The Coinage Act, 2011

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“Friends in this video. I m going to discuss the coin is act 2011. The the coin is act enacted by parliament in january 2012 to protect the quaintness and prohibit the melting or destruction of coins. The act also prohibits the making or position for issue.

However before discussing the provisions of the act let s understand first what is the coinage act. 2011. All about as defined in the act. It is an act to consolidate the laws relating to and the means the protection of queenie s and to provide for the prohibition of melting or destruction of coins and prohibit the making or the position.

They are all for issue and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto. Now. The question is what is meaning of coins as defined in section. 2.

A of this act. When means any quan . Which is made of any metal or any other material stamp by the government or any other authority empowered by the government in this behalf and which is a legal tender including commemorative coin and government of india one rupee note now the next question is what is meaning of commemorative coin has defined in section 2 b. Of this act commemorative quirements.

Any choir stand by the government or any other authority empowered by the in this behalf to commemorate any a specific occasion or event and expressed in indian currency. Now. The next question is what is meaning of defense as defined in section 2 c. Of this act dfs means any type of clipping feeling a stamping or such other alteration of the surface or shape of a quad as is readily distinguishable from the effects of reasonable fear now the next question is what is meaning of mint as defined in section 2 g.

Of this act. Mint means. The security printing and minting corporation of india. Limited food and incorporated under the companies act.

1956. For any other organization established by or under the authority of the government to make acquired by stamping metal. Now the next question is what is meaning of power to call in as defined in section. 8 of this act.

Notwithstanding anything contained in section. 6. The government made by notification call in with effect from such date. As may be specified in the notification.

Any quine of whatever date or denomination and on and from the date. So specified such one shall cease to be a legal tender save to such extent as may be specified in the notification. Now let s check out certain facts of this act. Following her the important facts government has the power to authorize certain person to cut diminish for defense in certain circumstance.

Section. 9..

Of this act. Next government has the power to authorize certain person to cut or break contour fit. Class section in of this act next. The mint men in writing authorize.

Any other organization of the government to melt withdrawal coins or take any help of such organization for this purpose section. 11 of this act next. If any person is found making issuing or possessing pieces of metal for the purpose of making or using as money unlawfully will be punished section. 14 of this act next anyone for metal in relation to which any offence under this act has been committed shall be forfeited to the government section.

17 of this act last but not the least notwithstanding anything contained in the code of criminal procedure. 1973 offenses under this act shall be cognizant and billable. But shall not be compounded section. 19.

Of this act. So this is all about the aquinas act. 2011. here.

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