrasing something you re explaining a piece of what the author says in your own words.

But still giving the author credit for the idea. When you re summarizing something once again you re saying it in your own words..

But you re also shortening what the author says usually people choose to summarize when the author s passage is on the longer side for all three of these techniques you want to make sure you cite your author at the end so that way you re not plagiarizing. So let s do some examples. This is a story that queen elinor tells merida in the movie brave. It s going to act as our original passage.

So if we wanted to quote it we would take a specific part of it and put quotation marks around it in this case. Our quote is the oldest prince wanted to rule the land for himself..

He followed his own path and the kingdom fell to war and chaos and ruin. And then at the end were going to put the author in this case queen eleanor at the end to show that we are using her words. Now let s move on to paraphrasing if we were to paraphrase this passage. We d say something like when the king grew old.

He gave a piece of his land to each of his four sons so they could rule the kingdom together and once again. We re gonna put queen..

Eleanor s name at the end to show that we are taking from her words so in this sentence. We re focusing on the part of the passage that talks about the king dividing up the kingdom. And we re explaining it in our own words. Now let s summarize this passage because it s kind of long a summary would sound something like an ancient king divided his land among his four sons.

But the oldest prince took the land for himself and drove the kingdom into ruin. So when we paraphrased..

We focused on the king giving away the land. But here we re also focusing on the fact that the prince took all of the lands and the effects of that and these are the three ways that you can incorporate somebody else s ideas in to one of your papers. But the main thing to remember is that no matter which one of these techniques you use you have to cite your author at the end that way you ” ..


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