The Full Disclosure Principle

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“I m chelsea davis and i will be discussing the full disclosure principle. Why it it s important and how it is implemented. According to the faz be conceptual framework information. That is useful for investors and creditors is best provided in the financial statements and some information is best provided in other forms such as notes and supplementary schedules.

Which i will discuss in a moment. This is where the full disclosure principle comes into play. The full disclosure principle. Requires a company to provide the necessary information.

So. That people who are accustomed to reading financial information can make informed decisions concerning. The company since the financial disasters with companies like enron and world calm..


The faz be and sec has increased the amount of disclosures in financial statements. I m going to present a few ways this principle is implemented with the purpose of avoiding disclosure. Pitfalls. Like ones with enron in worldcom.

One way to reduce the risk of a financial disaster is to increase the reporting requirements. This is important for the following reasons. The increasing complexity of business operations magnifies. The difficulty of distilling economic events into summarized reports.

Some of these complex areas include derivatives leasing. Pensions and deferred taxes just to name a few as a result companies use notes in the financial statements to explain these transactions and their effects. The next..


Reason is the necessity for timely information. Users of financial statements are demanding information. That is current and predictive. Another reason is to use accounting as a control and monitoring device to avoid more fraudulent scandals like that of enron.

The government wants public disclosure of things such as management compensation and off balance sheet. Financial arrangements and high quality disclosure. An effort to avoid a financial disaster involves differential disclosure differential disclosure is the practice of reporting conflicting information in different corporate statements such as annual and quarterly reports or 10ks and cute. The sec requires that companies report certain substantive information.

That is not found in annual reports. Stockholders and finally the full disclosure principle is also implemented by way of notes notes are the means of amplifying or explaining the items presented in the main body of the statements. One aspect..


That gap deems material enough to be included in the notes is which kind of accounting policies. The company uses in their accounting. This can make a huge difference in the decision making process for investors and creditors now before we conclude here are some examples of major disclosures. That are presented in the notes inventory property plant and equipment creditor claims equity holders claims contingencies and commitments their values deferred taxes pensions and leases and changes in accounting principles now by implementing this principle this may be difficult because the cost of disclosure can be substantial and the benefits may be difficult to assess.

I hope you enjoyed my presentation on the full disclosure. ounce. The gentleman that did lock away 10. Ounces is quite happy because he s already made in theory.

A capital gain of about 700 on his purchase so consider your downside risk what am. I risking per ounce. If i don t buy it today what s the chance of it going back to where i where i think it s going to go to..


But if it doesn t where could it go now that doesn t mean you go all in you say right i m buying everything today no matter what the price. But it does mean you need to make that consideration and maybe say well look i think it s going down. I m not sure but i think it s going down. But why don t i take a bit of an insurance policy and i buy a quarter of what i want or i buy half of what i want and i m just going to monitor the price for the next week.

The next month and if it trickles down i ll top up. But if it goes up quite hard i ve still made an investment. I ve still made a profit and i m still locked in my price so just the thought for the day. It was a conversation that seems to resurface every so often and i just thought i d bring it to everyone s attention so thanks for that and we ll talk again.

” ..

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