Tricks Insurance Companies Use to Deny Your Claim

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“This is brian wiklendt with garfinkel schwartz. I m here in maitland florida. Today in in our noffice. Here.

We also have an office in cocoa beach. Florida nwhich is the space coast. But our practice. Especially including the ndefense base act takes me all across the country and pretty much all around the world.

What i d like to do is talk to you very npractically about insurance companies under the defense base act. There are only a few of them that kind of nmonopolize. The market. I don t like insurance companies because ni used to be in house counsel for an insurance company for a period of time for a long period of time.

I was outside counsel nfor insurance companies so i know exactly how they work especially how they work under nthis law. Which is really really bad. I ve had clients say that they didn t nget an attorney until they called me because the nurse case manager said that she was going nto take care of everything or the adjuster..


Said. Hey. Once you get nback home. You ll be treated like a king blah blah.

Blah. The thing you should be aware of just practically nspeaking is that every time. An insurance company does something they re doing something nto try to minimize your claim what i mean. By that is if they ask for a recorded nstatement.

Why would they need a recorded statement from you they already know what happened they know that you were injured at work they want to try to find something that they ncan use against you in the future. It s the only reason that they would want na recorded statement from you they have witnesses they have the company nknows. What happened to you what the injury was they don t they don t need that number two is why would they send you to an nindependent medical exam. At a doctor of their choosing wouldn t that mean that they re trying nto figure.

A way not to rely on your treating physician. Who s telling you that you need nthese things. That s probably the only that s the only npurpose for sending you to an independent medical examination is to try to get away with not having to pay nfor your medical care third thing they do a vocational assessment..


What is a vocational assessment well someone interviews you about all of your nqualifications. All the things that you could possibly do physically even though you could nbe partially or pretty much permanently disabled. They ll be doing this vocational assessment nto try to find jobs for you to help you get back on your feet. No they re trying to find jobs.

They think they ncan qualify you to do to send those jobs and the qualifications and the physical requirements nto send to their independent medical examiner or peer review person to sign off and say nyeah. We can probably prove to a judge that he or she can do these jobs well that obviously will reduce the benefits nthat. They pay and that s the only reason they do it they don t do it for your benefit. After the vocational assessment.

There s nwhat s done. A labor market survey is done on you and that that they try to search for and find njobs that pay enough money that it will affect your bottom line as to what your compensation. Nrate should be in the future. Another two things.

The insurance companies ndo to try to minimize your claim or get away with not paying you are number one they want you to go to a functional ncapacity evaluation. They re looking for exaggeration they re nlooking for any type of thing that they can think of to say that you re not trying your nbest. Doing exercises and doing these different bending and lifting things that you may or nmay..


Not be able to do and they only simply do the functional capacity nevaluation to try to get you back into the work force under their terms and not under nyour or your doctor s terms. So be aware of the functional capacity evaluation. Nas well finally a lot of times. If the case is really nand it looks like long term care is going to be needed.

Including possible surgery nit s not unlike it s not it s not uncommon for the insurance company to do surveillance. Non. You and that s just another one of the tools nthat they have in their arsenal to try to get you trapped up and explaining during maybe nin. An initial written statement or oral statement.

They ask you for maybe in a deposition if nyou re not represented. They re going to try to twist your words nand. Say you acted like you couldn t do anything and we saw you in your yard cutting nyour grass picking up your kids. Blah blah blah.

And then they ll try to say that you re nuntrustworthy to the judge. So those are all the things that the insurance ncompanies do to people regardless of you individually. Because you re just simply a number to them nand..


They want to try to minimize the number that they re going to have to pay you so that s all i do for a living. I fight nfor the true value of the claims for people that i represent. But it s one definitely nworth pursuing like i said sometimes they act like they re ntrying to help you out and doing all these things there s absolutely no reason why they would ndo any of these things other than to try to minimize what they have to pay you and so anytime you start to feel a little nuncomfortable about these things that they re trying to do that s the time you ve got nto call an attorney. If you don t call me please call somebody nelse that specializes in the defense base act.

Because it s complicated and they have ngiant resources and an entire industry on their side. Playing these games to try and nreduce or completely cut off your benefits. So again. I m brian wiklendt with garfinkel nschwartz.

I ll come to you call. Me. Anytime. 24 hours na day check out.

My website our website is wwwdefensebaseactlawcom. ” ..

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