Tom MacDonald – “Straight White Male”

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“White male hate myself mad that machine so pale got white privilege so i cannot cannot fail the world told me i m evil state. I break the law but escaped to jail my diet only mayonnaise and kl i went to school and i pay my taxes i used to grammar. I m mad as hell. I m not a nazi.

I like my peoples like jesus bikes and a black coffee. I m not a racist. I like hispanics and negroes and natives and asians black power says. I m the problem girl power says.

I m the issue gay rights think i m trying to stop them. I love. Y all..


Tip. And i ll get you some. Tissues. Y all.

Have been maintained be villainous. I m not the one setting fire to your villages. I must a man that is raping and pillaging. I do not care if my neighbors are immigrants maybe our whites look the same and you think that i m somebody else oh school honestly i think that everyone looks at like if they are wydad.

I m sorry. It s true. I m the one that you love to hate the over a lol in the face for the lifeless..


You can t escape you see i m feeling great straight white male. I m so sprayer mom. I gotta pay my bail shotguns a mess up both on sale. I m gonna need to treat myself.

I only listen to country music. I only marry my second cousins. I only cry what my team is loose. And i blame everything on the blacks and the muslims now play me for building the system y all play me for wages.

We re paying the waving up they mean for rights of gay people. I m giving you blame me for talking when i should just listen you blame me the same either place that we win in and hate me for slavery and lately. I m tripping that daily you shame me for having opinions on race in our country and everything in it now i gotta be my friend i gotta..


See my side yeah. I gotta be down the ride now we got to do anything but go stand. I m gonna do me even when it s the most yeah i have it all i m the one that you love to hate lol in the face. Yes.

I m to blame for the life that you can t escape so easy to be me hehehe. I m feeling great man you re so mean you re so racist. You re ugly. You re so basic you said that sonny sonny sonny and word retard sake.

I can t believe the bullshit song lyrics. It you re okay with killing yourself all live on facebook. I want the notification carry on i ll be praying that you die..


I ll be doing my own thing. I hope you re happy with your life. You re at nazi. You re a moron you re a huge waste of my time.

I m just straight and white and i m not the worst. I m just a guy. I m the one that you love to hate strange. These will be over a lol in the face yes on the blame for the lifeless you can t escape so easy to be me hehehe.

I m feeling great ” ..

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