The Most Expensive House In The World

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“Most expensive home on the planet in the inner city of mumbai. India not far far from the poverty stricken slums on the renowned altamont road stands antilia. The most home ever created this home ascends. 27.

Stories. Stretching 568 feet high granting the massive structure with prime views of the arabian sea in technical terms. The home is the second most expensive residential property in the world considering buckingham palace is worth around five billion us. Dollars.

However buckingham palace is considered a crown property. Whereas antilia is a private residence and the most expensive private residential property at that with some pricing estimates as high as two billion dollars. Even still any list in which a residence is preceded by buckingham palace. Pretty much guarantees that place is going to be over the top luxurious and is likely a house.

I d love to move into in this video. I ll take you on a virtual informative tour of this ostentatious estate while engaging all of two of your senses. In this massive home. There are several ceilings that are double or triple heighted.

So the 27 flawed skyscraper looks more like a 50 or 60 floor building. Can you imagine. Only being as tall as an ordinary 27 floor building laughable on some of the lower floors. There is a multi level car.

Lot that can hold a hundred and sixty eight vehicles including lou cash s precious rs5. Crore maybach. A car for very important people somewhere in that car lot is also a car service station. But if cars aren t your style.

Don t worry the home also has three helipads placed on the roof. Few things say billionaire like more than one helipad on the roof. Both the private car lot and helipad are violations of residential bylaws in mumbai. But from what we can tell no one has forced the billionaires to make any changes above the car lot you ll find an extravagant lobby.

Composed of nine elevators further up is a two story recreation center with a lap pool a gym a juice bar a dance studio and a yoga studio floors. Like these are how jeff bezos transformed his i sell books body to his i sell what i want physique as you continue to ascend you will eventually run into a spa and a ballroom. The ballroom is adorned with multiple crystal chandeliers. That cover 80 of the ceiling.

Leaving a shameful 20 percent exposed and unadorned to capitalize on the entertainment focus areas of the home there s a movie theater that sits 50 viewers. There are multiple balconies and terraces with luscious gardens hanging over the sleek fork aid along the home. The vegetation attached to the sides of the building are meant to absorb sunlight in order to keep the interior as cool as possible hopefully that touch can put a dent in what must be a monstrous electricity. Bill as if all this luxury wasn t enough of an escape from the hot busy streets of mumbai.

The home comes fitted with an ice room equipped with a snow generator meant to mimic a winter wonderland. A creative addition rivaled only by the likes of willy wonka. The immaculate structure was designed by architects perkins and will out of chicago. And the interior design was overseen by an australian company called lighten.


Holdings while the 400000 square foot building is home to just six. It s also meant to make room for a staff of 600 cooks cleaners and security personnel. So that makes the size of the mansion. Less excessive right.

I double checked that stat by the way. And i can confirm a hundred staff per family member. The building is named after a legendary island also called the isle of the seven cities. The tale of this island originates from an old liberian legend in which bishops fleeing from the muslim conquest of hispania escaped to an island and created seven settlements.

There there s not much else on that fun fact and no one seems to know why the of the home took to that fabled island. But that s the thing with being a billionaire. No one questions your decisions considering the unique shape of the skyscraper and the fact that it s construction costs not six not seven not eight. But ten figures it d be a fair assumption to presume the design of the home is symbolic or at least you know on purpose and that assumption would be correct.

This incredible structure was meticulously crafted with hindi influence and generously laced with religious symbolism. Within the 27 stories. There are six sections of the home that are meant to reflect earth water fire air sound and light. These elements were place from bottom to top as to mimic not nickelodeon s avatar.

The last airbender but the ascension to enlightenment throughout the mansion. There are two reoccurring motifs. The sun and the lotus. These symbols are meant to represent rebirth.

The materials used to stand for these themes include marble crystal and none other than mother of pearl. There was a temple in the home in which the family of six goes to pray regularly. There are many statues of hindu deities throughout the home including the hindu god ganesh revered as the remover of obstacles and shiva the hindu deity who destroys to make way for new creation. Along with religious themes and the motives of lotus and son.

The house is said to have been inspired by the atlantic ocean. The owner of the two billion dollar home. Is mukesh ambani. A petroleum titan chairman of reliance industries.

And surprise. Surprise. The richest man in india. Mukesh is responsible for 1 5.

Of india s exports. Which is absolutely outrageous considering india makes up for 1 3. Of the earth s population blue cash s father created a business that turned into the world s biggest producer of polyester fibers and yarns mukesh multiplied his inheritance. Many times over to become one of the richest men in all of asia for years mukesh was a member of the top ten richest people in the world and during one surge in india s stock market in 2007.

He was believed to be the richest man on the planet. But as of recently he sits comfortably at the 20th spot mukesh is worth 40 point 1 billion. Us. Dollars and is 61 years old did someone ask for a list of the richest people on the planet.


Okay. Here. It is number 1. Jeff bezos.

Amazon. Number. 2. Bill gates.

Microsoft number 3. Warren buffett. Berkshire. Hathaway.

Number. 4. Bernard. Or not louis.

Vuitton. Number. 5. Amancio.

Ortega. Zara. Number. 6.

Carlos. Slim. Helu and family. Number.

7. Mark zuckerberg. Facebook. Number.

8. Larry ellison. Oracle. Number 9.

Larry page alphabet co founder of google number 10 charles kaak. Kaak industries. Number 11 david koch. You guessed it coke industries.


Number 12. Sergey brin google. Number. 13.

Michael bloomberg. Bloomberg. Number. 14.

Ma. Hua tang. Tencent holdings. Number.

15. Jim walton. Walmart. Number.

16. Rob walton. Walmart. Number.

17. Alice walton. Walmart. Number.

18. Steve ballmer. Microsoft. Number.

19. Francoise. Betancourt. Meijer.

And family. L. or. Al.

Number. 20 and our guy mukesh ambani. We just love lists here at mr. Luxury as you might have noticed from the list mukesh is one of only two individuals from asia to earn a spot on the list.


Mumbai. Is the commercial capital of india. And is also called the city that never sleeps because i guess they didn t know that slogan was already taken this city is also home to the entertainment industry in india. So it s commonly known as bollywood.

Yet another thing they ripped from the united states. While the city is home to the world s most expensive house. It s unfortunately also home to the world s largest slum. The popular film slumdog millionaire.

Was set in mumbai. The public reception of the houses creation has been harsh at best. I believe offending neighbors comes standard. When you re creating a home worth over a billion dollars.

But there is certainly warrants for any offence taken in this particular case. I must admit while the house was built on the richest stripe of land in the city. It s hard to not notice. The contrast in a city like mumbai.

With such depths of poverty. Just blocks. Away. Gian prakash.

Told. The new york times in 2010. That the home is in a way reflective of how the rich are turning their faces away from the city in mumbai. 40 of children under the age of five are underweight the gap between the rich and the poor is as stark and vast here as any other place in the world still there are some that bring up the charitable acts of the ambani family.

Which include the creation of a hospital when discussing the moral responsibilities of the family not to mention numbers of the philanthropy ventures specifically by nita ambani luke ash s wife which is great in all but no one is going to ignore the gargantuan mansion. Towering over the city or any of mukesh s indulgences other than the mansion years before the creation of antilia mukesh bought his wife an airbus for her birthday for 60 million dollars. He had the passenger jumbo jet refitted with a living room a bedroom satellite tv. A sky bar and a spa.

Unlike most families worth billions the ambani family owns just the one home as opposed to the expected several around the globe. Initially the family shared a house with mukesh s mother and brothers. But after mukesh s father passed away of a. Stroke he decided to break the bank on the 400000 square foot home the children of mukesh anita all studied at universities in the states ayesha the eldest daughter recently graduated from yale her twin brother akash and younger brother are not both graduated from brown university.

Not that i m in any position to judge mu cash as a father. But it s nice to see he raised three ivy leaguers. That s pretty much all i ve got on antilia and the um bonney family as always i m mr. Luxury.

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