Stock Comparison: $ROBO vs $BOTZ

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“Guys how s it going today. I m going to be comparing the robo global global robotics automation index etf and the bots. Global robotics and artificial intelligence etf. So of all i m gonna go ahead.

And go over some of the similarities and differences between these two funds. I m going to start off with robo today. So robo was created in october 22nd of 2013 currently currently trades for 43 and for the past year. It s had in return of thirty six point twenty two percent.

This fund is mostly us focused as so i m going to go ahead and show you through some of those it s major holdings. And it s more of an automation focused fund as the name implies on the other hand. We have bots created in september 12th of 2016. Obviously.

It s important to note the three year difference in the inception date of these two funds. The bots is a lot younger it s obviously only been around for at least the last couple years..

And it currently trades for 25 per share inside a higher return at forty six point twenty seven percent compared to the 30 of the robo fund. A lot of its holdings are more in the japanese markets and the companies are more focused on ai. Rather than automation and i m gonna go ahead. And show you some of the top holdings of both of these companies.

We on the left side. We had the robo top five holdings and on the right. We have the bots top five holdings. It s important to note.

The differences and the percentages of the its major holdings. Which if you can see the big difference is that bots has a very very big holdings in stock just its top five companies alone. This has a few things first of all that bots is a lot less diversified. So it s in a lot bigger companies.

But on the other hand. We have robo that you can see the funds are a lot less of the percentage wise..

So it s a lot more diverse a lot more safer. Compared to bots. Which bots just had a lot higher returns. But it depends what you re looking for in a stock.

But i m gonna go ahead and show you the those break down some of the differences right here. I m going to be using etf calm. There you go so you can see that some of the top countries that robo has holdings in obviously like i said the united states more of a united states based fund it sectors industrial technologies are about the same for both but interesting so its holdings like i said. It s major holding is less than 2.

And that s for top one. So you can see this i think it has over 100 holdings for this one fund compared to 30 for robo. So let me go and go on to the other one. There.

It is i m sorry here s the the box. One like i said more japanese compared to the united states for robo same industrial technology..

Nvidia scala intuitive yeah it s the same funds like i was saying you can see just the breakdown for these. It s about oh. It is about 45 just in its top five holdings. So obviously a lot less diverse you can see the graph right here.

And i m actually gonna go ahead and show you a comparison of these two trend lines and how they ve been going for the last year. So as you can see very similar. The purple is robo and the blue is at the bots stock line. I m gonna go ahead and see so yeah.

If you want to note same same kind of stuff going on here all the way throughout. They kind of marry each other at least up until until around this point. You can see the same the same lines. But overall.

I think if you re looking for more of a higher growth. You might want to go with bots and if you want a little bit of safer..

Because of the diversification. You might want to go ahead and go with robo. But for me personally. I think bots is a much better fund just for the return and the overall cheaper price so.

But at the end of the day. It s up to you whether you plan on holding these long or you plan on letting them go after a while but for me. I m gonna go ahead and save that bots just the way to go. But at the end of the day you can make your own decision and i m just here to provide you some useful information to hopefully make you decide to invest in either of these funds and yeah.

That s about it alright thank you ” ..

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