Too many producers are doing THIS! YOU NEED TO STOP!

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“Everybody my name is chris punsalan welcome back to another video in today s video. Video. I m gonna make another free sample for you guys a first story time earlier this year. I was reaching out to a bunch of playlist curators.

Because i wanted my music to be on different playlists on youtube. Apple music spotify. Etc..


And one of the people that i hit up was stevie. As he liked the music that i sent him so he threw some of my music on their playlist. Now part of my pitch to stevie was that i was also interested in making an exclusive be tape for the channel and i would drive all my traffic to their youtube channel their playlists etc. Thankfully.

He was interested in this idea. So i went to work. I made about 12 tracks..


We then cut it down to 5 and the ep was released now my plan for the extra tracks that didn t make it to the ep was to format them into something producers could sample so that s what i did and that s how my sample pack. We all died was burst. However there was one track that was left behind and i couldn t add it to the sample pack. Because there was some guitar stuff that added from splice and at the time.

I couldn t replace it. Because my guitar skills were mediocre and still are but just a little bit above mediocre fast forward eight months. I started working on an album and my youtube channel has taken a back seat..


So that s where we are today showing you the track that has been on my harddrive for the past eight months and giving it to you for free. So here we go first. I have three different pad sounds from omnisphere. You have this one this one and this one and then i played this chord and i also added the kickstart plug in to all of them and then for the turnaround.

I have another pad sound that sounds like this and after that i added elite melody kind of sounds cooler like that let s try it now for the second part of the sample. I removed the first three pads. Only kept the fourth one and added some vocals from exhale..


Then after four bars of that i added another lead melody. And that is the entire sample this sample is a hundred percent royalty free and a hundred percent free so if you d like to download. It the length of that is in the description. That s pretty much the video album coming soon.

Please excuse my inactivity on youtube and see you soon ” ..

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