TOP 10 MOST VALUABLE BANKNOTES – Most Expensive Banknotes / Rare Banknotes Ever Sold!

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“Guys welcome to the program welcome to currency world and today. We ll be looking looking at the most expensive builds ever sold at auction and these are the most banknotes as a quick disclaimer. I wanted to say that i tried to include a variety so as you guys may know banknotes are sold every day. There may be some that are more expensive.

But this list will certainly include the most expensive banknotes ever sold as well as some variety mixed in so let s get started at number one we have the 1918 alexander hamilton 1000. Bill check out the picture right there and this bill s claim to fame is that in 2012. The banknote was featured on an episode of pawn stars and it was valued at a measly 7000. Dollars far less than the list price that it is today and there s about 150 of them in existence and they are considered extremely.

Collectible. And today you can pick these up for around ten to twelve thousand dollars. If you have that laying around at number nine..


We have a 1929 a hundred pound banknote which sold in 2014 for eleven thousand five hundred dollars. And it was a near perfect uncirculated condition and these banknotes can be picked up today anywhere between twelve and fourteen thousand and they re considered extremely rare in uncirculated condition coming in at number eight is our first banknote from china this is a ming dynasty banknote and you could take a look at it up here this banknote is a four hundred cash extremely rare banknote and it was produced between 1368 and 1398 and it dates back to the first emperor of the ming dynasty. This banknote. Obviously has a lot of historical significance.

And it is only one of two examples. The one that was auctioned off and the other remaining banknote besides the one in private hands is actually in a museum. Collection so the estimated current value of this banknote is right around 100000 coming in at number seven we have the 1 million pound banknote. Pictured right here wow this banknote really is something special a million pounds and it was printed back in august 30th of 1948 and this banknote was part of the post marshal plan to help out the british economy and these notes were part of the 300 million dollar loan.

The united states were supposed to make and did make to great britain and these notes were never officially legal tender. Most of the bills were destroyed and only to 1 million pound bills have survived now this banknote is estimated at 115 to 120000. And the 115 mark is what it actually sold at an auction in 2011..


Coming in at number six. We have another banknote from the united states and this is the 1928 50 gold certificate now these certificates were in circulation up until 1933 when they were recalled under roosevelt. When it became illegal for the public to possess gold. Now you may recall this was during the great depression.

But up until then these notes could actually be redeemed and they represented a gold value. So this note could be redeemed for what at the time was 50 worth of gold and these have become really rare. Because the hype. Denomination notes were redeemed obviously people want to get their gold.

We could forward the banknotes became defunct and this banknote is valued anywhere between 120 and 140 thousand dollars in this condition and only about a dozen of these 50 notes still exist coming in at number five. We have the first official bank note of australia. And that is the 10 shilling from 1817 wow..


Only a single copy of this bill is known in existence. So population. 1. And this banknote has been valued at 226 thousand dollars coming in at number four.

The koalas continued to represent with this 1924. A thousand pound bag note now this banknote is the only one known in public hands and when it s sold it set a new world record at 12. Million dollars coming in at number three. We re really starting to get into the big money now we have an 1882 500 dollar gold certificate.

As you can see the certificate features abraham lincoln and it was discovered in a banker s drawer in mint condition. This particular example you see pictured up here and this note is incredibly rare and almost impossible to find in this condition and it sold for 24. Million dollars coming in at number two we have not surprisingly another banknote from the united states and this one features civil war general george meade and this is of course the 1891 red co 1000..


Bill now this bill is one of only two thought to still be in existence. And this sold not too long ago close to my hometown around the chicago suburbs in schaumburg. Illinois for those of you that are familiar for a staggering 25. Million dollars alright guys well we made it to number one and of course again another banknote from the united states.

This is the 1890 grand watermelon bill. Now this bill is one of only two in existence and the only one in the hands of private collectors. The other example is at the federal reserve bank of san francisco and the red seal grand watermelon got its nickname for the appearance of the stripes of green lines in the denomination numbers making it resemble the pattern of a watermelon and you can see this clearly pictured alright guys well we ve made it through the list. Which one was your favorite tell me in the comment section below and also post any questions you have and i ll do my best to answer each and every one of you and if you enjoyed this video.

Please give it a big thumbs up it really does help me out. And i will catch you guys in the next one the ” ..

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