Small Biotechs are High RISK = High REWARD Investing Education!

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“Guys what is going on welcome back to my robin headed portfolio hope. Everybody had had a fantastic day of trading today. I just wanted to put out a quick here detailing the performance in the portfolio. And you can see here another very strong day in the portfolio ending today in the green.

You can see up top of 340 27. Representing. Point 3 3. Percent of the overall portfolio in normal trading hours.

With another very strong after market trading session. Just like yesterday up three eighty two twenty three point three seven percent of the overall portfolio and you can see here starting the day off with some very good pre market trading as well as after hours trading. But during the trading session. Quite volatile trading at one point down to thirty six seventy two before rebounding and early afternoon trading 658 zero three at one point in the grain and a lot of this has to do with one stock in particular pt la.

I ve been talking about the stock for quite some time here especially over the last two to three weeks. Portola pharmaceuticals. A small biotech company had some very good news come out with regards to an fda decision going in its favor approving one if it s drugs to market and sell in the us you can see here. The one day ten plus thousand return to the portfolio all due to portola here.


But you can see over the last week and month here. It s been turning up very nicely since that big fda announcement. Here which really propelled this back up from 38 to at one point about 57 or so did turn back here a bit. I sold off about a hundred shares which i would not have done that really cost me about thirteen fourteen hundred dollars.

So far with the increasing price of the stock here. There s really a lot more room for this dog to go potentially. But you want to come in on one thing regarding. The stock a lot of viewers in the channel.

Have been asking if they should jump into pork into portola in their portfolios. And you know i m not a stock market guru. I am not a professional trader. So anything that i do with my portfolio.

Please take into consideration risk involved with doing those trades. Because the stock market is all about risk the more risk the more reward and it s especially true for small biotech companies and very interesting article here by cramer really detailing this very very nicely. You should really check out this article. You can simply link to it in the robinhood application.


Here and it s really talking about don t risk. It all on a small biotech unless you re willing to lose it all. And that s very very true a lot of these small biotech can very rapidly increase in price make you a lot of money. But they can also very very rapidly lose a lot of their stock price.

If particular fda decision doesn t go their way and or they have some other difficulties with regards to manufacturing and also selling the pharmaceuticals that they have in their particular company so very very high risk high reward. This has worked out well for me so far. I went ahead and bought back when it was essentially very very cheap stock here i jumped in initially around nineteen dollars or so so it didn t quite hit that nadir there but jumping about nineteen dollars or so i did have a few back when it was a little bit more pricey about twenty six dollars or so. But majority is about 24 to 26 dollars.

I would say so it s worked out very very well for me so even if the stock turns back quite considerably. I m still going to be in the grain. But very very risky at all times with the small biotech companies so please consider the risk when jumping into trades like this again. It s worked out for my portfolio.

But it may not work out for your portfolio. So again risk equals reward and as they typically say with any trading on the stock market be prepared to lose all of your money potentially. So just wanted to put that out there a lot of folks have been jumping into portola because of my performance. But again my performance won t be necessarily representative of your portfolio.


So it s worked out well for me. But i ended up jumping into the stock at a very good price point. So just wanted to quickly talk about that there s been a lot of people talking asking me. If i they should jump into portfolio into portola in their portfolios.

So can t really comment on that just realize that it s a very very risky proposition to jump into these small biotech companies so i just wanted to update you guys on the portfolio here talked with it about whether you should jump into portola or not again your decision. But small biotech companies very high risk. Very high reward potentially. But you can lose a lot of money if you re jumping into the stock at the wrong time and a lot of the price movements in the stocks are not predictable.

If they were people would be jumping on board a little bit earlier you know this stock here jumped up quite considerably. Because this was really a surprise decision for most people for most analysts stuff worked out for me. But again it may not work out for you so yeah not to make the video too long. I ll came to end it there as always appreciate your support on the channel.

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