Rank these three sectors as investments: Airlines, banks, oil companies #AskHalftime

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“Are back want to answer. Some of your questions. Now. Joe terra nova.

Come to to you first and john in florida. What about gold still see upside. It s i know you re a fan of the yankee legend. So i m gonna talk about babe ruth to mickey mantle that s three to seven that s the percentage of your portfolio that should be in gold right now i m in gold right now we re in a deflationary environment.

Yet but yet the federal reserve is doing what they should be doing two words print it so we don t know what the outcome of that is gonna be inflationary deflationary. That s why i ownership is gold is warranted right now that s three to seven then you talk in numbers jersey numbers you got it babe ruth mickey mantle your favorite players yankees just making sure that the the rest of the public. Knew. What you were trying to say let s go to jim laban thal from joe and new york ranked these three sectors to invest in airlines banks oil companies.

Okay. A lot in that question lets us at the top of the list is banks at this price. We know the federal reserve has the banking systems back after that look you scott i think you know i m a believer in airlines right and the the main reason is the government isn t just lending to the airlines. It s giving them grants.


It s giving them a preferred status. The third one those tricky energy. Look you you can t you have to be an active investor in energy. You can t just go out and buy the xle or the xop and i recommend staying at the top of the food chain.

The super major integrated oil is where the balance sheets are strong. They can cut capex and hopefully sustain their dividends let me ask you this what if i came back to you and i said neither none. None of these groups are the place you want to put money into right now. So it s a different question let me let s just acknowledge that the first one was ranking.

But no it s a totally different question. But what i m saying is that would you recommend that people put money into any of these three sectors today. So here s the answer banks are a yes airlines look you can take it in small doses in the barbel approach that i and others have spoken about you have to have your high quality names offsetting that it has to be in a portfolio so whether that s apple or intel those have to offset the risk of a very more speculative sector. Which is airlines and by the way airlines only not resorts not gaming stocks not hotels and on energy.

I just have to state it again i ve been consistent on this stay away from the small and mid cap e p. Companies they re really dangerous stay away from offshore drillers stay away from the oilfield service companies when nobody s drilling right now. Only the super major integrated oil smelly s as you re leaving me with the words i m remembering most out of your comments. There stay away stay away look.


It s there is risk. I mean that s that s why i m saying if you eliminate every place to invest in that space. Why what why would i even waste the time and trying to be too clever and creative and figuring out where to go in that space. I might as well just look somewhere else.

That s my point listen. It s a fair it s a fair point and my only my only comment is yes. There is risk if you take it smartly smartly and i m being specific about where to take it there is reward as well i appreciate a gym. I m just giving you a hard time stephanie.

It s all good okay in case. You didn t pick that up it s definitely linked. I ll come back to you from brandon and orville ohio. Which financial stocks should i own right now well i talked about it at the beginning of the show wells fargo was the one that i ve actually been adding to and i was adding to it a couple of weeks.

Ago when it yield of. 8 it s now yielding. 67. Which means the stock has gone up.


I like it because the story stock you have a new ceo. He s bringing in very strong talent. There s cost cutting there s a lot they can do to restructure. But if you want one that s already kind of proven.

If you will bank of america. Has done an amazing job throughout this downturn communicating to the public communicate commit communicating to their clients and to their customers they have an aggressive cost cutting. Program which they have executed on and it finally yields 31. This has always kind of had a laggard in terms of the yield relative to the group.

So that s the one you can add if you want like a proven winner the turnaround story as well all right got you lastly jon to you from eli in pennsylvania. I m a young investor. He says looking for a relatively cheap company with a good upside for a covered call. What would you suggest well scott just very quickly you and i talked about ample a minute ago.

I looked at them 30 days into the future those at the money s 65 calls those are the 265 calls trading for almost 15. Scott i defy you to find a better company than apple that gives you that kind of yield over a 30 day period. I wrote those myself today against the apple shares that i own at least partly. I own and sold those calls.


So 15 bucks means you re protected down to 250 on this particular trade. I loved cupboard rights and i think. This is a gray to do them all right good stuff john thank you for that thank you everybody as well you you Longer equilibrium. It s both both kinds of efficient it s productively efficient and allocated lis efficient.

I ll show it to you on the graph here you remember productive efficiency anywhere on that ppc what we want to do is produce the good in the least costly way it s where price equals minimum tc. At this point you can see that this is the firm will produce here right. But that is not the minimum atc. The minimum atc is here right the arrow is pointing to where the firm s producing.

Which is a slightly higher cost than if the firm is producing at minimum atc. It s not the firm s number one directive to produce it minimum make this the same if the firm s making a loss finally the the firm and long run perfect competition is also allocated lea efficient. The easiest way to think about allocated efficiency as i click through all these slides is that allocated lea efficient is where market supply meets market demand more on this ” ..


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