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“1877 to 1899 the gilded age was characterized by the phenomenal wealth and far reaching reaching power of a handful of men. These men were known as robber barons. Because ruled the business world by taking risks and using aggressive strategies today. We re going to focus on two successful men.

Who were the richest of their time. John d. Rockefeller. And andrew carnegie.

Although their companies were involved in illegal and unethical activities. They both competed in philanthropic work to serve society. Their contributions continue to make an impact on america. Today.

John davison. Rockefeller. Was born on july 8th. 1839 in richford.

New york. His father. William avery. Rockefeller.

Worked as a pitchman and claimed to be a doctor who could cure cancers. His mother eliza davidson. Rockefeller was very religious and raised john to believe in the importance of giving in school. John excelled in mental arithmetic and was able to solve difficult math problems.

At age 16. John landed his first job as an assistant bookkeeper with hulett and tuttle and he would work for the rest of his life. Several months before his 20th birthday. John formed a partnership with a neighbor morris clark.

The two men formed clark and rockefeller. They were commissioned merchants. Who focused on selling ingrain hay and meat john was very exact honest and extremely hard working which made him a good businessman. Although his startup company did well he felt like the market was going to be limiting he took interest in the railroad industry.

Because he believed it would become the primary means of transportation and saw oil as his opportunity to start in 1864. John married. Laura celestia spellman the next year he started rockefeller and andrews cleveland s largest oil refinery. He believed one secret to success was attention to detail consequently.

Rockefeller. Hired chemists to come up with the most efficient way to drill oil. These chemists discovered a way to extract oil. Without any waste.


By making kerosene rockefeller was excited about this idea so in 1870. Rockefeller. And five other men created the standard oil company of ohio. Which became the largest corporation in the country.

Not only did he improve the quality and availability of kerosene. But over time he reduced the price by 80 every part of the oil making process he controlled including his own wagons ships and trains today. This widely known business tactic is called vertical integration. Rockefeller.

Was involved in a number of scandals including the south improvement scheme. The plan was to unite the oil carrying railroads in a pool and to unite the refiners in an association john did not want to be a part of this because he wanted his company to be the one great oil company. So instead of cooperating by march 1872. Rockefeller.

Had bought up or merged with almost all of the refineries in cleveland. He made deals and negotiated agreements with the railroads in order to gain control of important facilities in the new york harbor by 1879. The standard oil company did almost 90 percent of the refining in the us. With almost 70 percent.

Being exported overseas. Rockefeller. Was only 40 years old forward to 1904 80. Percent of american towns were served by standard oil carts that delivered the various products directly to businesses and homes.

The company was aggressive and making small companies like grocery stores to only sell standard products in 1883. John his wife and children moved to new york and built a mansion at four west 54th street in 1891 his health was in decline. Rockefeller developed alopecia. A rare condition that results in the loss of all body hair at this same time rockefellers wealth was so grand that he did not know what to do with it from the mid 1890s until his death.

Rockefellers activities were philanthropic. Rockefeller. Helped fund a countless number of establishments rockefeller. Alone.

Gave 75 million dollars to the university of chicago. He set up the rockefeller institute. For medical research. And also the rockefeller foundation.

The. Rockefeller. Sanitary commission. Rockefeller.

Center and countless others. On may 23rd. 1937. At the age of 98.


His remaining fortune was estimated at one point four billion dollars. An unheard of amount at the time his creation of the standard oil company brought millions light and cheap gasoline. Which was needed for the later age of automobile in america. Andrew carnegie has a different life story.

A rags to riches story of a scottish immigrant building. Himself up to be one of the biggest givers to america. Andrew carnegie. Was born in dunfin scotland in 1835 to margaret and will carnegie.

When andrew was 8. They settled in pittsburgh pennsylvania. And she worked as a bobbin boy in a textile mill earning 1 and 20 cents per week the next year he worked as a messenger boy in a telegraph office in 1853. He became the personal messenger and assistant to thomas scott.

The superintendent of the pennsylvania railroads western division. Here he learned the tricks of the trade to the railroad industry one opportunity. Which made him a lot of money was the business deal of the woodruff s leaping car company that he eventually bought this company successfully introduced the first sleeping car on us railroads. Then in 1865.

He and several associates founded the keystone bridge company this group imagined building bridges with iron. Which is more durable than wood his most major success though was the creation of the carnegie steel corporation. Which was the largest steel manufacturing company in the world one could say that the scotsman was in the right place at the right time. This was during the industrial revolution and steel was the number one material used in.

America by the age of. 33. Carnegie was. Worth.

400000. Approximately. 5 million in the 21st century. Yet.

Carnegie was troubled by his wealth. Even though he gave so much away. He still had millions in 1889. He published an essay called the gospel of wealth in it he claimed that the wealthy have a responsibility to give back to society.

He said in bestowing charity. The main consideration should be to help those who will help themselves to provide part of the means. By which those who desire to improve may so do to give those who desire to rise the aids by which they may rise to assist. But rarely or never to do all this idea was not popular in the upper class.

Where it was believed that those who were wealthy were so because they were most fit to society. Carney s life was one of the paradox. Because he encouraged the working man to succeed even though he crushed labor unions and cut his employees wages in 1901. Carnegie sold his company to us.


Steel. Owned by robber baron jp morgan for four hundred and eighty million dollars and became the wealthiest man in the world he devoted the rest of his life to giving nearly all of his money away the most substantial contribution. He made to america was his donation of more than 56 million dollars to build 2509 libraries. Throughout the world at this time libraries were uncommon kearney.

You promised that any town that had a site and would swear to maintain the building. He d help many of the libraries. He helped fund still run today such as the new york public library system other projects. That carnegie started were the carnegie corporation of new york carnegie hall.

Carnegie institute. Carnegie mellon university. Carnegie trust for the universities of scotland. Carnegie institute of washington.

The carnegie done ferlin trust the carnegie hero fund commission. The carnegie foundation for the advancement of teaching. The carnegie endowment for international peace carnegie united kingdom trust. Carnegie council for ethics and international affairs.

Plus. Another. Fun. Fact is that carnegie loved church organs and by his death in 1919.

He had given away 4090 to church organs throughout. The united states as you can see both carnegie and rockefeller have left their footprints on american society. They came from different backgrounds and worked hard to gain success. The two men even competed in the game of philanthropy newspapers.

Would keep sc runs. Whether you re on a treadmill or you out in the community running out in your neighborhood. But being safe listen to a podcast right now by the rambling runner and they pointed out something that i m very lucky. And appreciative of is that becoming a runner making that my habit and also having becoming a runner having that being my habit and hobby and way of exercising and becoming healthy.

It makes you appreciate it right now because it is an escape for me it is my hobby. It is my like one of my things that center me and i m still able to do that right now another one s going to the parks. We can t do that right now many people who live er on the area go to theme parks. They can t do that right now can t go golfing.

If you re a golfer necessarily okay do a lot of the things that you re used to go hang out at starbucks or whatever i can still get out and go on a run. I can still gonna shred know if i had one thing going around i still have my my thing that grounds me and thank you to extract for reminding me of that i needed it today. It was a bit of a long day. I was kind of getting in my head and i feel better and i m only a little over a couple miles into this ten mile run tonight.

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I found vegan of brown sugar cookies. I ll link the recipe below i have my dry ingredients and my wet ingredients and i m gonna mix them together and then put them on the baking sheet. Okay here they are it only made 12. Which is fine.

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This is arguably one of the greatest scenes in all of the hate movies with neville message time by benjamin franklin when you re finished changing you re finished time for bed. We did it it s not as lazy does i d like to be a daily log or some day you are till. Ugh 400 posts. Yet videos.

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I ran. I ran a lot and we sat a lot and our friends megan and katie are so great hey all right. It s good to be oh. It s good to be home.

We know what our goals are we know what we hope to accomplish and believe me it s the most exciting and challenging assignment. We ve ever tackled at walt disney productions you ” ..

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