What company are you investing in with the $100,000?

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“So we talked about cron art art and res. Karat and lil. Lilia that s s just right name you have 100000 to put in one. Which one you re do mmm.

All right let s take a look. It s not gonna be cron for me. I m also gonna say it s not gonna be lilia. Because even though i like the market for all those reasons.

We mentioned. I don t know why this is the winning company. I don t see them doing anything special and this is the what we have to tell people is once you meet the person behind it that could totally change your decision. Crucial is right.

This is not based on the people at all because you could beat someone and you re like they re so formidable that s like you don t care what you sell them in right. I think if i was gonna do this this is crazy to me that i m even saying this. But i think i would be putting it in arden rez..


I think i would put it in because i think if they can get the marketplace spun up it s gonna be valuable and i think that this is an overlooked marketplace. So overlooked market. So i like that it s a marketplace as a model not lead gen. Not not anything else and then they on the other side.

I think if they can get i have a feeling that the sort of fine art. Marketplace has not been affected by technology in the same way. As all the other industries have and so i m curious to see what they can do so i would bet the hunter k on the art and res and i would write it off as a loss because i would assume it s going to be a loss all right i would do a cron. Okay why cron.

I just think. It s it s super easy for them to be in default survival it s so easy like i think that they can get to like 100000 in monthly revenue like really fast. I think their churn might be high. But iii think that it s just because of the market size and because it s an impulse buy and if this just saves you a little bit of time.

I just think that they can get to 10 or 30 million dollars in recurring revenue inside three or four years with very little capital and so their default alive pretty easily and depending on how creative that entrepreneurs are they could expand beyond that so i m gonna go to cron okay. I like that i don t know who would buy them though well like for example microsoft bots sunrise calendar. I believe it was an islander that people really liked was a pro professional calendar..


And they got bought for how much. But i know like inbox. Cal bought for 100 million for making. A slicker inbox.

You know by google. And then sort of thrown away sunrise. Got bought so so i think that there s potential for an acquisition. There by one of the you know big companies that cares about you know enterprise and productivity and whatnot.

So there s there s a chance there i just want to be evil. And just cloned half of these things on this list. Yeah. That s not evil.

That s that s it s not evil much as capitalism. But i do it like i some of these ideas. I think are really stellar..


I don t know how it s i tell you the one that i would invest in it s not even one we discussed and then we got to go i ll do it in 30 seconds company called duffel they re doing fast deliveries on college campuses. And it s a horrible idea but go ahead not horrible not however i ll tell you why what they do is they buy the popular stuff that kids want like ben jerry s and chips and whatnot beer. They put it in an apartment and then they deliver it to you on scooter when you order it so average cart is 16. They make 5 per delivery and they re delivering in a very lightweight way on the same in a very tight to your graphic boundary.

So they don t have a bunch of logistical issues. There s a company called puff or go puff have you heard of those guys. No what s that it s this. But it s it s basically.

It s a vase and they re doing over a hundred million dollars a year right now and they re just two kids out of i don t know penn state or something like that i don t know where they are but somewhere in middle america. And so i ve seen this model work. I think that this is a clock business idea you have puffer. It s good.

I think the websites go puff calm thursday and they do a hundred million in sales. You have more than that i believe and so they re in you can see all the different campuses. There so then how profitable are they i mean i don t know all that right i don t have all their financials..


But i mean 100 million like their net profit. They pay the dry. I mean or is it like where the driver gets most of money and most so they re there at 163 million a year is the thing and i don t think they even raise that much money like let me look at their fundraising for forego puffs. I don t think they raise too much oh no they ve now raised a lot how much eight hundred and sixty six million dollars.

Oh. Described as two kids well. It was softbank invested in them. And recently and is a huge round that s a soft bank backed up the truck in them.

But anyways. I think this market works and actually think. It s great that soft bank backed up the truck and put the touch of death on this company. If i m duffel.

I believe in what i m doing there s a lot of college campuses out there to make this work ” ..

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