SPHD Or SPYD? 2 Very Similar High Dividend ETFs. Which One For Me?

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“Guys so i always do that don t i hey guys so does anybody notice notice that so i haven t been recording. Many videos lately and i it s gonna be a habit for me from here on out as long as i stay busy with actual paying work at least. That s the plan. But today.

I wanted to share with you two ets that i am considering well i shouldn t say i m considering it because i ve already bought one. But i wanted to go through the two etfs and how i compared them and how they fit me so they are very popular ets and of course. Everybody s looking for yield these days. And you don t have to look far anymore.

The problem. I m having is that there is so much stuff on sale that i d like to own that you can t buy at all unfortunately. So i said well let me look into an etf so that at least. I can have a core holding dividend stocks and then i can add to you know as time permits or money permits.

And then i can also add to my individual holdings as well that way. I don t have to stress out about a whole lot oh i want to add this i want to add that i m still doing that but the etf provides that umbrella of diversification that i think was definitely lacking in my portfolio. But it just it just makes it a lot easier and more comforting. I think and obviously we re going to start off probably the most popular etf out there for high dividend seekers is sp d.

Now what s funny about s phd is it s a high dividend low volatility etf that did instead didn t work in the past couple weeks for sure because they had a massive drawdown from about 43 44. Bucks at its peak down to 30 bucks just a couple days ago so it is now yielding. 6. Which is pretty darn awesome one of the pros why people like s phd so much is that it pays its dividend monthly that doesn t matter to me so much because there s enough stocks in my portfolio that i m getting dividend payments every month anyway so that doesn t really play into the factor of me of you know wanting to buy this for.

That and it also has an expense ratio of 03. 0. Is on the high side and the reason. Why it has that expense ratio that high is a big part of it is because it pays monthly.

If the managers have to go in and they have to figure out monthly dividend payments every single month instead of four times a year that s going to cost you and you know that s the no exception to that so they have 25. 8. Billion in assets look at how look at the holdings. Later.

So. The other the second etf. I was looking at was s. Py d.

And that s the spider portfolio s. P. 500. High dividend etf.

They are very similar to each other matter of fact..

If you look just look at this one year chart right here and i m gonna click over to s phd and show you their one year chart. It s pretty much they pretty much run in lockstep with each other s. Pyd. Did draw down a little bit more in this percentage wise in this in this fall.

And i ll explain to you why in just a second now they have a six point eight five percent dividend yield. But it pays it quarterly. They have about half one point four seven billion assets. But the expense ratio is very good on this one point zero seven percent.

Now. If we go over. Here to s. Phd.

Yeah. S. Phd. They have it s a it s supposed to be high dividend low volatility.

They have a portfolio of about fifty holdings. So it s not very diversified or you know it says 51. But i don t know what the one is could be cash and i wanted to look at here. I wanted to compare both s.

Pyd. Because if we look over here at s. Pyd. They have a basket of 80 stocks so a little bit more spread out.

I m gonna try to line these up here. There we go if you look at s. Phd. Their top ten holdings.

Is twenty. Seven and a half. Percent. And.

An. S. P. Y.

D their top ten..

Holdings is. 178. One. Percent.

Now. If we go down. We look over here to the market cap. S.

Pyd has a large cap at 41 mid cap at 36. And small cap at 21 whereas. An s phd. They have large cap of 50 mid cap of 40 and small cap of 9.

I like this spread just a little bit more i like having those little small caps in there. Now if we want to look at their top 10 holdings. This is where it really broke down from me of which one i wanted to pick. And if you look at.

S phd s top top 10 holdings you have iron mountain at 36. Percent. You have altria group at 3. Now a lot of you know altria group does one is my biggest holding in my portfolio.

Sitting at around 14 to 15 percent. Now and so that kind of made me a little nervous. There and then also at t. I also own at t at about 10 percent of my portfolio right now gilead sciences.

I have a small percentage in my portfolio ibm i have a small percentage in my portfolio already so just out of the top 10. I own four of these already and we run over to. Sp why. D it has gilead.

Sciences at 21 1. And then i don t own anything after that and the good thing about s. Pyd is i literally would have liked to own every single one of these companies in my stock portfolio dl our digital reality trust a crown castle international corp. Two very high quality reits app v is a very popular one that everybody s in high yield general mills i ve always wanted to own general mills realty income corp i ve always wanted to own realities income court dominion is another utility i would like to own verizon is one that i wouldn t mind owning next to t iron mountain iron mountain doesn t excite me very much but then kellogg.

I ve always wanted to own kellogg just to have the food exposure. Because i m a little light on that end so between general mills and kellogg. You know that gives me about. What is a three and a half percent roughly food exposure.

Just in this one etf..

So. Now. The reason. Why s.

Pyd had a bigger drawdown then s. Phd is this right here. Consumer discretionary. At fifteen percent whereas.

S. Phd. Has consumer discretionary at only three point eight percent. So in a recession or i shouldn t say we re in a recession because we re not in a market correction consumer discretionary stocks will get it hit harder than say consumer staples and you know s phd has a little heavier on consumer staples and they do consumer discretionary.

But on the flip side of that if we jump back over to s pyd when consumer discretionary when it pops or when it reverts back it reverts back with a vengeance. It can drop you know consumer discretionary could be it could be a lot of things. But it could be in the airlines it could be in the clothing. It could be in automotive.

It could be a lot of a lot of those different things that you don t meet consumer discretionary means basically means you will buy these things. If you had the extra money or if you had the confidence in the economy. You would spend the discretionary money. So this is gonna hurt a little bit.

While we are in this market correction and we have this uncertainty. But once this turns and people get their confidence back consumer discretionary spending is gonna is going to rise so you re gonna see a lot of consumer discretionary stocks that are getting beat up you re automotives your cruise lines your hotels you retail. Some of your retail. Not all all that all those things are going to suffer in a market correction more so than others.

But once consumer confidence turns immense cycle. This is called consumer cyclical. So when that cycle turns and people start you know being more comfortable spending money they re gonna spend it and that s where this fun turned for me so if you haven t figured it out i picked sp yd and i started a position in sp. Why d.

I think it was thursday and i think i got in under. I think in 20 26. Bucks or something like that 26 25 somewhere in there only about a small position. But the big thing for me.

It has 80 holdings instead of 50. So it s a little bit more diverse not so concentrated in the top 10 like s. Phd is s. Phd has you know four companies in the top ten.

I already you know some of my rt..

I heavily own whereas s. Pyd doesn t really have anything in the top ten that i heavily own. It has a lot of stocks that i really want to own. But i can t take individual positions into each one.

So that s it s pyd for me was the winner. I am going to add to this as you know hopefully we have some read days and i m gonna do you know fidelity dollar based. Investing you know i buy it on this commission free trading right you don t have to buy 10 shares 20 shares. I m gonna do like i have been doing for the past couple weeks with this market going up and down on red days.

I m gonna buy a share to here share to there this and that i m not going crazy. What was that my voice sound weird. So yeah. That s it s.

Pyd. Is the winner for me. I understand why everybody loves s. Phd.

Because of that monthly payout. But it just i encourage you if you are looking to buy an etf and you are an individual stock investor do this exercise look at what the the holdings are especially in the top ten and see if if it fits your portfolio. That s the hard part that was the hard part for me finding an etf because i naturally everybody you know kind of that s a high yield investor. Naturally goes to s.

Phd. And when i started looking at s phd. I was like well i own that i own that i own that i own that so it was like you know this is not really diversifying me. Which was kind of my point of buy any ef was to get diversification across sectors and you know be comfortable with buying you know all the way as a long term holding.

So i know this one on very long do you own sp yd or s. Phd. Have you compared. It to your current portfolio of individual stocks.

If you own a bit individual stocks leave me a comment down below. And yeah. Hope you enjoy subscribe share do all that good stuff and we ll talk to you later. ” .


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