Warframe – Operation Hostile Mergers [2 event weapons??

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“Hostile measures. This is basically because of the jovian concord and to do this its its complete disruption missions. You have to do three to actually work your way through. Why did that jump all the way at the end they complete the first one you will get an emblem.

The second one you will get a sigil. The third one you will get your hands on your guaranteed or our former this is the easy part of it three and you done easy it sounds easy enough yes that game mode is actually a lot of fun. It s also why ivory equipped frost instead of running around with ash getting my butt handed to me or running rounders wisp. Who isn t quite ready for this just yet because the disruption gear mode is a little bit weird compared to every other warframe.

But you can call it kind of a mobile defense. What you have to do is defend. These terminals and i instantly okay that s something i didn t expect to be accountable you have to defend these terminals. If i can get to one these from being approached by an enemy.

But first you need to find the actual key. Which is dropped by the algum yep. There was guys no that s not one they ll be an enemy that appears that will drop the key to open. It you just need to keep going until eventually.

The key will hopefully dropped sometime soon rather than later these way. We re okay. This key is taking quite an edge. There can be four different keys.

There is what it is crossing as the green. One the red one it s on the top left of the screen. Okay that s weird and the purple. One blue one all you need to do is defend it you can see it has health.


There is also as weird as it s going to be the disruptors these are special enemies that will come in and they will try and destroy this if they approach it that it mission field. They are also the only enemy you need to take out to complete this if you take out that one enemy. This will instantly become completed. They should stand out and be glowing red just need one of them to show up just one come on it s gotta be around somewhere.

There. He is and done you ll also notice during these the bad side effect. Plus. 50.

Resource boost that s actually a good thing. We just actually lost one because well best way of putting. It is weren t paying attention and the one that was over here oh it filled it got completely and utterly destroyed. I have no idea where this next.

One actually is oh like it matters as long as you take that enemy out done easy peasy. I just wished that my helios would scan these quick at getting annoying as expected complete it once there s the emblem completed. The next time sigil one after well. That s probably when i ll bring you back.

Because honestly you just have to complete one round of this you do it s endless. You do not have to go endless once the extraction comes up you can just extract this and that s pretty much all you re gonna do that three times. This is an introduction to a new game mode as well as an operation that has brought i m glad that this aura former is there i haven t managed to get one to drop yet actually kind of clever. The second time through you have to complete two of them it says round two of two didn t realize this until would actually very very quickly completed.

The first one and then it just instantly. I yes. But you have another round to go or it s just these keys take for ever to actually get them to spawn that s please tell me this is actually a kino terminal. Ah.


Take so long and now i don t know which one a red one this one i m gonna go with probably oh and as expected after that one there s the sigil and as expected for the third one. It is three rounds. So it s not one and leave. It s three and first one is one round second.

One is two rounds and third. One is yep three rounds. Oh well that s nice meaning that once completing that one in a cause. And there is an aura former finally got one that was a lot harder to get ahold of than it should have been those things should be where easier to get ward off and then things start gets really really really interesting and a thousand points you can get this spectra handle at 4000.

Points. You can get the galaxian vine law. Yes. The main reason for doing.

This is there is actually two vandal weapons in this not one two new vandal weapons. I see that coming. But yeah thousand points. I really hope that isn t a thousand of these terminals you have to do because that would be complete insanity 4000 points let s actually just jump in and say oh hang on okay so it is gonna throw.

Other ones. See how the point system works for this before we end this i won t make you wait. Until i ve got to 4000. Because may never get there feeling one of them the first okay field two of them so for half of her completely wrap.

Why did that feel that should not a field will kill the guy okay not quite sure why but to field and 501 points. They re scoring on this for this part for the endurance seems very very weird. I just i haven t quite figured this out yet because the actual disruptors seem to just be i i cannot figure this out taken down hundred points. So how can we yeah.


And i kid you not the first game that we go into oh. The last one i wonder when they happened i was paying absolutely no attention hit the 4000. Points. That was that was only 27 minutes that felt like about three hours that got very very intensive.

Very quickly and yeah definitely insanely good at getting the neural sensors. They re not so good on the orokin cells. Obviously accion drops from them like crazy. But if we come out of this it should be two new messages.

One with the spectra handle and born with the galaxian van ah ah that s it i m done. Let s end this now. I know that was just insanity. Comparing the spectra vandal to the normal one.

And yeah better crit better status better damage. This is what you expect from these things. The spectral is probably better now than it was originally. But hey if i format it twice it couldn t have been that bad.

But honestly it wasn t that good either so hopefully. This is a vast improvement on it. But this however i loved the galaxian so a vandal version of that that has more status more crit more damage quicker real orde bigger magazine. Yeah they go axion no retiring because the vandal version.

We better. But i have no idea what polarities are anything on the normal one. I m guessing from this nun. And i would have to say the same with the spectra.


Which may have been and ignore. This. This is gonna be stupidly out of date so bad. It s in the magnus s for how many points.

This thing has on it actually has two v s so that works out. But if we go we take that off put that back on one thing. You will notice is the spectral or the spectra. If i can call this the spectral hole.

Then i think i might have been the spectra has an actual parent sequence augment for it which will increase the range add that effect yeah. That s going on without question. But remember it s not just that you do want to go back in i will probably be going for an endurance runner not see how far i can go because it s also got a clan based side to this that i m going to guess has something to do with the endurance side of this simply. Because it goes by points from clan members should also mention that if you recruit new players or new members or trying to take members from another clan.

Who already has seven eight thousand points to themselves or maybe they ve got the glitch. Didn t have got two million points on they one account you cannot add them to your clan. Because the clan rosters at the beginning of this operation were locked. New members their score will not count towards the clans total for the leaderboard.

But that is all just for statues for bragging rights bragging rights. So we ll leave this off. Yeah for now thanks for watching and lock caches next time ” ..


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