Wells Fargo Cash Wise Visa Review 2020

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“I m talking about the wells fargo cash nwise visa credit card dynamic tone and and whooshing in the past i have done videos where i ve talked about ntwo well known cash back credit cards that ngive you 15. Cash back on all your purchases with no limit. Those two cards would of course be the capital one quicksilver card and the chase freedom unlimited. But today.

I am going to be talking about the cash wise visa credit ncard from wells fargo. One of the reasons. I m talking about it is that it s not quite as well known as those two other cards and if you are a account holder with wells fargo. You might end up doing a little bit better if you go with this cash wise visa card.

Because it is affiliated with the bank. You are doing business with there are a few advantages to having an account together with a credit card from wells fargo. So i m going to go over nthat in this video today one of the things people ndo with credit cards is they do credit. Churning nand.

They just apply and get approved for credit ncards to get the sign up bonus and with cash. Wise. The nsign up bonus is very easy spend 500 get 150 for a sign up bonus. But i m gonna show you in this video that there are some ngood reasons to hold on to this card and use this ncard after you ve received the 150 sign up bonus.

So to quickly go over there is no annual fee nfor this credit card and you get a 150 sign up bonus. You re probably asking now well..

It s not as hard to nget as other credit cards and you really need i d say about the high 600s to the low n700s before that becomes a possibility to get napproved for this card now keep in mind. If you have a lot of hard credit inquiries that can disqualify you nfrom getting approved. But generally it s not nthat hard to get approved for this credit card. The nice thing with this ncredit card is that wells fargo is offering a free credit nmonitoring service.

So you can monitor your ncredit score at no cost so if you use something like apple pay you can get a little bit nmore than. 15 cash. Back they will give you 18. Cash nback for the first 12 months of having the cash wise visa card.

One thing. I really like nabout. The cash wise visa is that the introductory zero napr period. Is pretty long.

It is 15 months. So this can be really nhelpful for people that need to make a larger purchase you can spread over nyour payments over time and not have to pay interest. This is one of the reasons. Why i recommend the cash wise visa card it offers a balance transfer nand they will charge you 3 .

But you re getting zero apr for 15 months. If you have a high balance on a credit card..

That s ncharging you high interest this could be exactly nwhat you need right now so if you travel outside nof. The untied states they will charge you a n3 for transaction fee. So that s why it s a good thing to see what other credit cards you have and if you do need to nmake the trip over seas. Just make sure you know which ncredit cards you have that are not going to charge nyou for a transaction fee because 3 can add up over time as i said earlier in this video there are benefits to having nboth a wells fargo account and a cash wise visa card and that is that your cash wise visa card can provide overdraft protection non your checking account if you happen to overdraw.

This is something that ncan come to the rescue. If you by accident used too much and your account is now in the negative of course. They re going nto charge you for this but this can come in handy all right if you re finding this review on the cash wise visa credit card helpful. I d appreciate it so much if nyou could hit that like button and if you want to see any nof.

My other upcoming videos where i talk about different credit cards or credit card topics hit the subscribe button nand bell notification and you will be notified each and every time i upload a new video also i did a review article non the cash wise visa card. If you want to know even nmore about it check it out i ve linked it in the ndescription below this video. So wells fargos offer the ngo far rewards program. And this is a program that s ngoing to help you earn rewards.

And then there are different nways you can redeem the rewards. Once you ve earned them with the go far reward program. You don t only get cash back. You have an option of nredeeming your rewards for merchandise.

You can use it for travel and gift cards. So it all depends on what you nwant to use your rewards for and there s a lot of nflexibility of what they offer do you need to sign up for nthe go far rewards program..

No it s completely nautomatic with cash wise. If you have the card nyou. re already a part of the go far rewards program. The good thing with this program is that the rewards do not expire.

The first way is with your online account you do have to earn up to 25 before you can redeem your cash back rewards. That s one thing which i think it s doable. But i like the capital one quicksilver account because i ve had that nfor over three. Years if i want to redeem my ncash back for 837.

It doesn t matter they just let you do it. But with cash. Wise you have to have minimum 25 from nyour account online account before you can redeem it there is another way you can go directly from your atm. You can go directly from your atm.

Yes. They do let you take nout rewards from your atm. You need to have a minimum of 20 in order to get your rewards you can get that directly from your atm you can get cash. So basically that s how the cash back reward nprogram works when you want to get your cash back with wells fargo.

One really nice thing you get is you get cell phone protection with basically all wells nfargo credit cards. You do with cash..

Wise. And you can get up to 600 nprotection on your cell. Phone. Now if you re a person that plans not to get any kind of cell phone protection.

Then this is really great because this costs you nothing and if something happens you ncan get some basic coverage. This is not the same thing as what you would get with applecare or some kind of insurance program. With your ncell phone carrier itself. The benefits are going to be a lot better.

But if you re not planning nto pay for one of those plans than this is great to nget some kind of coverage on the phone that you have and in order to do that you need to make your ncell phone payments with the cash wise visa card. If you re happy with this nkind of basic coverage and it costs nothing to you then this is a really good benefit with the cash wise visa card and this is another reason you want to continue holding onto nthis card. After you get that 150 sign up bonus okay so now you know more about the wells fargo cash nwise visa credit card if you d like to compare this card to two other well known. N15 cash back credit cards check out my video here comparing the chase freedom unlimited card to the capital one quicksilver card if you found this video helpful please hit the like button and don t forget to subscribe nand hit the bell notification.

” ..

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