The Netsuke Made in Ise are Characterized by a Rare Wood which is known as The Wooden Jewel.

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“Area faces issei bay. And is full of beautiful natural beauty. You can see the the old and traditional japanese townscape in here. This town also called shinto because there a nice a grand shrine that enshrines the sun goddess amaterasu about 8 million worshippers visit the issei grand shrine.

Annually which was built about 2000. Years ago during the edo period..

Many people aspired to visit the shrine. This was symbolized by the saying head issei once in your life. With 2 million to 4 million people visiting each year japan s population at the time was around 30 million. So issei net sook is very popular as a souvenir.

They were used as toggles to fasten in row. A case for holding small objects and tobacco pouches to the sashes of traditional japanese garments netsuke a miniature sculptures measuring 3 to 4 centimeters in diameter it s lightweight neither bulky nor easy to break they are made in many shapes and decorated with various subjects that everyone enjoyed it the reason..

Why so many netsuke are crafted in the shape of toads as part of a japanese play on words using the common expressions. Win customers and return home safely bamboo shoots means grown fast cashew means complete chestnut means window gang natsu k. Displays every aspect of japanese culture including plants or plant products small ones. A woman walking dashing in kimono in izumo town.

In fact. She is the main character this time in 2012..

Miss haji ora participated in a contest about issei. Natsuki she has obtained the top grand prix of 1800. People nationwide. Miss katya aras previous job as a caster of nhk in 2007.

She interviewed craftsmen who were involved in various traditional crafts on the program in charge and was also attracted by his gentle personality. She retired from nhk in 2009..

And became an apprentice to nakagawa since then she has been training under her teacher while their materials vary from ivory horn wood bamboo and so on artisans used box wood collected from mount asama for issei netsuke. It s texture is hard flexible and can be bent to allow the delicate work. Without breaking vox will is called jewel word because they grow slowly in the cold weather and poor mountain soil. It takes for about 50 to 60 years to have only six centimeters in diameter.

You you ” ..

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