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“I m attorney shari abrams. My office is in fairfax virginia. And for over 20 20 years. I practiced special needs planning social security disability.

Elder law and estate planning. I m going to talk to you about social security disability in virginia and all states. We have three types of social security disability programs that are available to different people one social security disability benefits themselves or ssdi. Supplemental security income or ssi an adult disabled child benefit.

Which is called dac i m going to talk about each one of those and who can qualify and how you qualify a lot of this information is also available on my website sherry abrams dot com. Where you can download my free book. Don t gamble with your social security disability benefits. I also have a blog and a newsletter and an app.

The first type of social security disability. That s sdi is for people who have worked and have worked in the right period of time. The majority of people who qualify have worked 40 quarters. So if you were 30 years older or or older you need 40 quarters.

Which really is 10 years of solid work. You also need to have work five of the last ten years to be what they call fully insured for benefits be able to qualify for benefits..

Now the key to social security disability. Is that you are unable to do any work in the national economy. Now that could be tricky for a lot of people because they either don t have the money to go to a doctor or they don t have a doctor who they re seeing regularly for whatever reason. But that is really the key in qualifying for social security disability.

Is if you have a treating doctor who s a specialist in what your ailment is now you can get quite a lot of money from social security. It can run as high as twenty eight hundred or so. However it is based on how much you put into the system. So everyone is different.

There is not a set amount that you would receive from social security disability. Now if you do receive social security disability. You get to qualify from medicare. After 24 months.

So. That s an additional benefit to you in addition. If you have any children under 18. They will get to share an additional half of your social security disability payment without yours being reduced.

So social security disability for those that are unable to do any work. It s a valuable resource that should not be left on the table..

The second type of social security disability benefits that i m going to talk about today is supplemental security income. Ssi and there are really two phases of that one for children under eighteen and one for people over eighteen. The amount you can get from ssi is limited to in virginia. Seven hundred and thirty three dollars a month and that does increase periodically the key for a child under 18.

Is that the income of the parents are taken into consideration when they re determining if the child qualifies. Because ssi is a needs based program. You never had to work you only have to have however less than two thousand dollars in your name. So therefore.

If your parents are working. Then the child will not qualify for ssi even if they are extremely disabled. But as soon as that child turns. 18.

Then there s no more deeming of the parents income and assets to the child. So. If you have a disabled child you should make sure that you have applied for ssi sooner. Rather than later when they turn 18.

The person. The disabled child is considered their own person so they are entitled to not have deeming of the parent to them and they re able to receive..

Ssi if they re disabled and have less than 2000. In their name. However it s the same requirements to prove disability. Meaning that you need to be able to prove they are unable to do any work in the national economy.

And that s when your doctor comes in as i ve said previously it s so important that you have a treating doctor with a specialist in what your disability is on your side being willing to write something on your behalf. Saying. They are unable to do any work. Without that you re gonna find it extremely difficult if not impossible to get any of the disability programs.

Including ssi now you may have heard one of my other videos talk about special needs trusts and that is how if you re receiving or trying to receive. Ssi you can have your disabled child have less than that 2000. Limit. But still be able to provide extras for your child.

The third type of social security disability program. That you should be aware of is called a disabled adult child benefit now that will come into play. If your disabled child was disabled and can be proved disabled before they turned age. 22.

They can then receive benefits based on the parents benefit because the ssi amount that we talked about previously is limited in least in virginia to 733 dollars a month not very much and very hard to live on however if the child was disabled before age 22 and a parent retires or passes away. The child will get a portion of that parents benefit and will not subtract from the parents benefit so if a parent retires..

The child will get 50 of what the parent receives so if a parent is receiving. 2000 a month in social security retirement the child will receive 1000. A month now also if the parent passes away that amount increases to 75. Now what s great about disabled adult child benefit is that there s no 2000.

Limit. Anymore so you don t have to worry about that even though in most cases. I would suggest doing especially these trusts in addition or even though you re getting disabled adult child benefit also your child after 24 months will receive medicare. So they ve been on medicaid.

They will get the additional benefit of medicare and there s really nothing you need to do to get this other than a sport at the local office. When you go in for retirement or when you re processing a deceased person s benefit however you need to plan when you re going to retire taking this into consideration some people retire at 62 and they get partial social security retirement. Some people retire at 70 where they get the most amount they can get so you need to plan with your financial advisor and your accountant. And your attorney.

What would be the best for you to take your retirement. So that you are maximizing the amount that both ” ..

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