Unintended Consequences

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“Talk a lot about nunintended consequences. And it s important to understand what we mean mean we don t mean that individuals ndo. N t intend to achieve things when they out in the world and act of course. They intend things ngood things bad things what we do mean is that these actions of nmany individuals typically come together to create a larger outcome.

And it s that larger outcome nthat. No one intends sometimes these are good beneficial sometimes. These larger noutcomes are undesirable one of my favorite examples of na bad unintended. Consequence is the consequences.

Caused by rent control. Rent control is a policy of ngovernment to keep the rental rates of apartments artificially low landlords are prohibited by law from charging prices higher nthan. The rent control prices well one unintended consequence of that npiece of legislation of that policy is to make rental units. More scarce nthan.

They would otherwise be by telling landlords look you can t raise nyour price to certain levels. That means that some people who would otherwise nbecome landlords don t become landlords they choose not to rent out their units. They choose not to rent out nsome rooms in their house. They choose not to build rental units that they nmight otherwise have built and so one unintended consequence of nrent control is to reduce the supply of rental units.

Now. The people who impose rent control nthat s clearly not their goal. They don t wanna make rental nunits. Less available they wanna make rental units more navailable because they wanna presumably they wanna increase the availability nof rental units to people who rent.

But one unintended nconsequence is the opposite rental units shrink in supply when i teach econ 101. I tell my students on the first day..

Nintentions are not results. The intentions behind the policy will not nnecessarily determine what the results of that policy are one example of the unintended nconsequence that is exactly the opposite of the intention comes from nthe endangered species act. The intention of that act is to enable nendangered species to flourish ones consequence in many cases is to ncause the endangered species to be killed off more quickly than otherwise if you re a land owner and you find nan endangered species on your property. You know that nthe environmental protection agency will as a result of that finding nimpose restrictions on your land one consequence of those restrictions nis it reduces the value of your land.

What you can do with it nthe price you can sell it for so. What a lot of land owners do when they nfind. What they think to be endangered species on their property is they kill nthe species and they shut up about it it s called shoot shovel and shut up kill the species shovel to bury it nand say nothing about it now clearly that s not the goal nof. The endangered species act.

The take home lesson from this is that you njudge. A policy not by its stated goals. It s easy to state good goals. You judge a policy by the incentives that that policy will likely give nto the people that it affects.

And it s a very important one for policy nmakers is to be really modest and humble we live in this incredibly complex world when we take any action. We nknow that the consequences of those actions are going nto extend out very far. We can see those consequences nonly. A little bit in front of us.

We can t trace them out fully. And it applies whether or not you believe in big government ntiny government medium sized government yes. It s difficult in many cases to trace out how the nincentives will have real world effects. But that difficulty does not excuse nus from the task of pursuing it we can t just simply say oh the nintentions of the policymakers are good therefore.

We can be assured nthat. The results will be good that s cheating..

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