What Do Stopping Power Rounds ACTUALLY Do In Modern Warfare? (How Good Is Stopping Power?)

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“Four modern warfare was even released. There was one phrase that made people overreact about about playing the game. And that was stopping power rounds for those of you that have played certain prior modern warfare. Games.

You ll no doubt recall how powerful stopping power was however in those games. It was a perk in modern warfare. It s a field upgrade the in game description states reload your gun with stopping power rounds that deal extra damage now the charge time for this field upgrade is extremely slow without the tune up perk. It charges every 219 seconds.

So that s every three minutes and 39 seconds. If you do run the tune up perk. This charge time is reduced to 146 seconds or every 2 minutes and 26 seconds of course. It s worth noting that playing the objective or getting kills decreases.

This time even further so essentially if you camp it up all match. You ll be lucky to get this field upgrade about three times. Now let s take a look at how this field upgrade. Actually works.

Once charged and activated it your character will instantly. Reload your weapon. Now the good news. Here is that this is essentially a sleight of hand reload to prove this i reloaded.

The pkm lmg. Without stopping power and this took six point eight eight three seconds. When i activated stopping power it only took four point six eight three seconds. Now despite this quicker reload time.

I still recommend not doing this until you re safely behind cover once loaded into your weapon. You ll note your bullet count has turned gold each weapon receives only one magazine of these golden bullets. However it s unique for certain weapons to balance things out for example for those of you thinking you can use an lmg and get a hundred golden bullets. You ll be extremely disappointed while it does show me a hundred golden bullets as i shoot the magazine you ll notice that it stops at 70 bullets left.

Obviously giving you only 30 total. And this seems to be the magic number for most weapons. Even if the magazine holds more than 30 bullets. Most snipers and marksman rifles receive 10 bullets.


Most pistols received 7. And most smgs and ars received 30. The shotguns seem to vary. But the 725 for example only gets six shells now if you were curious these bullets are actually given to you they don t get taken out of your own supply to prove this watch here as i expend all my ammo.

I m clearly at zero with zero in reserve. I then activate stopping power and i m given 30 bullets. Now if that you ll likely ever completely run out of ammo in this game. But if you do it s a good way to get a few more rounds.

It should be noted that these golden bullets only last one life so if you get cold cocked into oblivion. Without using them. They re gone for good next stopping power rounds work on most weapons. But some are excluded rocket launchers for instance cannot be made stronger likewise.

The juggernauts minigun is also incompatible. I should also note that stopping power rounds do not alter your aim down sight speed at all next. I tested if the stopping power rounds increase your damage against scorestreaks using the odin assault rifle. It took 14 bullets to destroy an enemy s shield turret once i loaded it with stopping power rounds.

I again unloaded against an enemy s shield turret much to my surprise. It still took 14 bullets now before we look at how strong these bullets are damage wise. I have to mention a negative aspect. These golden rounds provide and that severely increased recoil.

I haven t seen anyone talk about this yet. But the proof is overwhelmingly negative first let me show you the recoil pattern of the si. 87. Lmg.

You can see that a magazine of 30 rounds goes in a diagonal line towards the right in both these examples once i load the stopping power rounds. And do the exact same test the recoil gets more or less doubled the pattern remains the same. But the kick is extremely more violent now let s do the same test with the mp5 smg. The first two patterns were pretty random with the first being a cluster and the second extending to the right just a bit.

However when we add stopping power rounds. The recoil again goes haywire and essentially gets doubled. So if they thought it d be a good balancing factor to add this much recoil. The damage output must be outrageous right let s take a look now i don t have exact damage numbers for any of these guns so i ll be showing you how many bullets certain weapons take to kill at close range and then at long range with and without stopping power first up is the kilo 141 assault rifle at point blank range it takes four shots to kill at long range it takes five shots now when we activate stopping power at point blank.


The shots are reduced from four to three and when we try at long range. The shots to kill are reduced from five to three so this assault rifle benefits greatly from these stopping power rounds and the time to kill from the 30 bullets. You receive is extremely noticeable next. Let s try the mp7 smg at point blank.

It takes four shots to kill and at long range. It takes a whopping seven shots. Now when we add the 30 stopping power rounds. The point blank range is reduced from four to three.

And more noticeably at long range is reduced from seven shots to five shots again this low damage smg benefits greatly from the increased damage now how about a decently powered lmg the pkm without stopping power is a 3 shot kill weapon at close quarters range. And it turns into a 4 shot kill at longer ranges now with stopping power added. And remember you only get 30 bullets. With this particular lmg.

It turns into a two shot kill at close ranges and at longer ranges. It s now a 3 shot kill. So the pattern should be getting noticeable by now basically it reduces the shots to kill in close to medium ranges by one bullet and at longer ranges by one to two bullets. Now.

There are some exceptions here for example. Let s take a look at sniper rifles and marksman rifles for the draganov at long range. It took two shots to the stomach to get a kill without stopping power now with stopping power. A stomach shot is turned into a one shot kill.

However even with stopping power rounds. You can t get a one shot kill on any part of the leg. As you can see here. Likewise.

The ebr. 14. Marksman rifle. Is a two shot kill to the stomach and chest without stopping power and with stopping power.

It turns into a one shot kill there the same holds true in that it will never be a one shot kill to the leg. Even with stopping power now. I ve seen a lot of people say that burst weapons benefit greatly from these stopping power rounds. But my testing indicates otherwise let s take a look at the fr5 five six burst rifle as you can see at long ranges.


It takes two bursts to kill now if we put it in single fire mode. It takes four shots to kill so that makes sense. It would obviously require two bursts now when i add stopping power rounds in single fire mode. The shots to kill are reduced to three so this must mean you can one burst someone at these long ranges right.

But watch here as i test this and it takes me three bursts to kill at the same range with stopping power rounds. And i actually have no explanation for this at first. I thought maybe i just missed a bullet from this range. So i tried again.

But this time with a scope for better accuracy so again at the same long range with stopping power rounds. It still didn t kill in two bursts. I tried again at medium range and still even with stopping power rounds. The weapon.

Didn t kill in two bursts. Now this obviously has to be a bug so as of now i d highly recommend not using stopping car rounds with this burst assault rifle next. Let s try it with a shotgun. We all know that the 725 shotgun has some of the longest ranges.

We ve ever seen in any call of duty game so how would it act with these golden shells so right about here is the point where the shotgun is no longer a one shot kill even with a headshot at this range. My enemy just won t die with stopping power rounds. Unfortunately. The same holds true with this shotgun.

It doesn t have much noticeable effect at all at longer ranges. If you couple in the fact. That you only get six shells with stopping power. It s simply not worth running on this particular shotgun.

Now lastly. Let me show you how an extremely powerful weapon pairs with stopping power rounds in this example of the odin assault rifle can kill at point blank in two shots and if we test at longer ranges it takes three shots now when utilizing stopping power rounds. It turns to odin into an awe inspiring one shot kill at close to medium ranges and a two shot kill at longer ranges now. This is where things get a bit hairy.

Stopping power rounds. Don t appear to interact with headshot values. In fact headshots with stopping power rounds. Don t appear to work at all we just established that the odin with stopping power is a one shot kill at close to medium range.


However watch here as i hit him in the head with stopping power shot at point blank range no death it only works. If you hit your enemy in the chest. The head. The legs and the stomach are all two shot kills even with stopping power rounds.

Now with that said. If you aim at the chest. With the odin you can get a one shot kill from a considerable distance and that as they say is that while many people thought stopping power rounds would be a game changer if not a game breaker. It s anything but that it varies per weapon obviously but you can expect stopping power rods to reduce the shots to kill in close to medium combat by one bullet and at longer ranges by one to two bullets.

The drawback is an incredible amount of recoil and the limited supply of golden bullets. If you couple in the extremely slow charge time it makes this field upgrade a lot less desirable. It s also very tricky to utilize properly since you may end up saving those bullets. Until you think they re really necessary this field.

Upgrade is best for a player who stays at relatively mid range as close combat weapons won t need that extra power. Although extra damage may be helpful at long range. Snipers reload. Far too often for it to be effective and a decent sniper.

Should also be making shots that don t need that extra power. The burst weapons also appear to be glitchy with stopping power rounds as well almost reducing the damage inflicted instead of increasing. It it also should be noted that you need to aim for the chest to benefit with stopping power rounds on a lot of the weapons as headshots. Don t seem to be affected by the increased damage despite all these drawbacks.

This is still a solid field upgrade especially for lower damage weapons such as the kilo assault. Rifle. You ll be hard pressed to find a better field upgrade. Maybe other than dead silence.

You ll certainly notice that faster time to kill on a majority of the weapons. Even if it s just for one magazine. Now controlling that wickedly increase recoil on the other hand may just be your own stopping power. ” .


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