What Are Sai Good For Anyway?

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“Today. We ve got a question from the shadow 19 28. And he asks what what our sign good for anyway. Like are they for competition.

Or what and that actually an excellent question. This is an implement that has a bit of a unique shape and we don t see it floating around in modern day. Either forces or just casually carrying it around so generally you don t see this tucked into someone s belt ii in everyday life. So.

What i d like to do is talk a little bit about where this implement came from what it was good for and what it actually can be good for even today. So a lot of the mythology in regards to this item is based out of okinawa prefecture of japan and the mythology of a lot of okinawan kabuto. Is that it came out of agricultural implements. That s true in some cases and in some cases.

It s not true so for this a lot of the story goes that the yoku side prongs here were used to measure the distance between seeds as they were planting rice or whatever other crops..

Another story goes that this was actually used as an oxcart pin. So when the ox and the car came together this will hold it together. But in fact as you dig down more in your research. You find that a lot of these histories were put in place.

Just to bring that agricultural story together. It doesn t really hold up so much so historically speaking. This was probably less of an agricultural tool and more of a matter of importing the concept from china and some of the other asian culture surrounding the area. So we see the development of the side and tjuta in japan based around that and in fact this implement was seen more by the police in class.

The page in class of okinawa who were in charge of keeping the populace under control. You know arresting rogues bandits. Things like that and the implementation and use of this weapon holds up with that so you ll notice the mana moochie. Here is not bladed.

It s rounded and also the yoku here are used for trapping and controlling..

So you couldn t snare clothing. You could ensnare weapons of any variety and you could pin to the ground and pin arms. Together and just very good at restraining and controlling if it was more for directly killing. You d probably see more blade in this a much sharper point on the edge with this weapon.

We can flip it and we can use it fold. It in this way defensively or we can flip it out and use it offensively well for restraining and things like that another fact to back up that aspect is that steel was actually rather rare in okinawa. So this would have been an expensive implement only the middle to higher classes would have had it available to them so your average okinawan peasantry farmer would have been using the small amount of steel. They had on hoes things of that nature as opposed to an implement like this now.

That s not to say. None of them had it of course. But you saw more for the police agencies now for modern day. Where does this come into play of course you see it in tournaments.

And in traditional dojo and part of that is simply keeping culture alive..

So this was part of the karate copito experience. So we continue to keep it alive today. However. The concepts used in order to properly manipulate a long pronged weapon.

Here even with side objects can be transferred into some modern day objects. And i d like to show you that right now so i trolled through the area. And i simply picked up a couple of items that could possibly transfer concept. So we re talking about self defense.

Now at this point. So obviously you might not have this handy. But who knows what you might have handy both in the home and out. And about so let s just take a couple look at look at some of these first is this is your standard magli now you ll notice that it does not have any catching implements here on the side.

But it does have a long straight metallic thrusting or striking point this way..

So. The same blocking concepts that you use for your sigh can still be used with this flashlight. And the same can be true of smaller faster implements and this is simply a long screwdriver. So this is particularly particularly effective at thrusting vital positions the eyes.

The throat anything that you might have so you re using body position to get out of the way of attacks and then thrusting in just like you would with the side and while you re in your tool box the same can be true of the hammer. The hammer has some gripping and pulling the same ways and folded inside line and you can even fold. It in this way if you need to although let s face it you don t hammer. So you want to use it out like that now if you want to stretch the imagination.

A little bit this is a little bit of a hair dryer straightener. But the same thrusting and blocking can be used and if you really want to insult your opponent you can use something like this which is a toilet brush hey if it s handy so i hope that demonstrating some of these things shows you wais. I can transfer into modern day and why it also preserves some of that culture. Which is valuable in and of itself thanks for the ” .


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