Tax reforms Who s in the middle class? Viewpoints

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A social media. Editor at buzzfeed canada. Canada. And look.


No one likes paying taxes. But i m here to tell you some of you aren t paying enough for months. Now. We ve been in the middle of a nationwide debate about justin trudeau s tax plan.

If you re a liberal. This is about standing up for the middle class and stop me if you ve heard this one before those working hard to join them if you re a conservative. The people hurt most by these tax changes are not wealthy canadians. It s the hard working middle class entrepreneurs and for certain people in this country this means class war our crusade against people who are just trying to get by the reality is we ve completely lost sight of what the middle class actually is in this political moment middle class has become some sort of aspirational identity.


Canadians tend to think of themselves as middle class. Whether they are or not a poll by maclaine s found that 68 of ontarians think they re middle class. So do 77 of quebecers 74 of albertans and nearly 80 of those who atlanta canada that s a lot of us so. It s no wonder.

The phrase middle class becomes used as a political weapon. A signifier that says i understand you that is how we end up with a tax plan that s simultaneously for the middle class against the middle class. And basically a declaration of class war. The reality is much simpler.


Many top earning canadians do not feel well off because they ve gotten in the habit of only looking up never looking down. It s easy if you make 80 to 90 thousand dollars a year to look about the person making four five six hundred thousand dollars. And say that is wealthy those are the rich tax them. But if you earn ninety thousand you re close to the 90th percentile of income in this country.

Which is to say about 90 of canada makes less than you look i get it if you make 90000. And live in toronto vancouver or montreal you re not gonna feel gale and west and rich no one s saying back. But you can t forget that your income is still better than most canadians the median individual income in canada is 33000. A year half the people in this country earn less than that complain about the tax plan.


If it will make your life harder. That is your right just don t forget that you re doing better than the rest that is why you re being asked to pay more taxes for the national mlah. ” ..


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