Selling Techniques – How do I get my product into mainstream stores?

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“Do i get my product into mainstream stores for a lot of entrepreneurs. That is is the pinnacle of success they want their product on the stores at target walmart that s how they want to get known they realize that you know you don t have the distribution. You know you have a great product and you want to get it out there how do you do it. So it s a great question.

I god came in from one of my facebook. Readers. Avery and avery is a 17 year old artist she s got some mad skills and she wants her art to be sold in stores like target and be seen in lobbies of stores. And she wants to know how do i get in how do i get into the stores.

There s a few ways to do it. But hey i ll share some of the experiences that i ve had the first way is you connect with a buyer. Okay all of these stores have buyers and they are out there looking for products to feature on their shelves. You can find the buyers online.

If you use websites like jigsaw or if you see that a the buyers are commenting in a news articles. You re basically doing your research online through google..

And through websites like jigsaw to find out who the buyer is you can go to trade shows and events that are industry specific because you ll have the buyers walking the floors looking to find new products and three a lot of times. These buyers will have open calls. So you go to a hotel room or their location. And you pitch them what your product is all about i ve been to one of those i had a soft sided.

Dvd. Instructional salsa dvd for one of the businesses. That i ve invested in and there were i don t know a thousand people there who lined up to try to pitch their product. It was a crazy day and i got to speak to one of the buyers who was in kind of a lifestyle fitness category.

And he loved it and the thing here is you want to be prepared because most of the people who pitch to these guys have no idea about the business side they just say hey here s a great product. What do you i think you have to have a story. Why did you start this business. What do you stand for what are you all about and you have to have done.

Some market research who is interested in this product. And why is it a good fit for that store you re creating a little mini business plan for them nobody does that if you ve done that and you sure you understand their target audience you re way ahead of most of the people who are coming you re going up against inventors and artists who have a capacity to be business people..

But it s not ingrained with them they don t have any skills or experience or training. It s not how they think and so you you give yourself an edge. But being more prepared so that s the first way is going out in and finding the buyers and connecting with them to help get you in okay. The second way that you can do it is to find somebody who s already done it and have them help make introductions for you i remember when i started my first business.

I didn t know anybody i had no no connections no network. Nothing it was me and my business partners and and my family wasn t in the entrepreneur. You know didn t have their own companies and so i ve talked to my bank as a way to get started and they put me on to somebody who put me on the somebody put me on to somebody else. And i eventually found somebody who became one of my best mentors and made a lot of introductions for me.

And it s starting with the intention of you want somebody to help you get into these stores. If that s your goal. You ll find a way to make it happen everybody you talk to you re looking to find someone who can help you do it. There are consultants.

Who help rep brands and help them get in they may take either a fee or they may take a percentage of the sales that are coming in basically a hired gun and again if you re going to talk to these guys. And you can find some other online..

You can also find them by just starting to talk to people in your community. You still need to do the same research. Because these guys are getting approached all the time too by artists and inventors who want to get in but have not done any of the research or background information on how your product is going to help that target store. How that s going to help target you got to have that information you have to be prepared it makes all the difference in the world and if you have some momentum any momentum you need to bring that to the table.

If you ve been in any kind of media. If you ve made any kind of sales right a lot of people have made zero sales. They just have a concept right show that you ve made sales show that you can ramp up if target comes in and says i want fifty thousand of these pieces. How are you going to ramp that up are you making everything by hand or do you have a process that can be replicated right these are the important questions you need to be able to answer and answer quickly and have thought out because if you re unprepared.

The buyer is going to say no and the person who can help make introductions for you is going to say no to so how it thought out show some momentum show that you ve made some sales show that people are following you on twitter and youtube and facebook you have some momentum. We ve got something because that s how you need to stand out against your competition. When i was in the venture capital world people were pitching me their business plans. Most of them again just had an idea they had nothing they had no track record.

They just gave me a business plan that wasn t well thought out they couldn t back up any of their numbers. They had no management team they had no advisors on board..

They had no media. They had no customers they had nothing but an idea and that s what these guys are used to getting pitched. So you have to come to the table with more than an idea you have to have some momentum that s going to help make you stand out and bring that right front and center. So they know from the beginning.

This person is professional. This person is a business person this person is thought this thing out they have a product that fits my market and i want to do business with them that s going to help you stand out believe those you re watching liked the video give it a thumbs up below. It always makes me want to do more and please leave a comment on the video. I love seem to come in they really make my morning everyday when i m eating my lentils and checking out what s going on leave a comment.

If you have a question leave it below. I m a good video response just like i did today for avery. Thank you so much and i ll see you soon. ” .


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