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“Morning friends and lovers. How are you all today. I think we ve been together together long enough. I can share some of my personal history.

With you now i a lot of you already know those of you have been with me for a little while you know that frugal daddy. And i have both been married before we got together before we hooked up yeah. This beautiful romance that frugal daddy and i share with each other and with you it s not our first rodeo. We ve both been married before i won t even talk about how many times four well daddy s been married that s his story.

My story is i ve been married once before okay so you with me so far i got married when i was 28. I think we probably split up before or around my 30th birthday. So it didn t last that long probably completely my fault. I mean you guys know me who d want to be married to me.

I wouldn t i mean marriage isn t easy well anyway. It s not a video about marriage and marriage advice. The basic advice would be don t do what i do but marriage is hard and people say that it takes compromise and that s just not my favorite thing to do you know annie who what s the point so i was married before to a very very nice guy. I mean we have a very strong friendship element in our relationship and we had dated for quite a few years before we got married bla bla bla.

I was 28 he was 30 it lasted a couple years very smart guy he s a professor mm hmm and he s down south mm hmm mm hmm that s all i ll say about that. But the point is let the pointing me what s the point. He s become a world leader is that what you re saying well just wait not very long because the pictures are coming up. I m going to show you some pictures of my ex husband interspersed with some pictures of a very prominent world leader and you tell me if you think they re twins separated at birth or not because obviously they are i mean the answers they re twins separated at birth.

I mean this world leader. I m not gonna give it away. But you re gonna see in a sack. I mean he is the twin of my ex husband every time.

I watch him on the news. It s so distracting to me. Because i m all like hey ex. Husband like did you go into politics and move to another country.

Spoiler alert. My ex husband is not the spitting image of donald trump. Let me just say so i m gonna start off. Showing.

You a picture of my ex husband and we re quickly gonna cycle. Through ex. Husband. World.

Leader ex husband world leader with some really cool fun visual effects of how one picture fits into another because i want to entertain you with a little music. Too. Now you just have to bear in mind that i m 55. Now right so when i got married at 28.

Well that s almost 30 years ago. The pictures. I m showing you of my ex husband are from back then in fact they re from our wedding..


I have tons of pictures of him. But what i found quickest and easiest was the wedding album so those are the pictures. I m going to show you and of course. I took pictures of pictures to show you so i m sorry.

If the quality isn t great. I mean i don t think digital cameras existed back. Then i m not even sure we didn t have one you know these were the old fashioned regular photos click click print the photo. Okay okay you with me so far and the pictures of the world leader are current.

And he is my age right so we have current 55 year old man juxtaposed with almost 30 years ago. 30 year old man. Right so you can have a younger guy a middle aged guy younger ii. But you re gonna see the similarity okay so you get they re twins.

But at different ages. Twin. At 30 juxtaposed to twin at 5500 joint saying young. But you re gonna see the extremely striking similarity and if you don t see it you re wrong.

I m right. Because every time i look at this world leader. It s like yes. You are absolutely chris s twin yes.

My husband s name was chris yes okay so i know this is so fun everybody take a sip of coffee get yourselves ready for this excitement. It s it s just a few seconds of photos and then it s gonna be me again so here we go here we go here we go roll. That beautiful bean footage here we go with first ex husband. Chris.

Then what world leader could it be as soon as you see chris you re gonna know okay here we go i know right he looks exactly like him chris and boris freaking twins. Now chris. I have to say he does know how to comb his hair and he does not have that posh accent. I don t i don t think he could even learn that posh accent.

But i mean if they ever needed a stand in double for the prime minister. Oh my gosh totally he would go with my ex husband. Obviously yeah. It s a fun little video.

It s just for fun right i know. It s particularly poignant at the moment because mr. Boris johnson is in the icu with the kovat 19. And i personally am worried about him.

And i think we all need to say a prayer for him i very sincerely hope that he recovers. Very quickly and that he s fine and we need to say a prayer for everybody who s sick right now and for all the health care workers and for everybody on the planet. Everybody needs to pull together. So we can you know we re going to get through this so okay.

Just another comment in the comment. If you ve made it this far regarding the dumpster diving videos. I know not that many of the regular dumpster diving viewers are going to watch this kind of video and they re probably the ones that need to hear the message..


But there s a delay right so if you see a dumpster diving video up tomorrow. I probably filmed it three or four weeks ago. Not to say that the virus didn t exist three or four weeks ago. But it s not current to where it is now right so because a lot of people get on my case about how irresponsible.

It is to go out and go dumpster diving in the middle this virus. I m not really sure why that s irresponsible because people have been allowed to go to the grocery store to get food right we re allowed to get food because we still need to eat and i ve been in grocery stores and i ve been in dumpsters and i got to tell you 100 percent of the time. I never run into another person in the dumpster. I do not run into other people.

I m not breathing on other people they re not coughing on me. There s no contact with other people when i ve taken a step into a grocery store. Which by the way i did the other day because i was searching for a particular food item for a particular family member. So i went into this particular small specialty market for that item and i m not saying this pack.

But it was crowded and people were trying to keep their distances. When we were wearing masks and so forth. But i felt very uncomfortable i mean there were a lot of people you know people were pretty close together. I don t ever run into anybody in a dumpster.

Okay so if social isolation goes. Personally. I think a dumpster is a better bet than a grocery store now we re at the point. Where the lady dr.

Burke fix burke s bucks. You know i mean the lady with scarves. She s one of the chief medical advisors bullard the pandemic death hands going in the united states okay. She has now said don t even go to the grocery store.

If you can avoid it so that means we re not going to go to the grocery store if we can avoid it it also means we re not gonna go dumpster diving. If we can t avoid it. But there will be dumpster diving videos coming up pre recorded for your viewing enjoyment. Because i have a little bit of a backlog so watch them or don t watch them.

Criticize or whatever i m super busy with homeschooling the kids. I mean. That is like unbelievably fun and fabulous and not incredibly overwhelming and time consuming. But i don t have a lot of time at the moment to respond to comments or answer emails like we re way way behind and in terms of sending makeup to people and the prize winner see see congratulations yet again it might be a little while oh.

My god probably daddy had on sunglasses. But he doesn t he oh my gosh he s like a mad scientist show yourself show yourself and your mad scientist turn look you just walking through the house like that whatever um just dota. Lost. My train of thought.

But anyway. Okay. So homeschooling. Yeah loving that and anywho.

Oh oh oh the makeup. The makeup. The makeup..


Sending the makeup. Okay. There s gonna be the way in that because first of all i have to box it up and all that yeah. But then we have to get to the post office.

So be patient right somebody i ll tell you the story of when i picked. I ll tell you now i ll tell him now cuz. We ve already started it do you remember back with anthrax scare. After 9 11.

Right so during that somebody sent me a package and it was being held at the post office. I had to sign for it i guess. And i hadn t been home when they tried to deliver it so off. I went to the post office picked up my package got at home at about that same moment.

A news story came out saying that anthrax had been detected at that post office. Where i just been at that post office. So i of course freaked out ever so slightly and thought. Oh my god of the anthrax package in my house.

Like what do i do so i just put it aside put it out on the porch. Didn t open it for a long time long story short everything was fine. I didn t get anthrax. But oh my goodness yes.

I was worried there for a minute oh speaking of other diseases cholera my god defend cholera. I ve had cholera but people get covered dwane it s not a joke. You know i know okay so regarding. The video.

I put up and titled fun in the time of cholera showing the kids riding around on the lawn mower out front and and they re playing on the swing. A lot of people commented. It s not cholera why don t you say cholera it s corona virus. Okay well it s a corona virus let s just remember there many corona viruses.

This is a new one and the disease has been called kovat. 19. And i know that i know. It s not a cholera outbreak right now.

I was making a literary reference. Which i think most people realize now the novel by gabriel garcia. Marquez called love in the time of cholera. I ve read the book.

So when i was thinking about this video that title just popped into my mind. And if it pops into my mind. That s what you re gonna get so instead of 11. The time of cholera.

I called it fun in the time of cholera. So no it s a it s a literary reference to that novel and i don t know i just thought that maybe it wouldn t be in great case to call it fun in a time of cop n. 19..


Pandemic. But that s really what it was and it s not that the pandemic is fun. It s just trying to make the best of being home in seclusion with the family which we actually enjoy the pandemic the death the economic destruction. The fact that you know i m not making enough money to pay my bills well that part we re not enjoying.

But being home with the kids having some fun outside trying to normalize the experience for them. Well that s the fun part so all my disclaimers there you go my ex husband looks. Like boris johnson prayers to him and his family and everybody else is being directly impacted by this pandemic. I hope you guys are well i hope you re safe.

I hope you re keeping your spirits up thank you for watching i love you all. And i will see you again soon and i m thinking about doing a live or semi live dance party video. But i ll probably disable comments because i don t need people to tell me what an amazing dancer. I am.

I just don t need that kind of feedback. But the whole point of it is we need to keep our spirits up and we need exercise dance is a great way to exercise. And hey. Let s dance together right because i have excellent taste in music.

People my age know people who came up in the 80s. We know the dance music. We got the move got the move. I know i know so i m thinking about doing that and the point is for you to dance along not leave snarky comments.

So that might be coming soon cuz. We ve been doing that i ve been doing that with the kids we ll put on a playlist music and yep. I know the image is flipped. But it says get out your fat pants.

And that s fine wearing today. That s what i ve been doing with the kids. We ve been dancing around for fun. And we take turns picking songs and i m introducing them to old songs.

Which i mean they are not appreciated they re not appreciating that as much as they should. But you know no every dance party. Can just be all jojo c. Wong music.

Anyway. So that might be coming up. I just have to see how i feel what the reaction is if people get into it and dance along ok. So i ll see you guys again super.

Soon. You re the best and please take care of yourselves. ” ..


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