Supercell will BAN you for ACCOUNT SHARING

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“Shall not or even attempt to purchase sell rent or even give away your account. Account. It s a hone in jews before we get into the serious stuff with the super cell bands. I want to say that i m looking for footage for brawl stars.

Funny woman s really crazy plays in this instance lukey bear destroys all y all he jukes him jumps him and throws the bomb doesn t i don t know what he did but i m looking for crazy clips like that if you re on ios you have the record function on there. If you have android you can use de recorder. If it s under 20 megabytes you can attach it through email. If it s over 20 megabytes you can upload it to google drive or you can even upload it to youtube and just send the link in the email.

So here supercell says you shall not attempt to purchase sell rent or even give away your accounts. You can t sell it for money you can t rent it for money. And you can t give away the account that s very ambiguous. Meaning.

That you can t just give it to a friend giving away your account. That s a little bit of a gray area. I d imagine. It s like you quit.

Clash. Royale and you give it away to a friend. And that s an eddy..


No no another one here is you shall use your account only for non commercial purposes non commercial meaning you re not making any money off of this. So for example. There are a lot of top pushers that are going on these maxed accounts and they re getting paid like 1000. To reach number one number two number three all that good stuff that is technically commercial use and that has never been okay with supercell.

It s always been in the terms of services. But recently they ve been cracking down unstoppable. Says i really want to set a good example. But i also need money for college.

So he s doing 20 twin challenges for 40 guaranteed. Collage or else singled him out and the community had a huge uproar against this. But he said this is not cool. If you do this your accounts and any accounts you boost will be banned.

They ve always had the stance. But they re starting to crack down really hard now. It s really harsh that one person was singled out. But they re setting an example.

No one is going to be getting away with this going down. The tweet. Belkin says why don t you ban..


The max accounts for sharing on ladder. You want to be consistent and you don t want to be cherry picking belacan. He s being honest hehe felt bad that unstoppable got singled out so clash royale says. We do each season.

The top lb accounts are checked. We banned those who have been account sharing nearly all of them are clean while others get anywhere from a two day to a 3 month fan or a perma ban. If you have some accounts. I have proof are being shared send them their way just because they get a message a single person sharing.

They re not going to ban it they need proof for that this does not mean that they re auto. Banning people from dm. Suggestions. They have their own systems to determine if a player is breaking their terms and services manually checking that any of the bands are justified and all that good stuff.

But they re saying please speak up if you know anyone that is violating the terms of services as chimed in and said that supercell should decide if flattr pushing is harmful. If this is even an issue or to treat. Everyone the same. I m really uh nation s to treat everyone the same whether they been nobody or they ban everybody they can t just cherry pick.

One of these players one by one just from one twitter just from one youtube video it needs to be completely purged. If they re gonna be purging that stuff or nothing at all it should be completely fair opportunity for everyone they re saying that there are priorities this year is to ensure a fair play for everyone in class ral. One area..


They re hoping to focus on is account sharing. It s been a while and they re finally doubling down in this a lot of people are saying all greedy cells. Not doing it because they re scared of these macs accounts that it s gonna cause some thousands of dollars here s a thing that a lot of people don t realize is that supercell isn t doing it because of the money. There are a team of 15.

They didn t do this in the beginning. Because they didn t have the systems in place for this not because they re batting someone because they max an account they spent thousands of dollars to max that account. There are a lot of games out there where they rely on whales and this isn t one of those games. This is one of those games.

Where a lot of people can easily put in 5 5. 5 and if millions of people put in. 5 that is more than a 10000. Maxed account.

So it is not about the money for this well. I a hundred percent agree with what supercell is doing i don t agree with how long it took them to do this it s three years their birthday was last week. Congratulations to everyone that got the email. It s been three years and they re finally putting a stop to account sharing.

This is something that i wish they did on day one just so that they don t set the false pretense that it s okay to max. An account to give away for someone else to push that s the only issue. I had with that was that it took so long..


But now that they re doing it i commend them for all that even oktay is saying that he supports their decision finishing 1st on ladder and clash. Royale applied the terms of services. Fairly so number. One account is now no longer available this looks like it might actually be a perma ban.

It s actually a little sad to see this happen so abruptly. I do wish that they had some grace period. And this may be like a month warning like inside newsreel or something like that but if you compare this to criminal pickpocketing is it okay to let them pickpocket for another month. While you let them know oh hey.

It s gonna be illegal so don t pickpocket after next month. All right it s just don t do it it s really controversal with all that stuff. There s been a lot of discussions especially that kind of example. There s gonna be a very controversial video hopefully.

This is a warning to not share accounts hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you have any funny cool crazy brawl stars moments check out the links in the description down below to send me some of the ” ..

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